Battery snap

- widgets for monitoring and recording remaining life, charging times, voltage, temperature
- widget can be on lock screen
- really cool dynamic real time graphics
- analyze battery usage for weeks
- no battery drain

- Motorola hack : get 1% precision on battery level on Motorola devices (thanks Michal Veselovsk√Ĺ for having suggested and tested this feature)

An advice : use the widget and keep the app at least two days otherwise you will miss most of its benefits.

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You like Battery snap? Then you'll love its complement, Battery snap Xtra! Removes all ads, alert level high and low, level display in the notification bar, and more widget styles!


Battery snap Xtra

Battery snap ADD-ON, configurable via Battery snap settings.

Shows the level, remaining time and shortcut in status bar.
Alerts for some high and low levels defined by the user.
Zodiac signs widget set.
REQUIRES Battery snap : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xelacorp.android.batsnaps
Does not appear as a launchable application.
Removes ads from Battery snap.

I will be happy to answer your Battery snap related questions and to hear for your suggestions.


Battery snap location

Small Battery snap add-on that provide geo located loci of charges and discharges.

Needs Battery snap 2.11 or more recent to be useful.

Please use the settings to enable active GPS/Network usage for probing location. Using active probing will of course increase your battery usage.

Visit the link below to download the mandatory Battery snap.


Battery snap alerts

Automatically warn your friends you are running out of battery and that they won't be able to reach you soon!

Provides alerts for the statuses of the battery statuses of your devices.
For now, automatic alerts through SMS and Twitter are supported.
Nevertheless, you can manually share your battery status with virtually any application installed on your device.

Beware : this is an ADD-ON for "Battery snap".

Most of the configuration of this add-on can be done via the "Battery snap" settings.

Visit the link below to download "Battery snap", the main application :