T3chDad® RC Flight Log

The T3chDad® RC Flight Log is every RC pilot’s essential companion. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee or a pack of cigarettes, you can have the most useful and practical RC mobile app on the planet! Gone are the days of tick marks in a paper notepad or book. With just a few clicks, you can keep track of every flight, every battery cycle, every drop of fuel and much more. Data can be synchronized or transferred off-device by using the built-in Dropbox functionality. You can even sync between devices and platforms using Dropbox. Please take a moment and watch the introduction video to get a brief look into the power and capabilities of the T3chDad® RC Flight Log and your new way of RC life.

Check http://T3chDad.com/flightlog for more information.

What's New in v3.1.0
1) Enabled editing of fuel usage when adding a flight.
2) Support for parallel charging of batteries.
3) Added capability for storage charges/discharges of batteries.
4) Option to hide retired items from lists.
5) Option to not track charging.
6) Option to select default flight view (Calendar or List).
7) User interface tweaks and improvement
8) Significant expansion of the Aircraft Notes functionality.

New in version 3.0:

1) Per-flight logging. Each flight is stored with its own unique data including date/time, power source used, flight number, flight notes, flight duration and if a crash occurred.

2) Battery cycle logging. Each battery cycle is stored with its own unique data including usage date/time, charge date/time, flight, cycle number, cycle notes, use duration, residual voltage and charge amount received.

3) New interface for browsing and viewing flights and battery cycles.

4) User Interface improvements...for a more professional and consistent look that is easier to read.

5) All of your current data will be migrated to this version.

Here are some of the features:

Easy to use:
....Consistent, streamlined user interface.
....Online reference and documenation
....Identical interface on both platforms
....Use or take your own pictures to identify all your equipment at a glance
....Change interface colors
....Flights for each aircraft
....Total Flights
....Flight time for each aircraft
....Total Flight Time
....Cycles for each battery
....Total Cycles for all batteries
....Fuel consumption for each fuel
....Total Fuel consumption
....Medals, wings and trophies awarded for # of flights

T3chDad® Alarm Clock

Your new Alarm Clock!

Look at these great features:
* Easy to use interface.
* 12/24 Hour Time Formats
* Touch screen to snooze for ten minutes.
* Dim/Brighten screen to taste.
* Pick your own personal alarm tone.
* Configurable alarm volume.
* Vibration with alarm if desired.
* Use any color you like for the clock color.
* Status bar alarm notification.
* Volume buttons toggle “night light” function.
* Independent alarm (does NOT require the app be open to sound alarm).
* Integrated help.