Unit Price Compare

Calculates the unit price of similar products sold in different size/quantity and tell which item is less expensive.

Compares multiple items at one time, ranks the first 10 better buy items.

The shopping items can be in different unit, e.g. kg, pound and ounce.

1kg $10 vs. 1lb $3

You can even input quantity like 250*6+100.

The latest version supports Android 1.6 and later devices.

Bug report, feature req and download old version for Android 1.5, please go to


RunningCadence is the app for runners who want to achieve for fast and steady running cadence.

RunningCadence detects how many steps per minute and gives you real time voice feed back during your workout, guides you to keep running on your target cadence, not too slow nor too fast. So that you get the feeling of it, make yourself comfortable with it, and let your body remember the cadence. It's the best way you make progress, you can't make it by recording then review after you're sitting at home.

# How to use:
Bind the phone at your arm with arm band; listen to voice feed back by earphone. This app is able to run together with music player.

# Note:
- Device should have Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine and language data installed to play voice feedback.
- It isn't a walk pedometer. Cadence is counted only when you're running.

# Feedback:
Bug report or feature request, please submit to issues list on project website or email to me. Your feedback can be either in English or in Chinese.

** Please contact me if you could help translating this app into your language, thanks **


This application only do one thing: add new item into your GQueues inbox. You can add items anywhere anytime with your Android device, without opening a browser. If network connection isn't available, items are stored and will be sent as soon as network is accessible.

You need to configure GQueues private key correctly to make it work.

Please don't blame me that functionality and user experience is poor. You should complain to GQueues team and ask them to release Android client, or provide API to third party developer. This application isn't an official client.

To know about GQueues task manager, please visit