This app can create a shortcut to an application from the list of activities which are installed on your phone.
Even if so many applications are installed, you can choose an activity smoothly.

You can also use the QuickShortcutMaker for searching the app which you want to launch.
If you want to use the app which you don't use frequently, maybe you have no shortcuts for it. So, you may have to search the app from a list of many apps. Even if you know the name of the app, it's hard to find it.
In this situation, the QuickShortcutMaker will help you finding the app. Please try!

This may be useful. But please use it at your own risk!
You can make shortcuts to hidden setting screens which are usually not accessible.
Even if you encountered any problems using this app or shortcuts created by this app, I don't have any responsibility about that. Please be sure to use this app at your own risk.

About Internet access permission:
From the version 2.0.1, for a more rapid improvement of the app, you will be requested an additional permission to access network so that the app can send a detailed error report to developer.
The app uses network only to send error reports.
And when it communicates, a confirmation message will be displayed, so please rest assured.

for Launcher3 of Cyanogenmod
If you cannot create shortcut, please try the following steps:
1. Long-tap the home screen.
2. Tap "WIDGETS".
3. Long-tap "Activities" which has the QuickShortcutMaker's icon.
4. Drag it to somewhere on the screen.
5. QuickShortcutMaker will be launched.
6. Select an activity, edit it, and tap "Create".
7. A shortcut will be created on the home screen.

Follow the updates

Recent updates:
- Added Italian and Arabic translations.
- Adapted to AndroidPhone7 theme.
- Changed dialog UI.
- Fixed a bug that the shortcut for Google Play cannot be opened.
- Added function to ask you to rate this app. (Forgive me if you don't like such a thing.)
- Added translations to many languages. (Français, Español, Português, Polski, 한국어, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), Bahasa Indonesia)
- Added support for some other themes. (Atom / Solo, etc.)
- Added several other improvements.
- It is now possible to operate multiple items from the activity list by long-tapping the items. You can add them to favorites or share.
- Changed the text format in which to share the application information.
- Added the types of themes that can be selected icon (ADW / Nova / Apex / LauncherPro / GO / Holo).
- Added the number of icons in the list of themes.
- Changed the UI of shortcut editing screen.
- Added German translation.
- Added a lot of improvements.
- Added support for tablet devices.
- Added function to share app information as text.
- Improved UI of some screens.
- Fixed some bugs.
- Added function to open the App info screen from the shortcut editing screen. (Android 2.3 or later only)
- Fixed a minor bug and UI.
- Fixed a bug that the app crashes while searching at a certain condition.
- Added error report function to send detailed information when the app crashes or when you see "Failed to load" message.
- Reduced consumption of the memory so that the models which have low-memory not to crash.
- Search results can be sorted order by names.
- Increased speed of search.
- Fixed a bug on setting icon.
- Fixed a bug that the icon becomes smaller when you use the app on tablets.
- Added history and favorite features.
- Applied Android 4.0(ICS) UI style.
- Activity list is now grouped by app.
- Fixed some bugs.

quick, shortcut, maker, create


Unicode 6.0 Emoji input tool.
This tool is a kind of the Mushroom applications.
Please use with Simeji, ATOK, etc.
(Android 4.1(Jelly Bean) or later, we can use the Unicode 6.0 Emoji.)


There seems to be some characters which can not be displayed, or divided into two characters.
Even if you can enter the characters, some services or apps may produce unintelligible sequence of characters or delete emojis.
I strongly recommend that you check if the Unicode 6.0 Emojis are available in the app or service.
For example, if you send an e-mail with some emojis and he/she who received it cannot read them successfully, it may cause trouble.
Even in this case, I can not assume any responsibility.

Unicode 6.0 Emoji definition
I use the Unicode 6.0 Emojis defined here:

Devices which were used for test
Galaxy Nexus(SC-04D) with Android 4.3
Nexus 5 with Android 4.4

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is the default keyboard of the Galaxy S4 supported?
A. Unfortunately, it is not supported. Please launch this app by tapping the "mushroom" icon in the keyboard apps like ATOK and Simeji.

Q. Characters do not appear in the list.
A. If you use Galaxy series and you have changed the default font, emoticons may be not displayed correctly. Please use the default font.

Follow the updates

Recent updates
- Added ad remover option(paid)
- Added option to force using KitKat font.
Improved scroll speed.
- Emojis are classified and new tabs have been added for them.
- With Android 4.4, the emoji on the right side got hidden by scroll bar. So, the scroll bars has been changed to narrow type.
- Added a button to rate this app.
- Added ads. (Additional permissions are used only for showing ads.)
- Added setting which sets the history tab as the first selected tab.
- Adjusted the position of the character list so that the characters in the right and scroll bar do not overlap each other.
Added history.
You can launch this app from your launcher app, then you can copy emoji to clipboard.
If you want to launch immediately, you can show this app in the status bar.
Fixed a bug that the characters are not shown on some devices: removed padding of each items and calculate font size to fit.


BasicWall is a simple live wallpaper showing the clock and the status of the battery. You can set the background images, and customize the fonts and colors.

Recent update
- Divided battery level and status.
- Font size can change by dragging in the position preference screen.
- Adapted to the newest Android. (Android 4.4 KitKat)
- Added new system font 'Roboto'. (Available from Android 4.1.)
- Fixed bug for some devices.

Follow the updates

- You can start the "Alarm Clock" by double-tapping the screen.
*If the "Alarm Clock" application is not installed in your phone,
you cannot use this feature.
- You can start the "Power Usage Summary", by double-tapping the screen.
- You can set your picture from the SD card or the Picasa to the background.
- Selected background picture can be cropped to fit.
* If your phone doesn't have a crop application,
you can only select the image.
- You can select a font of the clock and the battery.
- You can set all the configurations by using themes.
(Background, font, etc. will be set at once.)
- You can use the following languages:
English, Japanese, German, Korean, French
*These languages will be automatically applied
according to your locale setting.

Tested models
- Nexus 5 (Android 4.4)
- Nexus 7 (Android 4.4)
- Sony Tablet S (Android 4.0)
- Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.3)
- MEDIAS N-01D (Android 2.3)
- Xperia SO-01B (Android 2.1-update1)

How to use
1. Click the menu button, then tap [Wallpaper].
2. Tap [Live wallpapers].
3. Tap [BasicWall].
4. Tap [Settings ...] to set the details of the wallpaper.
5. Tap [Set wallpaper].

How to uninstall
1. Click the menu button, then tap [Settings].
2. Tap [Applications].
3. Tap [Manage applications].
4. Tap [BasicWall].
5. Tap [Uninstall].
* You can also uninstall it from the Market.

- If it does not work well (e.g. "Application crashes!"
"Configuration screen can't be opened!"),
Please uninstall the BasicWall once, and install it again.
If the problem persists, please contact me by email.
(I would like you to contact by e-mail.
Because I can not answer to the comment for the crash,
or the comments on the Market.)
- If you have any problems or requests for improvements,
please contact
- If you contact me for your trouble,
please include the following information for investigation:
- The model name of your phone
- The version of the BasicWall
- The contents of your trouble

Future improvements and functionality
- Change the text color according to the level of the battery.


Do you want some formats for creating notes with Evernote?
e.g. diaries, retrospectives, reports, some document's draft.
This app can save formats(templates) and you can create new note from the format with only 1 tap.

You can register your notes to Evernote by either installing the Evernote app or logging in to Evernote.
Tags and notebook can be set only if you log in to Evernote.

Follow the updates

Recent Updates
- UI design has been refined.
- Tags and notebooks can now be set by connecting to Evernote.
- You can now enter the format of the date, it is now possible to automatically insert the date and time of creation to note when creating.
- Added ads.
- The additional access permissions to the network are used for the display the ads and connection to Evernote.
- Fixed a bug that the editing content function does not work(contents not passed).
- Added confirmation dialog when you delete templates or cancel editing.
- Changed to be able to be installed into the SD card.
- Supported English language.

Simple Word Book

Simple word book app
✔You can register multiple word books.
✔You can import words from files: tab delimited, CSV.
✔There is no limitation about number of words in a word book.

About permissions
・This app uses Internet access permission to show ads.
・This app uses reading storage permission to import words from files on the external storage.

File format for import
Shift_JIS or UTF-8

Write word and answer(meaning) in 1 line delimited with one of the "Available delimiters".

■Available delimiters
Tab or comma

How to import
1. Put some word files on your device.
2. Select your file using some third party app such as ES File Explorer.
* ES File Explorer File Manager:
3. Tap "Import to word book".
4. The import screen will be opened.
If you have any troubles, adjust charset and delimiter settings from "Settings" screen.
5. Tap the destination word book, then the words will be imported.
* You can also create new word book for imported words.

Follow the updates

Recent updates
・Allowed moving app to SD card.
・Added a function to set the number of questions.
・Improved some part of UI.
・Added a function to move words to another word book.
・Improved some part of UI.
・Fixed some bugs.
・You can now mark words as memorized and exclude them from questions.
・Improved some part of UI.

NinNin - the Web News Ninja

NinNin will search the Web and aggregate information on your behalf, like a Ninja.
This application uses Google Search and Google News services.
In short, you can google with same conditions repeatedly.

Once you register the keywords that you are interested in, you can pull the screen and search them as often as you like.
You can specify the range of the target pages such as "past 1 day", "past 1 week", and so on. So all you have to do to check the latest news is just to search once a day.

In addition, with the "auto search" function, you can search every day at the same time, at same conditions, so you will become familiar with the topic soon.
The "auto search" reads pages in search results partially, so you can read them where you don't have network connections.
Note: This is an experimental function and may not work properly.

When you find interesting keywords with the great news app(such as Flipboard, Pulse, Feedly...), register them to NinNin and check them continuously.

This app is also recommended for following cases:
- I want to check very minor news.
- It is not a topic rarely but I want to check it immediately if it becomes to a topic.
- I like egosurfing ;)

We introduce how to use the app in the following blog:
(Sorry, but Japanese only)

No account registration is required.
(This app uses Google services but Google account is unnecessary because it does not log in.)

Follow the updates

Recent updates
Fixed a bug that the app crashes on Android 2.3.
- Whether the Google News or Google Search is used is now shown in tabs.
- Fixed display area of ​​the search results to be wider.
- Fixed display of a Web page to be loaded more quickly.
- Added gesture in the Web page viewer screen: swiping from the left side of the screen to close.
- Added a menu that allows you to set the share button from the page viewer screen.
- Fixed some bugs.

mobiRoom (youRoom client)

The mobiRoom is a youRoom client application for Android.
(**This is not the official application.**)

If you are not joining in the youRoom, please register at first.

If you use the mobiRoom, you can view or post entries,
launch web browser from the URL in the daily mail of the youRoom,
and share the content of the entry to the other applications.

Once you viewed the entry, it is stored in the mobiRoom as the cache,
so you can view the entry if you do not have the access to the Internet.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the mobiRoom,
please contact to

Added English localization.


Demo application for AndroidFormEnhancer.

AndroidFormEnhancer is a library for implementing input forms easily in the Android application.


Demo application for SimpleAlertDialog.

SimpleAlertDialog is a library for using DialogFragment like AlertDialog in the Android application.