Power Saver Free

Power Saver is a free application which provides users an easy way to improve battery life. When battery is low it turns off blue-tooth,wifi and made some power saving techniques. Also it allows you to control and customize power saving settings, it gives easy access to on/off controls for blue-tooth,wifi.It allows you to select and kill running tasks to save your battery use.

Grazy Drive

Grazy Drive really makes you crazy! Face the challenges in the game which is addictive.

The Ultimate challenge is to finish all the levels. Driving in this environment is a fun filling and adventurous experience. Grazy Drive is an absolute blast and it's free!

Its a real fun playing this game!!!

Map Navigation

MapNavigation features helps as a better traveller guide.It points your current location. And provides driving route between two locations that you provide.

Power Camera - Free

Power Camera - An Awesome Photo Effects application for Android !!!

With this application, we can create Photos what we desire. All-in-one application for Editing Photos. It includes various effects like Scene mode, White balance effects, Combining Images, Color Opacity and Overlapping Images, Setting frames for the Images etc.

1. Scene Mode - It includes effects like Beach, Action, Candle light etc.
2. White Balance - It includes effects like Auto, Daylight, Cloudy etc.
3. Also includes the basic Camera effects like Negative, Sepia etc.

Image Effects
1. Overlapping Images
2. Can define the Color Opacity of the Image

Setting different and Colorful Frames that suits the Image where the Image can be resized based on the Frame size.

Setting the Cartoon Frame to the Image and here too the Image can be resized based on the Cartoon Image

GetDataSafe - Free

This application is used to provide secure your data. Very userfriendly and secure your folder with password. When lock your folder here, it zips and encrypt the data. Doesn't opened until unlock your folder here.

Wallpaper HD - Free

Get the best HD Wallpapers.
Wallpapers HD is the ideal solution to get free high resolution wallpapers.“WallpaperHD” is a new app that brings all the best HD wallpapers to your Android device.

Battery Monitor - Free

Battery Monitor not only indicates the Battery level of your device but also shows you the remaining standby time of your battery based on the usage. Battery Monitor is a simple and clean application which allows you to monitor your battery's status.
The User Interface of Battery Monitor is very neat and pleasing to use.

Displays Battery level in %
Power Source indicator
Supports all screen resolution
Light weight Battery Monitor app
Displays Battery's

Random Ring - Free

Random Ring is a simple application which plays the selected ringtones in a random fashion. You can select any number of favourite ringtones and make it play for the Incoming calls. This app will make you crazy everytime when you receive a call !!!

Sms & Contact Backup - Free

This app is used to backup and restore your contact as well as Sms. Once the backup process activated after installation it automatically run every 12 hours for the both contact and sms. It needs SDcard to store the Backup files and to save your data securely. Also you can view and delete the backup files.

Market Guide - Free

Market Guide is a Global Stock Market app with widget. It is synchronized with Yahoo Finance Server. Highlighted features of Market Guide,
• Real-time desired global stock details
• Graph of the stock for various time spans with ruler, zoom-in and zoom-out options
• World-wide stock market news
• Frequently viewed stocks can be added and removed in the portfolio
• Add the most viewed and desired stocks to the widget from the portfolio
Global Market:
Market Guide is synchronized with Yahoo Finance Server. You can experience the fast streaming of real-time stock quotes.
Analyzing with Graph:
You can view the graph of the stocks in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. For your convenience you can zoom-in and out the graph for the close analysis.
The Traders get the buy/sell signal when the market value crosses the moving average. You can get the moving average lines for the different time spans which have the minimum of 5 days to maximum 200days. The ruler/track line helps to find the total trade volume of the market with respect to moving average.
Finance News In-hand:
Track latest Finance News on the go and stay updated with unrivalled coverage of Global Markets News as it happens.
You can add any number of most viewed stocks into the portfolio for the easy access. You can also remove the stock from the list easily.
From the stocks added in the portfolio, you can choose four (Max.) stocks which are more frequently viewed that are to be listed in the widget.

Memory Maniac - Free

The aim of the game Memory Maniac is to turn over the cards and match the pair of cards. It will train memory power and improve it. This app have two categories Free Play and Timed challenge, in freeplay we can play the game leisurely. And in timed challenge we can play under given time. Lets go and enjoy playing.