Friendizer is a social game for Android. It helps you to keep connected to your friends, meet new people with same interests, explore the worlds, and most of all -- have fun.

So how can I get started?
Just go to the nearest public place - mall, beach, or your favorite hangout spot, enter the app on and let the game begin. Find your friends and other interesting people nearby, chat with them, send gifts and even buy other people :D. Cause here comes the fun part -- you're getting a fistful of options to catch up with new folks - matching value, achievements, and even missions that involve the surroundings.
Hang on, the Friendizer experience is right here for you!

Main features:
✔ See who's around you, mutual friends, interests and stats
✔ Send messages, gifts to each other
✔ Buy your friends or anyone you meet, get bought and increase your value
✔ See your current location and nearby people on a map
✔ Get notified when friends or other interesting people are around

friendizer trailer video:

* Don't forget to invite your friends from within the app!

* Facebook account is required
* friendizer has been developed as a university project in association with Google, and is still under development so you can expect lots of updates soon!