This app will let you trigger different actions by waving your hand or finger past the proximity sensor on your device, by covering the sensor or by shaking it. The actions are many, such as:

Launch recent apps (root, may not work)
Toggle flashlight
Launch camera
Launch contacts
Toggle airplanemode
Toggle bluetooth
Toggle ringervolume
Toggle wifi


Note: The keep device on action will actually keep the device awake permanently until you run it again. Please remember to actually turn it off when you are done or it will drain your battery.

The actions marked with *root needs your phone to be rooted. Even so, they may not work. (Depends on phone, installed rom etc) The shakefeature is still beta, so please send me feedback instead of posting a bad review.


The smartswitcher listening button will make the app start or stop listening on your sensors for your gestures.

The gesture sensitivity will determine the speed of the gesture recognition. The low setting means it will be fast with little delay, BUT your finger will have to wave fast also. The high setting is the opposite.

Vibration feedback will give you haptic feedback on recognized gestures.

If your sensor is located so that you trigger it when using the device in landscape, you can set gestures in landscape off.

The action you set on sensor covered will be executed when you cover the sensor for minimum the amount of time you set in sensor covered delay.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if it does not work properly for you, please contact me instead of leaving a bad review and I will help you as much as I can.

The app has been tested on the following:

- Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
- Samsung galaxy s3 i9300 international version
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800
- Sony Ericsson xperia neo v
- HTC One X
- Sony Ericsson Arc S
- Galaxy Nexus
- HTC evo 3d
- Samsung Galaxy s2

That does not mean it will not work on your phone if its not listed, go ahead and try! If it does work I would be happy if you would tell me about it!

The pro-actions will work for 20 times and then reset to no action. There is also no start on boot on the free version.

If you like it and it works properly, please buy the prokey for unlimited actions and start on boot.

Smartswitcher ProKey

This is the Prokey app for Smartswitcher. It gives you unlimited actions and start on boot.