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Date In Tray PRO

[NOTE: some people reported "Expired" issue affected their installs. I addressed it (hopeful for good this time) in v1.49 - please updatre - if you do not see 1.49 please wait a moment for Google Play to complete the update. Sorry for inconvenience]

Date In Tray is small and handy utility that constantly shows current month's day number and day name (i.e. "23/Mon" if today is Monday, 23th day of the month) or day number and month name if you prefer that way (i.e. "23/Sep" if its 23th day of September) directly in your notification bar (aka tray), so you can instantly check that out, no matter what application you are using at the moment. Additionally information shown in pull-down view of notification area are be fully configurable so you can have it as you like (Date In Tray offers many placeholders for your convenience). Please take a look at provided screenshots - it may say more than words :)

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Wykoparka - klient Wykop.pl

Korzystasz z serwisu wykop.pl z użyciem swojego telefonu lub tabletu? Rób to wygodniej z użyciem Wykoparki!

Better Deal To Go

Shoppers' aid. Ever wondered if you really could save a dime with bulk purchases? Is 44 jars of the lovely strawberry jam at $180 a better deal than 38 jars for $160? Is "more is cheaper" true? Which one really costs you less?

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Tray Agenda PRO

Tray Agenda is your best everyday assistant you ever had :)

"Tray Agenda" displays next event's details and whole month calendar view in system notification area, optionally accompanied by notification icon indicating how soon the event is going to occur.

Main features:

★ Next event details
★ ETA of next events
★ Fractional icons showing remaining minutes to event
★ Configurable on-tap action w/interactive "Ask" mode
★ Whole month overview grid in notification area
★ Month view marks "busy" days and "today" too
★ Notification color depends on ETA for easy reference
★ Auto-update on phone wake up
★ Bunch of configurable options
★ Eye-candy user interface
★ From developers that use it too!
★ And more...

Calendar grid view shows whole month at once, with all your "busy" days marked for quick reference.

Next event detailed information provides all necessary info including exact date and time of the event, its location and estimated time to the event.

Finally, you "Tray Agenda" displays (configurable) notification icon which uses colors to show now far next event is going to occur. Notification icon can be hidden if there's no event in configured time frame.

Use Tray Agenda to save your day and never miss any event!

Permissions INTERNET, GET_TASKS, READ_LOGS are required by Crittercism integration - and is used only to report app crashes (if any would occur). No other data is being sent out by Tray Agenda.

Keywords: date time agenda assistant smart calendar status bar tray notification pull down configurable event icons honeycomb tablet android

Motion Tracking Markers

Motion Tracking Markers helps you capture tracking data for video editing and post production. Simply launch the app and make your phone visible on your set somewhere. Displayed markers would greatly improve camera tracking accuracy in tools like Adobe After Effects allowing even more stunning effects to be created with ease. Or would just let you easily replace your moving phone's screen content in scene post production process.

Add To Calendar helper utility

Add To Calendar (A2C) is small utility that once launched let's you start adding new entry in your favourite calendar application. Once A2C is launched you should see "Add New Event" dialog of your calendar application (or Calendar chooser if you got more apps installed) and that's what is designed for. It's extremely useful if you want to create shortcut to add new event but the application you want to create this shortcut with (i.e. Widgetsoid that puts that in notification area) only allows you to select the application. But selecting Calendar won't work as you want to add new event, not see your calendar details or agenda overview. Or, you can have Add To Calendar on your Launcher to easily and quickly create new calendar entries.