Banner widget (text widget)!

Add some customization to your screens! Choose from a dozen built in fonts or install your own true type fonts (ttf). Special color picker (AmbilWarna library by "yukuku") allows you to choose from millions of different colors and shades!

* 4x1 Banner - fills full row (4 cells)
* 2x1 Banner - fills 1/2 row (2 cells)
* 2x2 Banner - fills 1/2 row across and 2 rows up/down
* 5x1 Banner - Larger devices such as the Galaxy Note or tablets.

Want more fonts? Just download them from or anywhere else just as long as they are "ttf" fonts. Just install them to "/sdcard/banner/fonts". You can also install Market apps that contain fonts (ie: font packs) then do a 'scan' from the help screen.

* Please use the FEEDBACK TOOL in the app for questions or problems. I can't really help if you leave feedback in the Market comments. Thank you!

Real Signal

* This is a diagnostic monitoring tool
* This does not increase reception
* Custom signal bars need time to calibrate or need to be manually set
* Please read all the description and please don't leave "It don't work" comments; email me....

Displays a persistent customizable signal-bar in your notification area (5-bar). It also records signal statistics and graphs for monitoring.

### This uses Android's raw GSM or CDMA signal values directly! ###

How many times have you had 3 or 4 signal bars yet couldn't make a call or even check your email? Many vendors (or carriers) intentionally pad or incorrectly display the real signal power using the devices built in signal-bar graph. This is where Real Signal's power comes in to help...

Real Signal can be adjusted manually or automatically to report a better and more accurate bar-scale. What Real Signal displays is your dBm signal in truth, but I leave the graphic bar-scale control in YOUR hands to manipulate to YOUR needs (with some help)! Great huh!

*** Instructions ***
I've included a general default CDMA and GSM bar-scale which works well for Samsung and HTC devices(probably others too), but Motorola signals seem different than other vendors. You can use the defaults and adjust the thresholds to properly display a 5 bar-signal graph in your notifications or you can use Real Signal's built-in (auto)signal threshold algorithm to set the 5 bar-scale ranges based on your recorded signal strengths. To use this to its best ability, make sure you calibrate Real Signal by traveling through known WEAK and STRONG signal areas before applying the (auto) signal thresholds. Once you get some decent and accurate thresholds, tweak them as needed or leave them as they are. It's your choice!

For general signal monitoring, DO NOT keep GPS tracking enabled. This will kill your battery quickly! It's not Real Signal that is killing your battery, its the GPS receiver.

*** TIP ***
Signals strengths are scaled from low numeric values to high numeric values. This could be negative values from a low of -120 to a high of -65 or something more simplistic as a low of 1 to a high of 31. Just remember, its always low to high on the number scale, including negative number ranges.

**!! This does NOT increase actual signal strength. !!**

Please use the FEEDBACK TOOL in the app for questions or problems. I can't really help if you leave feedback in the Market comments. Thank you!

AutoPay Planner (Recurrence)

In short, this is a SIMPLE bill payment "Recurrence Calculator and Forecast", though it can be used as a general budget planner too.

Do you have auto-payments taken out of a bank account? Do you also have a Direct Deposit going into this same account? Have you ever tried to manually forecast how much you "may" or "may not" have to cover these payments? If so, this is a perfect app for you!

This app is a "simple" planner which easily allows you to forecast your recurring/autopay payments and direct deposit balances. Though it's designed for automatic payments and deposit forecasting, it can also be used as a general budget planner too. There isn't any complicated graphs, only a good solid balance forecast

This is NOT a fancy or overly complicated budget planner with digital access to all your bills and personal accounts. This is NOT a complicated "Bill Management Integration Analysis of Monthly Expenditures" app that takes weeks to learn and use. This is just a super-simple, easy to use, easy to manage, and stress free program to help you plan your money.

This is the 1st release. I'll have updates over the next few months to tweak and add some features, but my goal will always be "simple"