K-9 unread count for DashClock
K-9 unread count for DashClock is a simple plugin for Roman Nurik's DashClock that lets you see your K-9 mail unread count.

PLEASE EMAIL ME A BUG REPORT IF IT DOES NOT UPDATE - I cannot fix issues if you just say it doesn't work - tell me what version of K-9 you have, which Android version you're using, and any other information that might be useful.

This plugin is most compatible with the 4.3xx versions of K-9 mail, but should work with the released 4.200 version too - it is just less reliable (i.e it won't immediately update the count when you read mails.)

If you're using the Play Store released version of K9 mail (4.200), the widget will only update when you receive new emails, or tap the entry within the DashClock widget. The latest dev versions provide much better instant refreshes of mails changing from read to unread, so your count should update instantly. The dev builds add a much nicer holo style UI, so is worth using if you're on JB anyway!

Also note that sometimes DashClock's launcher widget itself gets stuck, and doesn't update until you lock and unlock again - this is not a problem with this plugin!

K-9 unread count for DashClock requires DashClock Widget by Romain Nurik, found here:
And K-9 Mail, found here:
Latest dev builds:
Older stable release:

It has no launcher icon, and will not function without both of the above apps installed.

MetaWatch Community Edition
MetaWatch Community Edition is a customized community based Android manager application for the MetaWatch family of smart watches, based on the original MetaWatch Manager reference sources.

★★ STRATA and FRAME watches ★★

MetaWatch Community Edition should now be fully compatible with Strata and Frame watches running the 1.2 (or newer) firmware.

★★ Known issues using Strata/Frame with MW-CE ★★

The following are with fw1.2 - fw1.1 and earlier are considerably more glitchy!

• Middle right (B) button displays corrupted +s screen - MW-CE doesn't (yet) use this button to switch between widget screens - In Preferences / Digital Watch you can pick a new Quick Button Action (currently replay last notification, or display the Actions app)
• You can add multiple pages of widgets, but subsequent ones just show as the 4+s screen instead[/b] - It seems clockless idle pages don't properly display - enable the Preferences / Digital Watch / Clock on Every Page option as a fix

Pre-order a MetaWatch STRATA or MetaWatch FRAME now:

★ Weather ★
NOTE: Using the Weather Underground weather provider needs a free developer API key - you can get one by signing up for a free developer key at (just put for the company website) and then enter it in the MWM preferences screen.

★ Themes ★
Themes can be uploaded at the new Theme Gallery:

★ Languages ★
The App is currently available in English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian. (Note that the text on the watch is still in English - translations for that will come down the line!)

If you would like to see this app in your language, or would like to improve the existing translations, you can help to translate it at:

★ Problems? ★
If you're having problems, please contact me by email, or post on the forums - I may not be able to immediately reply if you mention a problem in a review comment!

MetaWatch Community Edition adds lots of functionality to your MetaWatch such as:

• An Overhauled UI
• Theme support - see
• Widget customisation, with many additional widgets, such as moon phase, phone battery, calendar appointments, four day weather forecasts and much more.
• Widgets on the Analog watch model.
• Actions menu letting you quick dial directly from the watch, read previous notations, and toggle various phone settings.
• Weather Geolocation, and a choice of weather providers (Weather Underground or Yahoo)
• Scrollable SMS messages that stay open until dismissed.
• Caller Photos.
• A Calendar view with month and daily agenda views.
• K-9 and TouchDown email integrations.
• Notify My Android integration - all of your NMA notifications will show up on the watch, so you can get notifications from many different web apps, or services like Growl or Snarl from your desktop.
• Many other tweaks, fixes, optimisations and modifications.

The source can be found on github, and we're always happy to merge in improvements from the community

★ Issue Tracker ★

★ Keywords ★
MetaWatchManager MetaWatch Manager MWM MWMCE MWCE MetaWatch STRATA MetaWatch FRAME org.metawatch.manager Meta Watch rm Hands Freedom

MetaWatch Locale Plugin
This is a Locale plugin for MetaWatch Community Edition. It allows Locale (or compatible apps, such as Llama or Tasker) to display notifications and widgets on your MetaWatch smart watch.

Requires MetaWatch Community Edition to be running.

It currently has a choice of three functions:

* Display a notification.
You can specify the notification title and body text, and whether it is "sticky" (stays open until dismissed by the user)

* Display a widget
You can pick one of the preset widget icons, along with some text. If you want a single widget that changes icon depending on your location, then ensure you set the same Widget ID in each Locale action.

* Enable or Disable Silent Mode
MetaWatch-CE v1.19.0 adds a new "Silent Mode" so that notifications can be muted. This lets you enable or disable the silent mode based on your own Locale rules.

You can also set the watch to vibrate at the same time - the three boxes define the vibration pattern - motor on (miliseconds), motor off (miliseconds), number of repeats. E.g. 500,500,3 will make the motor buzz three times, on for half a second, and off for half a second.

Please note that this does not have a launcher icon - it must be selected as an action from within Locale. (Or compatible apps)

MetaWatch Stocks plugin
This is a plugin app for MetaWatch Community Edition that lets you display stock quote symbols as widgets on your watch. Just run the app, edit the list of symbols (in Yahoo Finance format) and they’ll show up as widgets you can add on the MetaWatch widgets screen.

Neko the cat comes to your MetaWatch.

This is a plugin for MetaWatch Community Edition - it will not show up in your phone's App drawer, you must launch it from within the Apps category of Actions on your Watch, or the Watch Apps section in Preferences.

Note this requires MetaWatch Community Edition v1.19.0 or newer

Internet permissions are used for BugSense crash reporting.