Word Search Puzzle

*** NEW: Daily Free - A new Word Search puzzle every day! ***

--- Most played Word Search app on Android market in a new avatar now! ---

Good News for all Word Search fans!!!

Regular Word Search Puzzle app has become more interesting now with an advanced version of the app. This game lets you play lots of interesting words of your own choice. Select from number of different categories. Hollywood, Kids, Dictionary, Music, Places or Personalities. Play now your favorite one!

This is just the beginning of fun. Get the maximum juice for your efforts through mPoints. Yes, we got this exclusively included in this version.

Word Search Puzzle is a treat for all Crossword and Word Search Games lovers!!

Choose from following categories:

Daily Free: A new Word Search puzzle every day!

Hollywood: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Cameron, or Ethan Hunt….. Who’s your favorite? Find them inside the grid.

Kids: Refresh your childhood memories with easy but hard to find words. E.g.: Animals, Birds, Fruits & Veggies and Cartoons.

Around the World: Discover most popular landmarks, cities and countries of the world from the grid.

Dictionary: Enhance your vocab with unlimited no. of dictionary word puzzles.

Music: Playing music is always fun. Find out the names of famous singers and their hit songs & music albums.

Personalities: World famous people who have changed history. Search their names inside the puzzle.

How to Play?

Your goal is to find all the hidden words inside the grid. Hidden words can be in any orientation- up, down, left, right, or diagonally. You can also get word puzzles in either direction, forward or backward, much to spin your head.


Presenting world's favorite "HANGMAN" game in a complete new avatar!!! More than 40 Million Downloads and counting!
Enjoy all new Hangman game with more attractive graphics, interactive user interface and fresh content!! New scoring, achievements and rewards!

NOW collect mpoints and cash it on gift cards, enter contests and win big prizes or donate your points for a noble cause.

Graphics & scoring
With mightily revamped graphics, Hangman takes a giant leap forward towards bringing the best user experience to the players.

The new scoring system and the fast pace make it so engaging that you might just have to take an antidote in to beat its addiction!

“Challenge puzzles” are major feature of the new Hangman. Throwing a new challenge at the players constantly caters to an adrenaline junkie inside, who seeks out adversity and wants to beat it in the shortest possible time. And, if stretching for too much is not your cup of tea, you can always play the old way and take your own time.

For those who have a fetish for the best content, New Hangman has a treat of almost 10,000 words with added new words and updated hints for the old ones.

Enjoy playing ‘Multiple Themes’:
Pick any of your favorite themes and start playing! These themes are specially designed keeping in mind the taste of every age & group.

Mixed: Wanna be Jack of all trades??? Do try this one!

Dictionary: SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT or regular word buff, test your awesome vocabulary.
Hollywood: Love celebrities, who is your favorite? Jolie, Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp...?
Music: Grammy? Who won what? You like Pop, Rock or Country?
Sports: Baseball, Basketball, NFL, Golf or Tennis! Enjoy a mix of all of them!
Kids: Brings back your awesome childhood memories where you learnt
Fruits & Veggies, Animals, Countries and much more!

Daily Mode:
Get a curated set of 20 words on daily basis. Play, score and compare with others. You also get a global rating based on your scores. Win the crown of “King of the week” for your consistent performance.

Facebook Mode:
An amazing feature only available in this Hangman. Connect to your Facebook and play Hangman where the questions will be related to your friends. It’s an excellent method to test your knowledge about your friends. Check how well do you know them!

NOTE: We hope you will enjoy new Hangman. Do let us know your feedback as we’re eagerly waiting for it. Your valuable feedback helps us improve.
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Hangman Spanish

Hey all Spanish lovers enjoy your favourite hangman game in Spanish Language.

Categories include:

Spanish Cinema 

And lot more, so download to enjoy now 
it's an educational game, learn having fun! 

According to a survey: 'Favorite classic game on Mobile? Chess, Sudoku, Hangman or Crossword'
Hangman won hands down, people of all ages love it. It's one of the best Free Game and most popular word game on Google play, quickly making it to the top of most downloaded Game list. Everyone’s favourite word game better than crossword, scrabble, word search. Enjoy the word challenge with or without friends.

We are always eager to improve so do give us your feedback!

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Hungry Birds

Smashing new feature: Now save the Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Indonesian birds.
Play the game in *five new languages*.

The little birds are Hungry! Help the Papa bird collect food for the baby birds. But beware of the snakes that will try to kill the Papa bird.
Keep the babies safe for 21 days till they are ready to fly away on their own.

Test your skill and ability to handle speed on this most thrilling and engaging app.
It will keep you playing for hours!

* 21 exciting levels
* Each level with new surprises and new challenges
When will the snake change directions?
Which snake will chase you?
When will they run from you?
Special seeds to gain snake killing powers! Special foods to help you score more.
* Simple-to-use game design

100 Sec Word Puzzle

Easy and quick to play 100 sec Word Puzzle.

100 sec Word Puzzle is an addictive word game. Your goal is to make maximum meaningful words using letters provided to you in 100 seconds.

See how many words you can create from the supplied letters in 100 seconds.

Let's break all records! Let's play!

If you like Scrabble and other similar word games, you will love "100 sec Word Puzzle".

Jigsaw - Kids Learning Puzzle

Have fun and learn with the best JIGSAW PUZZLE GAME for kids!
Classic Jigsaw, now adapted for your little masters. Kids love colourful images and pictures! We all do :) isn’t it?

This special version has beautiful, vivid illustrations and vibrant real world pictures. The game design is very simple and intuitive that combined with very easy levels to progressively harder levels makes this game of Jigsaw the best way to engage you little genius.

And that’s not all get daily fresh images: Real world images, illustrations of their favorite animals, characters from fairy tales, ABC letter fun and more.

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Daily Free: JUMBLE

'W', 'O', 'R', 'D' : these 4 letters you have.

O-D-W-R: doesn't make any sense.

R-D-O-W: Still doesn't.

D-R-W-O: Nah.

W-O-R-D: Lights up the bulb!

It intrigues us to no end. Admirable,indeed, is the act of finding meaning in a jumble.

> Bringing you "Daily Jumble" -the best anagram puzzle game ever!
> Over 450 pre-packaged puzzles!
> A new pack for every new day!
> Cute little Ms. Anna Gramm to be with you at every little step!

"Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open" - Dalai Lama

"Dalai Lama said this after playing Daily Jumble! ;-)" - Ms. Anna Gramm

Cubik 2D

New Categories Added:
> Aquatic
> Brands
> Eatables
> Flags
> Expressions
Do you love solving visual puzzles? If that was a YES, you'll fall in love with this game.
It is the legendary "Slide Puzzle" . Re-arrange the tiles on the game-board to match the target pattern.

BUT THERE IS A CATCH - "Swiping the tile will move all the tiles in that row or column".

Hours would just melt away as you find yourself re-creating the different amazing patterns.

A lot of people can recreate the pattern but very few can do it in the target moves!
Please don't pull your hair out! Once you get the hang of it you'll be surprised how few moves it takes.


* Easy to use, intuitive interface

* Loads of interesting patterns
Letters/Numbers - A to Z, 1 to 9
Animals - Dog, Fish, Giraffe
Objects - Chair, Rocket, Aeroplanes
Shapes - Circle, Square, Oval, Rectangle
Abstract - Pattern after pattern.

* Multiple levels and more than 100 puzzles to keep you busy for hours

This game is a masterpiece. Each pattern is specially crafted to challenge and exercise your brain-cells.

Download now and watch yourself get addicted!

Word Builder

Do you want to improve your vocabulary?
Do you find all the previously tried methods too boring and too old school?
It's time to say yes to 'WORD BUILDER'; an amazingly simple yet fun way to build your vocabulary.

Playing 'Word Builder' you'll be amazed at your own vocabulary - you'll discover new words and re-discover words you forgot you knew.
This is the best way to spend quality time with yourself.

A must try for a fan of any and all word games.

Specially crafted letter sequences and rating charts that are based on experience of millions of global players, playing more than 10 Billion words.
A dictionary of more than hundred thousand words.
Simple but exciting game play.
5 Letters or longer words possible almost all the time.
Special Bonus/Scores to add to the fun.

Daily feature means you get a fresh puzzle everyday.

How to play:

"Word Builder" is a simple word game where one has to make as many as possible words using a pre-defined set of 100 Letters. These 100 letters are provided into set of 10 and each letter gets replaced by next once it is used. Play till all the 100 letters are completed.
Making longer words gives higher scores.

Download now to get started!!

Fruit Mash

Welcome to the most "Fruitilicious" game ever on Android!

Fruit Mash is a simple but addictive puzzle matching game. You'll get hooked as soon as you start playing. Eye-catching graphics, intuitive gameplay will charm you at once.

Your goal is to combine the pieces of various fruits and other foods making a complete picture. These slashed fruit pieces can be arranged either by stacking one on the other or by putting side by side.

Creating horizontal combinations gives you more points. Avoid making long piles of fruit as they start to wobble and fall leading to game over.
There are two action-packed game modes; Arcade and Classic. Where in Arcade mode you enjoy playing more than 100 levels, Classic mode provides you an unlimited gameplay.
Get ready to be an addict! :)

Special Features:
• Brilliantly designed graphics & sound effects
• Easy to learn & quick to play
• 2 fun & action packed modes; Arcade & Classic
• 100s of levels and unlimited fun

Pirates: A Word Puzzle Game

PIRATES is a word puzzle where you are stranded on an island. There are 12 pebbles having pieces of words written on them, and wooden logs have some clues. You have to read those clues, put the correct pebbles together, and make the words. The freedom of two innocent children is at stake. An evil pirate is keeping a constant vigil over your activities. Many pirate islands are here to be won.

What do we expect from a word game? Simple - The word puzzles in it have to be great. WORD PUZZLE WITH PIRATES does just that thing, and that too, in style!

* A wide range of word puzzle categories that will test almost everything you know.
* A comics narrating the story of two innocent children trapped by an evil pirate.
* Intuitive and simple gameplay.
* 1,000 words to be played.

Date of birth of Brad Pitt? Chemical formula of water? Capital city of France? There are many things that we have accumulated in some corner of our brain. WORD PUZZLE WITH PIRATES just reminds us of the things we have not forgotten yet!

Play it. Love it. Live this pirate world once.

Word Guess

Word Guess is a very simple, easy to play but fun word game.

Your aim is to guess all the missing words from the given phrase. These popular phrases by world-known persons are especially curated.

See, what the brilliant minds have said:

"All our __ can come true, if we have the courage to __ them."
~Walt Disney

"Never give up! __ and rejection are __ the first step to succeeding."
~ Jim Valvano

To know the complete phrases, download this application right now!


-> Start guessing words to complete the given phrase, for e.g. "All our dreams can __ true, if we have the courage to __ them."
-> If your guess is correct then move to the next level.
-> In case of wrong guess, try again & again until you get it correct.


-> World’s most popular quotes/Phrases by legends
-> More than 100 levels to play
-> Daily Feature: Get a new puzzle to solve on daily basis
-> Eye-catching graphics
-> Easy to play

Birds, Lions - Animal Jigsaw

Do you admire Nature? Love Birds, Animals and Sea life?
Here is the best way to spend some fun filled time with beautiful, vibrant glimpse of Mother Nature.

Download Jigsaw – Nature today.

* Superb game design
* Multiple difficulty levels (3x3 to 6x6)
* Peek feature that helps you when you get stuck.
* Play your unfinished game using resume.
*Choose a category according to your mood.
* DAILY Fresh! Get new images to solve daily !

Dilly pack includes:-
New images on current events
Editor Choices
Most played image.

Birds, Animals Fruits Colors and as always some fun images for Kids!
Note: Do give us your feedback and you can like us on facebook

More features coming soon.
Do check other titles by Spice Labs.

Word Search - Twist n Turn

Time for some Twists and Turns (on the Word Search grid)

Did you ...

... just realize that outdoor games are a waste of energy and are looking for something simpler to do?


... just steal a smartphone and don't know how to use it?


... just give up on the world and are looking for the last fun thing to do on this Earth?

Welcome to the page of Word Search - TWist n Turn!!

- It is untiring.

- It is simple.

- It is fun.

Word Search is a hell lot of things packed into one:

- A unique Word Search game.

- You 'twist' the path and make words.

- A set of graphics that would surely take your breath away.

- You can make a word on top of the other.

- A bonus round where you are free to search any dictionary words you find.

- A chance to show your Facebook friends how good you actually are.

So, drop everything that you have right now. Now, pick up your smartphone and make sure it's not broken. Then start playing Word Search Twist n Turns as soon as possible.

Coin Drop

Imagine this: A beautiful 7X7 grid. It is to be filled with shining coins. Some of them are numbered from 1 to 7, others are not. If, for instance, four coins come in a row or column adjacent to each other and one of them is numbered '4', the numbered coin disappears. You, friend, get points for that!

You learn as you play. You become a master along the way!

* Colorful, exciting interface that would light up your day!

* Play the level "Speed Test" if it's your first date with the game.

* Play the level "Arcade" when you fall in love!

It's raining coins from the heaven. Are you game for catching them?


A fun version of Solitaire.

With Solitaire being alone is not boring. Carry your favorite game everywhere you go. Now spread out the 52 cards in a train, in a meeting or any place where you are bored.

Hours of fun, as the game comes packed with almost unlimited games.

Enjoy the specially crafted Daily games. The Daily games are 'designed' to be hard and if you try hard enough, we might even give you the solution.

Features -

* Easy to use intuitive interface
* Unlimited games
* Daily new games