Memory Game For Kids
Simple game for little kids. Discover tiles by pair.

Several themes available:
- default theme using icons coming from the Crystal Clear project directed by Everaldo Coelho.
- season themes : currently Christmas, Easter. Summer and Halloween are coming.
- fun : Tux the (Linux) penguin

Funny sounds are associated to tiles (especially for little kids).

Optimized for tablets and tested on Android versions: Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean and Kitkat.

The's commitment is to provide Free Open Source Android applications (GNU GPLv3) that respect the user : no ads, no permission (access to internet, contacts, location,...). in order to be 100% safe and respectful of your private data.

Permission Friendly Apps
What are the applications you have installed that you have given the most permissions?
What are the applications that are most respectful of your personal data and less potentially dangerous?

This must-have application will give you a very simple answer to these questions.

Itself does not require any permission and contains no advertising.

It is optimized for mobile and tablet (Xoom, Iconia, Galaxy Tab, Optimus Pad ...)

This application is published under GNU GPL v3 license.

Coloring For Kids
Coloring for kids lets your child simply paint with its fingers. He just have to choose a template, pickup colors on the palette and draw with a little tap. The drawings can be saved on the device and shared by mail or using social networks.

This application contains no ads and doesn't require internet access. It's fully secure for kids and respect your privacy.

This application is optimized for Honeycomb (Android 3.x) and higher, but also runs on prior version until Android 1.5.

It's free software published under GNU GPLv3 license. It's based on the Open Source version of Zebra Paint written by Peter Dornbach.

Tux Memory Game
The goal : discover tiles by pair. An awesome game for kids.

The game is optimized for tablets running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and higher. Tested on Motorola Xoom and Asus Transformer.

It's a tribute to Tux, the famous penguin that is the Linux mascot.

This game use many Tux creations coming from TuxFactory hosted by the CrystalXP project.

The's commitment is to provide Free Open Source Android applications (GNU GPLv3) that respect the user : no ads, no permission (access to internet, contacts, location,...) in order to be 100% safe and recpectful of your private data.

Balls Live Wallpaper
Steel balls running on the floor.

Works only with Android 2.1 and higher.

Cheer Bear Puzzle
Little tough and cute sliding puzzle.

No ads, no access to internet nor to your private data. Just for kids fun !

Graphics provided by

Optimized for Honeycomb (Android 3.0)

Slow It !
Slow the ball with your finger and try to move it and keep it 10 seconds into the center circle zone.

A really new experience of interacting with a finger touch.

Designed for phones and tablets.

For kids and older people.

This software is FreeSofware. It means it's free and open source.
It also requires no permission (no access to internet for example).
No risk with your privacy or a mishandling of your child.

Paris' Remarkable Trees
The Paris City Council maintains approximately 300,000 trees on his estate (parks and gardens, public roads, cemeteries, the Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes). Of these, some are distinguished by their age, rarity of their essence, their history or their impressive measurements: they are the remarkable trees.

The mayor of Paris publishes licensed "Open Data" (License ODbL) data on 60 of the most remarkable trees of the capital.

This application uses this data to help you discover these trees of exceptional heritage. You can access the information from each tree by a proximity search (list of trees around you), a map or through your camera for augmented reality.

This application is offered by the group that performs applications free and open source Android (released under the GNU GPLv3). Respect for users, including their personal data is also a strong commitment of the group: this application contains no advertising and does not collect any personal information.