Real Estate Answers

The #1 companion app for real estate search apps Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, HomeFinder, Hotpads, ZipRealty, and Homes! You ask real estate questions while remaining anonymous. Answers are provided by local real estate agents eager to represent you in a real estate transaction. Use GPS (default) to browse real estate questions near you or enter a custom location to browse real estate questions in remote locations.

Available as Chrome extension, too:

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Possible questions include:

- What is my home worth?
- How is the market doing?
- What is for sale nearby?

To post a real estate question:

1. Type your question
2. Add any necessary details
3. Select a city, a ZIP code, or an address to provide context to your question
4. The app keeps track of your questions. You can choose to be notified by email when your questions are answered.

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NOTE: Only USA and Canada markets are supported at this time

Real Estate Listings

Browse nearby real estate listings in a scrollable list or pinned on a map. See a listing's address, photos, details, description, and more without any intrusive advertising.

Ask questions about any listing and receive answers from local real estate experts.

Enter a specific city name or ZIP code to see listings beyond your current location.

NOTE: Only USA markets are supported at this time

Real Estate Apps

Real estate apps are homeless in the Android Market and forced to fit into other categories. This app brings real estate apps together in one convenient list. The list is organized by location, usage, and platform. Enjoy!

*** PLEASE NOTE: Only USA, Canada, UK, and Australia real estate markets supported at this time ***

Real Estate Agents

*** only USA and Canada real estate markets supported at this time ***

Browse profiles, read client reviews, map recent sale transactions, and evaluate market forecasts of real estate agents in any US or Canadian city.

Turn GPS on while exploring neighborhoods to see which agents are most active. Make contact with any agent free of charge.

Enter a specific city name or ZIP code to see real estate agents beyond your current location.