Hansel's Personal Radar

Save your favorite locations and tracks and watch them on radar view.
Just like Hansel in Grimm Brothers story did by leaving trail of bread crumbs not to get lost.

App is simple to use and useful for:
- mark position of any GPS location (friends, attractions you visited, car, locations you wanna visit etc.,)
- leave trail of your journey in radar view, so you can return (maybe first time in town )
- you like someone to speak to you when driving

App is Text To Speech enabled, uses location services and does not use data transmission.

Portable Ruler

With Portable Ruler your phone becomes amazing tool for measuring distance and height of any object inside or outside.

The only rule is you are standing on the level of the object, but even that can be fixed by setting the height of your phone vs. bottom of the object being measured.

Follow these simple steps for measuring: Hold phone 1.55 m from the ground (if you hold it higher or lower see bellow how to set phone's height), and locate bottom (point touching ground) of the object in the center of camera preview. Then click "FIX DISTANCE" and rotate camera up or down (but on the same height), to locate top of the object in center of camera preview. Distance and height are displayed automatically.

How to change phone's height: click "PHONE", then rotate left or right to adjust value. Click this button again when you are done.

And that's all. Happy measuring.

App uses phones gravity sensor to calculate angle, does not use data transmission and only stores height of the phone.

Ultra Reaction Time

Do you know what's your reaction time? When do you see something happened and you make proper action? Do you need 200 ms, 400 ms or even 1 second or more? This app will give the answer, and you will be surprised.

For a hint, try with different fingers and movements.

Have good time practicing.

GPS Fuel Consumption

If you want to know how much money you are spending while driving a car,bike or any vehicle on gasoline, this app is what you need. Very simpe and easy to use for kids and for experienced drivers.
Set three basic parameters and you are ready to go. Now you can see current consumption and other interesting data for your jurney.

- current speed and consumption for a ride in your currency
- total, driving and resting time
- current altitude
- currency supported: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD
- car animation with world attractions (Eiffel Tower, Keops pyramid and many more to come..)

Please enable 'Location services' on your phone before starting this app.

App does not require data transmission.

Hope you'll enjoy this app.

Animals Speedometer Experience

"Made for the kids, enjoyed by the adults".

African animals appear on the screen appropriate for the current speed of your car.
If you ever heard a tiny voice from back seats of your car "Can cheetah run as fast as our car?", then this app will be just what you need.

- Lion, Cheetah, Giraffe, Elephant, Crocodile, Snail, Chimpanzee, Gorilla

Based on GPS location services to determine current speed and does not use data transmission.

Turn on location services before launching this app.

Save The Cheese

Super fast cheese saving game. The ultimate goal is to protect cheese from rats by smashing them as quickly as possible.

Don't wait, go and bet them! Good Luck!