PaderSyncSSH is a SSH (v2) client application for Android devices. It features support for SSH terminal access as well as SFTP file browsing and copying.
* open multiple terminals
* bookmark terminal sessions and file system locations
* use the native android keyboard (hardware or virtual) plus an extra virtual keyboard with special keys.
* import private keys in OpenSSH or PuTTY format.
* configure and use macros
* password protect the application and encrypt the saved login information and private keys (AES-256)
* automated SFTP file synchronization using copy,move or mirror profiles.
* telnet support
* export and backup your settings to a file.

This application can import private key files generated by OpenSSH and PuTTY. If you have problems importing passphrase protected keys try to remove the passphrase first. You can encrypt the imported keys again when you apply a password within the application.