Light Weight Map

This app contains only Japan's Japanese Map.
App's UI was localized into English.

Apps Explorer

* For Android users those who are curious about apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* For Android users those who are using iOS devices as secondary device.

This app enables you to view App Store for iOS devices from Android.
This app enables you to view app's rankings, search results, descriptions and screenshots.
You can share app info. Let's share it for friends and your iOS devices.
You can search Android Market by app's title or developer. Let's search Android version of popular iOS apps.
You can view rankings, search results and descriptions on the other countries, regions and languages of your own.
You can find apps which are limited to some regions.

Note: Because of Apple's DRM protection, no iOS App is downloadable with this App.

Yukkuri Voice Changer

This application recognize your Japanese speech.
And "Yukkuri (Take it easy)" repeat your speech in her voice.
Take It Easy!!!

Twilog plugin for twicca

This is plug-in for twicca.

This plug-in open in your browser from twicca. You can see tweet logs and tweet stats.

This application needs "twicca" 0.7.31 or above.

Ruigo Mush

Japanese Thesaurus Application. You need a Japanese font for using this application.

Japan Post Code Reader

It can detect and decode Japan Post Code.
You can see the detected address on a map.


This app enables you to search images with similarities.

You can search images such as pictures you have personally taken and images from the Internet.

Please enjoy using this app by sharing pictures with friends and searching images of topical issues.
You may find surprising images or strange photos!

This app uses Google similar image search.
Due to specification changes of Google, search failure may occur.
In that case we will repair the problem as soon as possible.
Please be forewarned that there are possibilities that distribution of this app may terminate.