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ezNetScan - Network Tools

ezNetScan is a handy network tool for network administrators - it scans wireless network and displays the list of all connected devices.

Various other options allow you to easily customize your network list further, including assigning device specific icon, tag name to device and additional note/comment to any device etc...

SNMP based features added which allows you to list out installed software and hardware information of network devices.

Supported Tools:
- Ping
- Service Scan
- Traceroute
- Wake on LAN
- DNS lookup
- NetBios Name
- Scan TCP Service
- Device IP Address, MAC Address and Manufacture Name
- Custom device name and icons
- Installed Software & Hardware details (It will work for SNMP enabled devices)

It also allows you to email scanned device list & command results. You can also view all your scanned network details in offline mode.

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ezNetScan+ Network Tools

ezNetScan has been a handy tool that scans your wireless network. Now experience “ezNetScan+” with more advanced features that lets you manage your Wi-Fi network like you can never imagine! The "Plus/+" version is loaded with features that would leave you fascinated.

Now you could customize and configure the data at ease. Enjoy the new intuitive look, widget options, set favourite devices, populate graphs and charts, export data in CSV format, access shared files/folder of network device and much more...

Key Features:
• Scan Wi-Fi Network
• Configure: Network Command Parameters
• Configure: SNMP Community Name for specific device OR entire network
• SMB: Access shared drives, folders and files...
• SMB: Download shared file to Android device...
• SNMP: Hardware & Storage Info
• SNMP: Installed Software Details (with Date of Installed)
• SNMP: Running Processes
• SNMP: Running Services
• Widget: Turn On/Off Wi-Fi
• Widget: Quick Scan Wi-Fi Network
• Export Scanned Data as "CSV", "Plain Text"
• Manage Results (Search, Sort and Filter)
• Network Reports (Graph)