Collapsing Blocks

Click on any group of 2 or more blocks. Larger groups of blocks score more points. Try to remove as many groups as you can.

Stack the log !

This is a simple but beautiful game for Android. Stack the logs as precisely as you can! Push the button and release it when you feel the log is exactly above the stack. This app can be useful for those who want to calm down.

Othellio lite

This is a board game involving abstract strategy.the player's goal is to have a majority of their black pieces showing at the end of the game, turning over as many of their opponent's pieces as possible.

Chicken and Eggs

Catch the eggs as they fall down. Don't let the eggs reach the bottom of the screen. If you catch all the eggs in a level, the next level will be faster with more eggs.

Make it 10 :: FREE math game

It's an math game in witch you need to make the number 10 by operating with 4 numbers and 4 operations.

First : Choose a number
Second : Choose an operator
Third : Go back to First step

You can use memory button as parenthesis to memorize subtotal or to use it. This math game is suitable for kids and adults. Don't hesitate to play this math game as it is a good training for your mind.

Think Ahead

The objective is to get more points by removing numbers from the board. You can only remove numbers in the one horizontal row with the yellow beam behind it, and the Phone can only remove numbers from the vertical column of the number you choose. Your next horizontal row is determined by the Phone's choice, and so on.

Bugs Match

Match ladybugs of wonderful colors and develop your memory. Be attentive because if you flip the spider tile you'll go from the very beginning. Good luck !

*ATTENTION -- you need to flip 3 tiles with the same ladybug.

Illuminati FlashLight

Illuminati FlashLight is one of the best flashlight and torch app for Android™.
This app is easy to use and provide some symbolistic features to the darkness and light. You will discover The Eye of Providence also known as the all-seeing eye of God and Eye of Horus. This represents the eye of God watching over humankind or the eye of Big Brother. The Pyramide, the symbolistic sign of Illuminaties is also present as a sign of power.

Air Hockey Champion

Air Hockey Champion is a game where you compete with artificial intelligence trying to score points in the opposing player's goal.

Air hockey requires an air-hockey table, two player-held mallets, and a puck while Air Hockey Champion requires an Android device.

That is everything you need to become an Air Hockey Champion.

RA Free Torch Flashlight

RA Free Torch and Flashlight App for Android™ phones with or without camera.

This free flashlight app is incredibly simple and handy. It uses the device's camera flash as a torch and the basic white screen light which is bright enough for daily use. You can use the screen light as your primary flashlight option if your device does not have a camera led.

We hope you enjoy using our application, if you have any problems, send us an email with make/model and we will resolve the problem asap.

Many THANKS for your support.

Heart Tukan

Connect the rails to collect the hearts. Move the rail panel(s) by tapping like a slide puzzle.
Life points decrease constantly, and you lose more if the line to next panel is broken or if you get a skull.

Make It 10

Make it 10 is a cool math game for Android™. The game math is very simple and easy. You get four random numbers and four operations which you need to use in order to get the number 10 as the result. Make it 10 is suitable as a kids math game because it is a fun, fast and addictive math game.