Gmail for Liveview

(This app is no longer supported, it uses an undocumented api to Gmail which changes constantly)

Gmail plugin sends announcements to Liveview device

In collaboration with Eliot Stocker combining our efforts to make one brilliant plugin.

Requires that you have your Gmail App syncing the relevant labels. Functionality is limited due to the API not being supported by Google.


Trackball Alert

NOW SUPPORTS Xposed framework so now any rooted user with xposed installed can use it.

More details about support can be found here -

Please ask your ROM chef/dev to support it, the code is free on bitbucket

After purchase please check your spam folder for our order confirmation email, it seems GMail maybe marking our emails as spam.

- Rooted Handset with colour led/trackball
- Xposed framework or Supported Custom ROM

Trackball Alert allows you to choose your own Flash Colour and Rate of your Nexus Trackball/led.

*ROOTED handset required*

**Pro** version available with MANY extra features, plus no adverts or Nagging

IF you have a problem why not contact me before giving negative feedback?

ONLY works with Nexus One/Galaxy Nexus because that is the only Android phone to have Full Colour Trackball/LED.

Supported ROMS
- Gingerbread (Use smali-patch)
- MIUI (Use smali-patch)
- MoDaCo Custom ROMS (No patching required)
- CyanogenMOD 5,6 + 7 (Use Patch option)
- + many more

Supported Notifications: SMS, Email, Gmail, Missed Call, Twidroyd