Rehearsal Assistant/VoiceRecrd

Voice / Audio recorder (open source)

*organize recordings in projects
*use Memo projects to record reminders, lists
*use Session projects to annotate events

*uncompressed WAV recording (see Settings)
*pause & seek in playback
*e-mail recordings
*add text labels
*open with Ringdroid

0.9: more robust; upload to SoundCloud


Android client for SoundCloud. Upload files, search for artists, play tracks and download MP3-s.

Upload from the app, or upload directly from other apps (see manual).

Open Source - see website for a free download, or buy here to support development.

Thank you!

v1.2 - search for artists, play their tracks
v1.2.2 - improved login
v1.2.3 - name change from SoundCloud Droid to MusiCloud

Sound Recorder Widget

Record voice / audio directly from your phone's home screen.

NOTE: the widget uses the FREE Rehearsal Assistant app for recording. It will help you download it the first time you record.

v1.1: bug fixes, 2x1 and 2x2 widget sizes, and a setting (see developer's website for more information)

Thank you for your support!