Multi Pics (Beta)

Sharing photos to facebook may delete your photo you share in your device. It seems to be facebook app's problem, please ensure your facebook app don't have this problem, I will fix it soon by copying a temp file before sharing.

With Multi Pics, you can take one or combine more photos to make new images with your creative. Multi Pics is a photo editing tool with lot of editing options. You can share photos or effects with friends.

Edit Option:
Add text, contrast, brightness, color translate, add noise, add vignette, special effect, border size, border color.....

If you found any problems on your device, please email me with your device model, version and problem detail to me, I will try to fix it asap.

*Motorola Cliq xt, Defy, Dell Steak, HTC Evo 4G may not support at this moment.


Q: How many pictures I can take to make a single photo?
1 to 6

Q: I want to take three pictures only, how to process to Edit View?
Press "Preview" Button.

Q: What I can do in Edit View?
You can add different effect like color translate, contrast, vignette, change border width, add text.....

Q: In Edit View, what is "Effect" button use for? Nothing inside!
This is a set of User Effect, there have nothing until you save your effect inside.

Q: I use a lot of time to set my current effect, can I use it again? how can I save it?
Menu -> Save Effect -> give it a name and press OK.

Q: Can I share my effects to my friend?
After you save your effect in Edit View, Effect -> long click the effect you want to share -> export to xml -> copy to clipboard
Now you can paste the xml code, in email or forum to share you effect.

Q: How can I import effect from my friend?
Copy the xml in clipboard, in Edit View: Menu -> Import Effect -> paste the xml code and press OK.

Q: Can I edit my own effect?
You can apply and edit the effect, save to a new effect after that, you can choose to delete the old one or just leave it.

Q: Can I edit my own effects.... in Desktop?
You can get the XML in SDCARD/MultiPics/Special/user_effect.xml
The XML stored all your effects, you can edit, delete or add some effects from your friend. Only for user who know what is XML.

Q: What's the meaning of each tags?
name: Effect name

insideFrame: frame size in pixel, from 0 to 300
left, right, top, bottom: frame size in pixel, from 0 to 300
r,g,b: RGB value 0 to 255

noise: noise alpha value, from 0 to 60
noise_amount: noise amount, from 0 to 10
contrast: contrast level, from 0 to 180
brightness: from dark to bright, from 0 to 360, 180 = no effect
grayscale: value 1 = black and white only, rgb will ignore if value = 1
r,g,b: color translate, from 0 to 130

circle: circle vignette alpha value: from 0 to 255
crop: circle vignette crop ratio: from 0 to 100
square: square vignette alpha value: from 0 to 255

Q: What is "Special" button for?
It contains a set of Special effects, you can download more special effect on the net soon.

Q: What is Special Explorer?
An explorer to browse and download more effects and photo frames on the net, this function will be available soon.

Q: What is "Edit Last" button for?
You can re-edit the pictures again even you saved or cancelled from the last edit.

HKG Mobile Plus



簡介:非一般的高登手機版 瀏覧器,支援手機,平板,google tv....... 尤其睇圖特別好用!


- 單按題目入第一頁
- 長~~~~按題目可選頁
- 可向下拉更新

睇 post 中:
- 請用心瀏覧,瀏覧中會自動轉頁,瀏覧得太快吧?可向上拉載入更多資料
- 見圖片 icon 代表圖片下載中,請耐心等候。等o左好耐都未得又如何? server 死了吧
- 圖片出現請隨便 click -> gallery mode -> zoom in/out mode
- gallery mode 集合現有已載入頁面之圖片,如要更多,請返回並向下瀏覧以獲取更多圖片

出 post:
- 先到設定輸入帳戶
- 按 筆 icon 出新 post
- 睇 post 時長~~~~按文字作回覆

Gallery mode :
- 長按可分享圖片

- 呢 d 咁簡單既野當然要留番最後先攪


[非官方]香港人網即時廣播播放器, 可供方便快捷地收聽香港人網即時廣播, 重溫過去24小時節目及於聊天室對話.

*如未能成功播放第三台節目, 可嘗試按第二台播放第三台節目.


- 因我不能回應 Comment, 如有問題及建議, 歡迎到我的 blog 或直接 send email 給我.

Pano Wall

Main Functions:
-Search photos from Panoramio and Flickr
-Search by Map
-Set as wallpaper
-Save to SD
-Support Froyo App to SD

-Now support both Panoramio and Flickr
-Change menu layout for photo source switching.

-Search photos by Map view added

Android 中文資訊網 ( 是香港地區上最大的以 Android 為主題中文資訊的網站之一, 我們致力於為各位 Android 用家或粉絲提供最快最新的 Android 資訊 .

現我們為了還讓各讀者更能隨時隨地得到我們提供的 Android 資訊, 我們特以開發此應用程序, 只要一開啟此應用程序, 即可以快速而且簡易地閱讀由 Android 中文資訊網 ( 所提供的新聞資訊 .

記住我們的口號: "掌握 Android, 就等於掌握生活智慧!"



所有內容階為立法會官方資料, 軟件絕不包含任何主觀原素. 如何解讀紀錄內容請由閣下自理, 本軟件作者恕不負責.



Jelly News

"GReadNotifier" has been renamed to "Jelly News"!!! Fully support Jelly Bean's Expandable Notification. (See the screen shot!)

Jelly News links your favorite RSS news in notification bar. Read your feed anytime even running other apps on top (except those hide the status bar).

App Instructions:
1. Add your favorite news channel in "My Feeds"
2. Press "On" to start the background service
3. Wait for the news update
4. Expend the notification to read the news if you are using Jelly Bean
5. Or click the notification to read the full article
6. Swipe the screen to turn to last or next news