Escapology is a simple yet challenging puzzle solving game with a unique atmosphere, challenging levels and beautiful graphics.

Your task in each level is to move one or more wooden balls into their designated positions. Controls are really simple, just swipe in any direction and the whole board will move. As you progress further in the game, new puzzles will need more and more of your brain power to solve.

***** MAIN FEATURES *****
- 6 game chapters
- 96 handmade levels
- Completely new, simple, but challenging gameplay
- Beautiful graphics
- Easy, medium, hard and extreme levels

We wish you a lot of fun!

Punch Contest!

Think you’re strong? Well now you can make sure!

Just take your device and punch as hard as you can for the highest score!

Challenge your family, your friends, or random people on the street! Finally you can show all those people with huge phones who’s the boss around here!

Do you have what it takes? Only the very best will get to the top!

Statistics are here:

The Series Notifier

Main Features:
- displays notifications about upcoming TV shows episodes
- attractive and easy-to-use graphical user interface
- configurable list of favourite TV shows
- supports more than 25,000 TV shows
- configurable notification time for each TV show
- notification list management
- share informations on Facebook
- localized to: English, German, Spanish, Czech, Slovak

The Series Notifier is a small but handy application for Android smartphones which notifies You about new episodes of all Your favourite TV shows. TSN is easy to install, friendly and straightforward to use with no limitations - no registration or payment is required.

Download the application, select Your favourite TV shows from more than 25000 possibilities and set when You would like to be informed about each new episode. At preferred time, You will receive notification about new episode air time with all relevant details, such as episode name, description and TV channel.

It is easy, free and without any registration. Try it. With TSN You will not miss any episode.

Gomoku 3D HD BETA

This is a logical game for two players. The rules are similar to popular games such as Gomoku, Connect 4, Tic-Tac-Toe or 4-in-a-row but in three dimensions. The players take turns by placing stones of distinct colors onto the playing board. The playing area consists of 16 poles, spaced in a square. On each pole, at most four stones can be placed.

The player wins, if he or she manages to place four stones of his color in a row. This row can be oriented in arbitrary direction - this means vertically or horizontally or diagonally.

Can you beat our AI?

Main features:
- entertaining logical game
- several difficulty settings
- playable for two players on single device
- playing with AI
- beautiful 3D graphics with dynamic shadows

Developer note:
- this is BETA release. More features are coming soon. Please, send us Your critics and comments or feature requests to


This is the scoreboard for Foot1game. The first 11 on 11 rod controlled table football.

Choose your favourite team from top 9 national club competitions or play for your own.

Enjoy the realistic game till the final whistle.


Tato aplikace umožňuje pohodlné ovládání centrální jednotky systému PocketHome prostřednictvím Vašeho mobilního zařízení.

Aplikace usnadňuje konfiguraci a správu prvků Vašeho topného systému:
- přidávání a párování prvků s centrální jednotkou
- přehled prvků v domácnosti, možnost jejich třídění i filtrování
- sledování aktuálních hodnot (např. aktuální teplota) na každém koncovém zařízení
- rychlá správa programů topení, nastavení požadovaných průběhů jen s pomocí dotyků a gest

Funkce aplikace je možné vyzkoušet i v offline režimu, pro správnou funkčnost je však nutné do domácnosti nainstalovat centrální jednotku a prvky systému PocketHome.

Více informací o systému PocketHome lze nalézt na