Celebrating 50 years of epic RPGs

This year Dungeons & Dragons turns 50, and it’s a milestone worth celebrating. From its conception in the 1970s to its well-earned status as a cultural phenomenon, this iconic table-top roleplaying game paved the way for an entire genre and is the reason why players have spent hundreds of thousands of hours lost in fantastical worlds.
In honor of the big fifty, we’ve compiled a collection of games and apps suited to beginners and experienced dungeon-crawlers alike. Gather your party for a fantasy adventure where the possibilities extend as endlessly as your imagination.

RPGs with deep storylines

D&D is known for its rich storytelling opportunities. Campaigns can span months, or even years, building up extensive lore along the way.
If you enjoy getting lost in complex storylines with plenty of magic and adventure entwined, give these RPGs a try.

As close as it gets

Featuring core elements like dice rolls, turn-based combat, and decision-making mechanics, these RPGs do a stellar job capturing the essence of Dungeons & Dragons on mobile.

Companion apps for your campaign

Before diving into your next quest, you should consider how to make the experience all the more spellbinding.

Whether it’s setting up the perfect immersive soundtrack or something to help you keep track of complex character sheets, these companion apps are here to lend you a hand in executing your campaign.