spotted! free

Find the love you dream about!

Have you ever spotted that beautiful girl at your university or that handsome guy in this back-breaking tight t-shirt at the gym, but never had the guts to speak to them? With the help of Spotted and it’s community you can now try to find your crush!

★ ★ ★ spotted!★ ★ ★

How to use:
1. Install Spotted on your phone.
2. Search your area and help people find their true love.
3. Enter the details of when you saw your crush and get hints by the community who it might be.
4. Contact the author either with public or private comments.
5. Have fun!



NFC toDo is a simple NFC tag triggered task speaker.
Manage your toDos by connecting them to NFC tags.
With the help of NFC tags it is possible to create a location based reminder which doesn't need GPS or an internet connection!
Just place your device on the NFC tag and NFC toDo will speak all saved todos to you.


Feeling guilty after having had too many beers?
If you still want to enjoy your beers and do something good for your body in return, this is the perfect app for you.

Pushups are effective for keeping your body in shape. Record your beer consumption with the app and it will convert it for you into pushups that should be done to compensate and vice versa. With BeerUps you can choose your conversion rate between beers and pushups and track either of them to see how well you do to stay in balance. The history graph shows you how you did over time.