Space Rings 3D

Race against time as you control a Comet through Space! Capture power-ups that increase your chances of more flight time and avoid power-ups that can slow you down or flip the controls on ya!

Use the unique Accelerometer / Gyroscope - control and move the Comet by slightly moving your phone or tablet around with your hands!

Capture 6 Power-Ups to increase your chances Of achieving a Higher Score! Booster Rockets That Make the Comet Go Faster, Ghost That Makes You Invisible to Collisions, and a Power-Up that Increases Your Time To Play!

3 of the Power-Ups Can Create A Negative Effect such as Expanding the Comet to Make Passing Through Rings Harder, Inverting the Y-Axis that Flips Normal Controls, and Retro Rockets That Slow Your Speed!

Glide the Comet through as many rings as possible. Each colored ring has a different score. Increase your score by passing through rings that give you the most points!

Post Your Scores On The LeaderBoard To See How Well You Played.

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Around the Rock Disc Golf

Play Tournament mode with 3 floating rock island courses. Follow your progress with local or Google+ enabled leaderboard for Tournament and Practice modes. Options include choosing 3 basket configurations for each course, A (short), B (medium), and C (long). Short on time play the Front 9 or Back 9 of any course! Around the Rock Disc Golf ( ATR Disc Golf ) challenges you to continuously make Aces in Practice mode!

Support our development in awesome arcade-style disc golf sports games and updates!

There are no "real" courses in ATR Disc Golf as we focused on fantasy themes, in fact, you may find yourself hanging on a cliff looking down 2000ft having to throw 300ft to another floating rock island.

Around the Rock Disc Golf Challenge has a real-time 3D Disc Physics engine that keeps evolving and improving over time! Take advantage of your high tech Android devices and relax with some cool 3D amusement.

Let us know what you think about Around the Rock Disc Golf Challenge! ATR was conceptualized, designed, and developed by Disc Golfers. We are passionate about listening to your feedback and will fix any issues or even add a feature or two requested by you! Email to submit bug for good karma

★ Thank you for your support! ★

ATR can be played on over 3600 Google Play enabled Android devices!

Features in Progress:
★ Achievements

New Features:
★ Google Game Services enabled Leaderboard
★ Ancient Rock Park (ATR Disc Golf Course 3)

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ATR Disc Golf Reviews

Tribaloid introduces the sport of disc golf to the wider world in its new iOS and Android game

Android Headlines Featured Game Review Featured Game Review

Find Tribaloid's owner, Alan Musselman playing Disc Golf every week in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Find San Francisco disc golf course information and become a club member and volunteer today:

Check out Disc Golf Bag Tag Challenge, our 2nd published Disc Golf game for Google Play!

Bag Tag Challenge

Welcome to the Android disc golf sports club! Compete against other members in multiplayer real time game play. Become a Professional Tag Hunter and collect the lowest bag tag on the disc golf course.

This is our first release, expect bugs and expect us to fix them and add more features. Tribaloid provided over 50 updates to Around the Rock Disc Golf arcade sports game. During the updates we added new courses, basket configurations, and more! Please be patient with us as we prioritize bugs. We have gained a tremendous amount of feedback and suggestions and working to provide updates as quickly as possible.

+ Compete in Real time Multiplayer for lowest tag in club on disc golf course
+ Take turns with friends to play for lowest score on course
+ Play with Innova Discs and disc flight ratings
+ 3D disc golf physics engine
+ Single Player, offline mode
+ Upgrade disc golf bag to hold more discs on course
+ Modify bag tag in tag editor
+ Google+ Leaderboards
+ Google+ Achievements

Compete for lowest score and bag tag with a group of friends or other players for a friendly round of real time Disc Golf. Real time and turn based multiplayer modes are the heart of the game. If no internet connection exists single player mode is always available to play.

Join G+ Community to work with developers on new features and finding bugs!

18 Hole Course
Throw between towering Eucalyptus trees and various elevation changes in terrain. Bang the chains using Innova DISCatcher® Pro Targets.

Profile view
Buy, sell, and even recycle Innova discs at the disc shop. Compare Innova disc flight ratings before making purchases. Organize disc bag before heading out to disc golf course. Upgrade disc bag by collecting XP to carry more discs out on disc golf course.

Single Player
Compete for lowest par score on single player leaderboard. Practice before competing in a real time bag tag challenge in single player mode.

Real Time Multiplayer
Choose real time multiplayer mode to play for 30-50 minutes with up to 3 opponents. Spectate in real time and watch your opponents throw on the same hole! Whoever is furthest away throws first just like in real disc golf.

Turn based Multiplayer
Take turns with up to 3 friends for lowest par score. Simply take your turn by throwing from the teepad to disc target. When turn is over a notification is sent to opponent to play their turn and so on.

3 Google+ enabled leaderboards exist for single player challenge, real time, and turn based multiplayer challenges. Bag Tags are swapped with players who have lowest score.

Earn various achievements like Bag Tag Hunter, and Professional by actively playing the game. Achievements are saved to Google game services and can be found and displayed in other applications like “Play Games” app to view game activity.

Disc Golf at its core is the community that surrounds your local disc golf club. For every disc golf course in the world there is a high probability a club is associated with the course to keep it clean and help organize disc golf tournaments local and professional. If this is not the case we encourage you to start a community and help keep your local disc golf course healthy for other players.

Tribaloid's mission has been to spread Disc Golf through video games

Find Tribaloid's owner, Alan Musselman playing Disc Golf every week in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Find San Francisco disc golf course information and become a club member and volunteer today:

Dr. Greenthumb's Growlab

Help Dr. Greenthumb with one of his cannabis gardens. Start with 4,000.00 dollars and see how much weed you can grow in 90 days! You'll have to watch out for common problems like rodents, spider mites, floods, and even police raids. Learn how to resolve the un-expected events or else you'll lose your marijuana yield!

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Astro Outpost

Help save the Human race by destroying asteroids before they reach earth's orbit. You are one of a few humans left to control the international space outpost.

To destroy asteroids simply tap on them!

Have fun and give us a rating for being Ad free!

Disc Golf Live Wallpaper

Enjoy a rotating 3D Disc Golf Basket Live Wallpaper for the Home Screen on your Android device!

Options include:

+Change Background color
+Change Basket Color
+Set Zoom
+Rotate Horizontal, Vertical, or both

Access Live Wallpaper by holding down on Home Screen > Live Wallpaper > Disc Golf Basket

Dr. Greenthumb's Quiz

Boost cannabis knowledge by taking challenging quizzes for cannabis dealers, marijuana growers, and weed buyers Quickly enhance your cannabis knowledge by taking the Dr. Greenthumb’s Quiz Challenge for Dealers, Growers, and Buyers. Get challenged by questions that relate directly to the ever growing cannabis industry!

Do you buy cannabis, weed or the mystical marijuana? Do you sell cannabis? Do you grow cannabis? Are you interested in cannabis?

Dr. Greenthumb’s Quiz will help test and build your cannabis brain power!

Currently, 30 cannabis industry questions per Quiz

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Redwoods 3D Live Wallpaper

Enjoy beautiful 3D models of Redwood trees at various depths on your home screen. AD FREE!

To install, press finger down on Home screen > Live Wallpapers > Redwoods Live Wallpaper

Ad free, please enjoy and go outside for a hike.

Red Squares

Rotating red squares live wallpaper.

This demo was built using Uni2Lwp. Uni2Lwp is a Unity3D extension that allows you to create Android 3D live wallpapers with Unity 3.4.2 and 3.5.7 and 4.0! For more information please visit:

Unity3D forum post:!

Uni2Lwp website:

Hold finger down on home screen > Live Wallpapers