Remote Control for Denon

Control your Denon AV receicer with your Android phone or tablet via Wireless LAN. Every Denon (Marantz) receiver connected to your local network can be controlled.

* Fast auto discovery of your receiver (must support DLNA)
* Sending MP3 files directly to the receiver (must support DLNA)
* Shows changes made with the original remote control (IR) or directly on the receiver without delay.
* Speaker protection. Volume handling is done like on a real receiver. So immediately switching to maximum volume is not possible.
* Displays data which are shown on the receivers On Screen Display.
* Display dimming setting
* Demo Mode (no receiver needed)

This is the first version so expect further features to come. Seeking in MP3 files not yet supported.

This App was developed using a DENON AVR 1713.

Compatible devices:
AVR-4311, AVR-4306, AVR-3313, AVR-3312, AVR-3311, AVR-2313, AVR-2312, AVR-2113, AVR-1912

In general all Denon receivers with a network connection should work. However every model has special features not available on others. I cannot test it on every possible model, so if you have special needs for your model please contact me via e-mail.

Have fun.

LED Ticker

The best LED Ticker app.

Displays scrolling text on a LED matrix
Perfect for noisy locations like Discos (Party) or where it is dark.

- select different fonts
- different animation types (scrolling text, wobble, ...)
- select or create custom patterns and save them
- save whole settings as presets
- dim inative LEDs

Have Fun !

HoneyPod (Podcast Manager)

Manage your podcasts with a clean user interface.

* Audio and Video podcasts
* Saves playposition
* Supports download and streaming
* Playlist with auto play possibility
* Chromecast Support
* Auto refresh and download
* Sleeptimer
* Search for podcasts
* Share podcasts
* Edit podcasts
* Auto mute on incoming call
* Supports buttons of bluetooth headsets

Note on permissions
"Run at startup" is needed by alarms when auto download is set
"Read phone status" is needed to be able to mute during incoming call