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Iowa 511

TransCore, LP
Iowa 511 is the Iowa Department of Transportation's (DOT) official traffic and traveler information resource. The Iowa 511 app provides statewide real-time traffic information. Other available information includes:

• A zoomable, scrollable map-based display.
• Current traffic speeds and closed-circuit television (CCTV) traffic camera images in six metro areas (Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Sioux City, and Waterloo/Cedar Falls).
• Electronic roadway sign messages.
• Commercial vehicle restriction information.
• Highway rest area locations on map.
• Real-time updates on road conditions, road work, construction, and road closures.
• List view of incidents, road work, road conditions, and rest areas.

The Iowa 511 app reports information for interstates, U.S. routes and state highways in Iowa. It does not include information for county roads or city streets.

Remember, the primary responsibility of every driver is the safe operation of his/her vehicle. Iowa law prohibits all persons from using a handheld electronic communication device to write, send or read a text message while driving a motor vehicle. Teen drivers with restricted licenses are prohibited from using any electronic communication or entertainment device while driving. While traveling, mobile communication devices should be used only when the motor vehicle is at a complete stop off the traveled portion of the roadway. Do not text and drive (it's the law) or use this app while driving.

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TransCore, LP
The Kansas City Scout Traffic app provides commuters and travelers with mobile access to information for Kansas City metro area roadways from the Kansas City Scout's of Transportation's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). The available information includes:

1) A zoomable, scrollable map-based display
2) Current traffic conditions on Kansas City metro area’s freeways and major surface streets
3) Lists of accidents, road construction activities, and other hazards
4) Special events that affect traffic (sports events, etc.)
5) Closed-circuit television (CCTV) traffic camera images
6) Electronic roadway sign messages

Arcadia Traffic

TransCore, LP
Arcadia Traffic is the City of Arcadia's official traffic and traveler information resource. The Arcadia Traffic app provides real-time traffic information for the City of Arcadia, California. Available information includes:

* Current travel times.
* Current traffic conditions.
* Planned road closures and road work
* Planned events

The Arcadia Traffic app reports information on major arterial and collector streets in the city of Arcadia.

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