Timetable and manage grade application.
Both full-term management of the grade is available.

= ESTimetable =
1. Course Management
2. Timetable Management
3. Subject report management
4. Grade Management (grades Management)
5 Silent mode
6. Test Management

- Day / lessons as desired by adjusting the timetable can be set.

- Date / Subject to complete the unfinished report provides the ability to see the sort.

- Completion of the group will be set up and manage grade.

- 4.5 hours / 4.3 credits / 100 that are supported.

- Provides support for various widgets.

Smart Wallpaper

Smart Wallpaper is manage the your phone background.
Select the picture and show your phone background.

* You can change background too easy.

* Smart wallpaper not provide picture in application.

======> How to Set Wallpaper <======
1. Click and hold background
2. Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers
3. Select Smart Wallpaper
4. Click Set wallpaper

======> The ability to change the background <======
1. Double-click on phone background
2. Run the applications (all applications)
3. Lock Screen

======> Photo Settings features <======
1. Individual Picture Properties
2. Folder Picture Properties
3. Picture rotation
4. Deleting individual Picture
5. Deleting all Picture

======> Background type <======
1. 5 kinds of type supported by background

* Automatically search the folder that contains picture.
* Secret folder is not searched.

Account Book

Account Book applications.

Income / budget / spending / card into the item can be managed.

======> Account Book basic function <======

= Account Book income/ budget / spending / card into the item can be managed.

= Account Book monthly expenses can be seen at a glance.

= Account Book budget and income according to the proportion of expenditure can be seen.


Easy Notepad

* Easy Notepad Application is a simple to use.

* You can manage groups of note.
* Use the widget you can see groups of note.