TaskSync for Exchange

You miss the synchronization of tasks / todos from your Microsoft® Exchange 2007 / 2010 account with your phone? Then TaskSync is the answer.

TaskSync does NOT work with Exchange 2003, Outlook without Exchange, Hotmail or Zimbra. TaskSync does not work with ActiveSync but NEEDS Exchange Webservice, so please check the prerequisites before giving a bad rating.

Kerio is not yet supported, I'm working on it. The same applies to recurring tasks.

★ Important for users with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean:
Please install our free TaskSync JellyBean Workaround app after installing TaskSync which prevents the account removal bug.

★ Features:
✔ Synchronize, edit, create, complete and search your tasks (Only from the default tasks folder)
✔ Synchronize flagged emails (currently only from your inbox and sub-folders, you can only view and complete them)
✔ View tasks in Richtext/HTML (Note: in richtext mode you have to edit the HTML-source)
✔ Reminders/notifications (ringtone and vibration configurable) incl. snoozing
✔ Integrates with Pure Calendar Widget and Agenda Widget Plus
✔ Mark tasks as private
✔ Category-support (limited)
✔ SSL-encrypted communication (Supporting self-signed certs and untrusted Certificate Authorities)
✔ Homescreen-shortcuts

★ Prerequisites:
⇨ Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 or 2010
⇨ Exchange Webservice published in the default virtual directory (/EWS)
⇨ Windows Authentication (NTLM) or basic authentication

★ Feedback:
If you have any problems or want to make suggestions please use the in-app feedback-option (via menu -> send feedback) to contact us as we cannot answer to comments. We will try to improve TaskSync based on your needs.

★ Permissions:
⇨ Account-, Sync- and System-permissions are used to plug TaskSync into the Android "accounts and sync"-system.

⇨ Internet-access and deactivate standby are necessary for the synchronization mechanism

⇨ Boot:
Necessary to re-set your reminders after a re-boot because android clears alarms when you restart your device.

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TaskSync JB Workaround

This is just a workaround app for a bug in Android 4.1 (alias Jelly Bean) and some devices with Android 4.2. See for details.

★ You MUST start the app once after installing it!
★ The app must stay installed on your device

The bug causes accounts of paid apps to be removed when Android boots up. To work around this issue this app pretends to provide the same account type that TaskSync provides. That's enough to convince Jelly Bean to keep the account.
That's all this app does.

Please note that the bug is in Android 4.1 and 4.2 on some devices, not in TaskSync.

If you're not using TaskSync on Jelly Bean, you don't need this app. There is no need to give it a bad rating in that case! Please don't install it in that case.

The INTERNET permissions is only used to send me crash reports if something should go wrong. The crash report does not contain your account data or any other sensible data. Nothing else will be done with the Internet permission.