Oscillo Connect

Oscillo Connect Application can remotely control the Oscilloscope from anywhere when connected through IP address and perform all critical features remotely.

Control and monitor the Scope remotely.
Two Channels (CH1\CH2) supported.
Play/Pause waveform in the app irrespective of scope.
Required channels can be switched on/off in App.
Control of Acquisition Run/Stop in the scope.
Run measurements from menu.
Can clear measurements and re-select the required measurements.
Control Horizontal Scale of Scope.
Zoom In/Out of waveform.

Control and Monitor the Scope remotely.

Supported Scope Series:

Oscillo Analyzer

The purpose of this application is to view Tektronix supported CSV waveform file and run measurements on the loaded waveform.
The CSV file is loaded from the memory of the phone/tab. At present only android is supported.
The app also supports the Zoom in/Out of the waveforms. Maximum Record Length supported is 100K.

Oscillo Triggevent

Oscillo Triggevent Application is used to determine if a Trigger Event occurred in the scope. This application is intended for users who are performing a long-duration test and want to be notified when the scope triggers. You can use this feature if you are monitoring for a fault condition, or want to be notified if a measurement exceeds bounds

Connects scopes remotely Using IP address.
Runs in background.
Waits for trigger in the scope.
When trigger occurs will intimate the user by giving an alert.
After alert app will get closed by itself.

Monitor the Scope for trigger remotely.

Supported Scope Series:

Tek AWG Connect

1.0 Tek AWG Connect Android Application

This application is intended for users who are away from the AWG instrument and want to load waveforms to the desired channel, save and open the AWG setup files and set the channel, clock, trigger parameters and select the Force Trigger functionality in the AWG. Additionally the users can play the waveforms from the Android App.

1.1 Features:

Control and Monitor AWG remotely
Two channels (CH1/CH2) supported
Open/Save the AWG setup files
Open and Assign a waveform file to the respective channels
Required channels can be switched on/off in the Application
Apply Force Trigger A and Force Trigger B functionality
Set the Run Mode to Continuous/Triggered/Trig’d Continuous
Play/Stop waveform in the application
Control Channel 1 and Channel 2 Settings
Control Clock Settings
Control Trigger Settings


Control and Monitor AWG remotely

Supported AWG Series:

AWG70001A and AWG70002A

2.0 Installation Instructions:


1. The user needs to be on the same network to which the instrument is connected.
Cisco AnyConnect – This is required to connect to VPN of the AWG instrument for communicating between the AWG instrument and the mobile device.

2. AWG Android App installed on the mobile device.

2.1 Start the Raw Socket Server in the AWG instrument following the below steps.

Start TekVISA LAN Server Control from Start->All Programs->TekVISA->TekVISA LAN Server Control

In the Task tray right click on TekVISA LAN Server Control and select “Start Socket Server”

• Sometimes Windows doesn't allow Socket Server. Then you have to set firewall to allow Socket Server
• Go to Control Panel->System and Security->Windows Firewall->Allow a Program through windows firewall->
• Click on Allow another Program->Browse for RawSocketServer->click on Add.

Now you are ready for communicating with the AWG instrument from the Android device.
Click on AWG Android Application by clicking on the AWG icon in your phone and enter the AWG instrument IP address.After the instrument gets connected, start communicating with the instrument.

3. Android Version Supported

The app has been tested on Android mobile devices with Android Version 4.1 to 4.3

4. Resolution of Mobile Devices

The resolutions that the AWG Android Application will work is specified in the below Table. Please make sure that the AWG Android app is installed in the devices with the below specified resolutions.

Screen size (inches) Resolution
3.4 480 * 800
3.7 480 * 800
4 480 * 800
4.4 480 * 800
4.7 480 * 800
5 480 * 800
5.5 1280 * 720
8 1280 * 800

4.1 Example mobile Display Settings and Android Version supported for an 8 inch tab is specified below.

Display Settings
Font Style Default font
Font Size Normal
About Device
Android Version 4.2.2
Baseband Version T311DDUAMH1
Kernel version 3.0.31-1334189
Resolution 1280*800
Screen Size 8 inch

5. TekVISA version supported

Technical Support: Please send Email to techsupport@tektronix.com for support and feedback on the application.