Block SMS & Call

SriSeshaa's SMS & Call blocker is a simple yet powerful tool that helps users to protect themselves from unwanted text messages and phone calls.

You can block a number from recent call logs, Contacts or directly block an unwanted number.

RemoteRinger, Phone Finder App

RemoteRinger helps you find your phone in "SILENT" mode. Make the phone ring by sending a SMS with access code to your number.

Instructions to use RemoteRinger

To make the phone ring, send message in the following format:

default format - ring#on
Password protected - ring#"password" (eg., ring#pass123)

Happy ringing...

Show My Way

Show My Way brings the world to your phone. Find any place near you…be it a Hospital, a Fuel station or a Pizzeria. Show My Way will recommend the fastest mode to reach your destination.

Find your favorite places using Show My Way app. This app that help you navigate to any place and provides clear information like distance, time taken (Walk, Cycle & Car) and direction. Categorized intelligently to reduce the time to search, this app helps you find any place in the shortest possible time.


IntelliPhoto is the best photo upload app in the market… that too with a huge difference. A cross-over app to fulfil both your personal and professional purposes.

Take a snap… scribble on it… and upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox or FTP server. What more… even add a XML tags file with the photo.

Scribble or type a note (Love or otherwise ;)) on the photo… Upload the photos with XML tags… Integrate with a database.

The differentiating features of being able to take photo; scribble on it and upload to a server makes this the most useful photo app in the market.

Download and surprise yourself about how many problems it solves…

Happy clicking