The Apocalypse or Revelation of Saint John the theologian is a book divided in seven parts; and this revelation was given to the apostle Saint John in the last years of his life while he was exiled in the island of Patmos by order of the Roman emperor Domitian (81-96 a.C), who was trying with impunity to silence Christianity. It is therefore a book that narrates the prophetic history of 2000 years until the arrival of the Millenarian Kingdom, and centering its main attention in the beginning of the Final Judgment to the nations of the Earth that shall take place in the days preceding the Second Coming of Christ. Here you are going to find answers to questions such as: Who and how will be the Antichrist? Do God's children suffer? How will all result in the Third World War? Is the New Era religion coming? Is there any Tribulation? What is the Millennium and how will it develop? When did officially began the so called "End Times"? Who are saved under the Plan established by God? How to get salvation for yourself and children? What are the eternal conseque




-First Part. 

-Second Part. 

-Third Part. 

-Fourth Part. 

-Fifth Part. 

-Sixth Part. 

-Seventh Part. 

-The Lost Time. 


-About the Author. 

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This is a book that impresses with its scatological details and origin of the main characters in the novel, and announces the next ominous truth, blind to our entertained top noodles in numbness. Here a world leader has arised during the End Times as we read details of his personal life such as where he was born, who his parents and ancestry came from, raising stories which occurred during his childhood and youth; as well the sabotage against human dignity by revealing the works associated with this arbitrary skillful manipulator of insidious means called as the Antichrist in the Holy Scriptures. In this book the reader will find a human Beast that longs to become an instrument of life and ended his days praising death, injustice; and the establishment of a universal and obscure principality.

For a group of insane madmen, money and wealth is not enough, but is needed an epileptiform glory, at the cost of their whims. The great peacemaker from hell Nimrodis Filisteus Primerus is not alone, because he has a partnership with a religious leader who joins such race in universal campaign using his demagoguery and schizophrenic tattletales. He meets Nimrodis at the coronation of Pope Benedictine Postremo I; and from some relevant evening to the night time of history, he becomes known as the False Prophet from the Book of Revelation.


-Prologue.-Chapter I: The Encounter of Flavio and Mariana.

-Chapter II: The Holy Child Toujours Ponctuel.

-Chapter III: The Birth of Nimrodina. 

-Chapter IV: The Great World Leader.-Chapter V: I am Nimrodis Filisteus Primerus.

-Chapter VI: The Beast and the False Prophet. 

-About the Author.

TAGS: Vatican, New World Order, Antichrist, False Prophet, United Nations, European Union, Mediterranean Union, Apollyon, Jerusalem, Two Witnesses, Temple Mount, New York, CIA, OTAN, Petrus Romanus, Rome, Jesuits, The Dry Elm of Nostradamus, Hitler, France, Paris, Italy, Israel, Spain, Greece, Syria, Apocalypse, Christ, Third World War, The Invasion of Gog and Magog, Russia, Vadim Putinov, China, India, New Roman Empire, Beast, Mark, Plagues, UFOs, History.

In this work entitled Bible vs Socialism vs Capitalism and The Right to Bear Arms the author concisely takes us into the Scriptures to show if they really support the political systems categorized as Socialist and Capitalist; together with a committed chapter on the biblical and natural right of all human beings, including those who hope every day in the promises of the Savior, to defend themselves and their families by carrying arms and using them if deemed it necessary.

Both political systems and its fervent supporters claim for themselves several Scriptures that—according to them—argue and uphold the theory that Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Creator, was in the narratives of the New Testament an inveterate Marxist; or about the Bible in general is a suchlike manual as a detailed map revealing the free market that drives the financial capital, which undoubtedly will bring the great prosperity we certainly need.

Is this true? Who actually first used the term capitalism or capital? Is socialism a counterproductive system or true to its propagated imprinted ideals? Is the Bible an ideological source which provides with a theoretical roadmap pointing us on how we can build in practice one of the two established contemporary systems? Here we will find the biblical answer without philosophical or metaphysical tricks...




-Chapter I:

Bible vs. Socialism-Communism.

-Chapter II:

Bible vs. Capitalism-Corporatism.

-Chapter III:

The Right to Bear and Use Arms.

-About the Author.

TAGS: Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Corporatism, New World Order, Religion, Natural Rights, Defense, Arms and guns, Love your neighbor, Manipulations, Word of God, Eternal promises.

Suffering, Love, and Hope: A True Lifetime Story is a biography that circumstantially shows us the Taylor's family life from the perspective of a narrator who happens to be the mother of its few members. Her story is full of memories, nostalgia, longings, plans that never turned out as desired, and others that came to destination in order to be achieved. Peeked struggles which were never requested nor solicited and tears that were not either called for. 

She meets the man of her entire life and married him two years later. In the year 1946, ending the World War II and beginning of the historically so called Cold War between the Socialist and Capitalist camps, under great tension in a very volatile area, her husband departs as a young soldier to the Korean Peninsula, and this just five days after being married, never to be seen both again for over twenty four months. Years ahead unknowingly another tragedy awaited them, her only son was born premature and his eyes burned all while being left in a hospital incubator, becoming totally blind for the rest of his life...



-Chapter I: Meeting the Taylors.

-Chapter II: Those Years.

-Chapter III: Holding Hands.

-Chapter IV: Suffering and Hopes.

-Chapter V: Moving Forward with a Renewed Faith.

-Chapter VI: The Truth is Revealed.

-About the Author. It includes pictures and documents as well.

P/D=> The main character in this story just recently passed away; in the year 2016.

TAGS: The Taylor Family, Blue Rocky Ridge Mountains, Great Depression, Maryland State, Florida, Korean War, Baguio Concentration Camp in the Philippines,  Love, Faith, Hope, Life.

     THE KING VICTORINO is a story which opens for us a defined but infinite window towards the time during the Kingdom promised by the Son of God. Here there is no prolepsis which could destroy, nor fights between acute, oxytone, paroxytone, or proparoxytone stressed words, vowels or consonants, but a neat link from that future predicted to us since long ago. 
     The reader will laugh at the likable occurrences by the king and those around him with the adventures that happen not only in the 'Kingdom of Tocororo,' where he rules his people, but also in the journey that he undertakes during the last seven years of the Great Millenarian Kingdom; that is to say, from the year 992 to 999 of the GMK, starting with the moment in which on very decorated horse carriages he firstly crosses the Atlantic region: now a dry land converted into an Eden of unimaginable proportions. 
     In the course of the story, peoples and characters around the king Victorino interact in dialogues and situations trapped within the journey, while the king remembers all the biblical passages that during the 'old century' announced the promise of the Millenarian Kingdom. This is therefore a book that quotes the Word of God often, though by this time and because of many, we added them in several footnotes where it can be found; and ensuring that eternal justice is not a hollow promise, but an augmentative locomotive approaching at the speed for which the Creator God has predestined in the dispensation of time and ages. 


-Appendix to the book. 

-Prologue by the scribe Euqor. 

-Preface by Prince Genghis. 

-Foreword by King Solomon. 

-Chapter א (Aleph): The King Victorino and the Queen Angelike. 

-Chapter ב (Beth): The Kingdom of Tocororo. 

-Chapter ג (Gimmel): The Seven Years Journey. 

*Departing Tainotixtán and Sketch of the Journey. 
*The Kingdom of the Atlantic Flower and The Queen Snowhite. 
*The Kingdom of Stratford and The Palace of Romeo and Juliet. 
*The Kingdom of Salamanca and The Castle of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. 

-Chapter ד (Daleth): Returning to Jerusalem through the Pillars of the Alpha and the Omega. 

-About the Author.
The Chang family has given us a young nobleman, a dreamer able to fight and defeat while learning the value and experiences of the inevitable losses during our lifetime. The fiction goes and Victorino leaves his land burdened by personal issues that were asphyxiating him, grabbing the simple image of his daily environment; however, once walking into the outside world different events that happen make the young to become mature, later a grown man, and then with plenty of grey hair is no longer the humorous one who used to hold life between his hands. The pain of having to depart, sufferings he experiences in the meantime, and friends who appear in this story, made him to finally become a fighter who denounces the attacks and global plans of monopolies in detriment of nations' independence; but without ignoring his humanity to the point of being burlesque, as he is not perfect. Victorino leaves his homeland in the past, and returns to his natal nest in the future we have not lived yet.



-Chapter I: The family of Victorino.

-Chapter II: Victorino and Helenhelly Chang.

-Chapter III: Genghis, the just and true one.

-Chapter IV: Victorino takes refuge in Mount Ararat.

-Chapter V: Victorino in Japan. The Tsunami and Fukushima.

-Chapter VI: Utku escapes to Mount Athos-II.

-Chapter VII: 'Monastery of the Beast'.

-Chapter VII: Jerusalém: the return of Victorino Utku.

-About the Author.

TAGS: Miami, Florida, United States, New World Order, Turkey, Mount Ararat, Japan, Fukushima Disaster, Mount Athos, The Chinese Wall, The Lion of Mount Ararat, The Palace of Ishak Pasha, Monastery of the Beast, Antichrist, Nimrodis Filisteus Primerus Beast, False Prophet, Gog, Magog, Third World War, China, Russia, Israel, Jerusalem, Two Witnesses, Temple's Mount area in Jerusalem, Havana, Cuba, Interpol, Tsunami, European Union, Traveling around the world, Tokyo, Greece, Mediterranean Sea, South Africa, UFOs, Plagues, United Nations, India, History, Poetry, Prose, Literature.

In Persecution: The Struggles of Apollos and Priscilla a group of missionaries tours once again the churches which are components of their Liberated Ministry. Apollos, the group's leader, leads them through a trip that includes twelve countries and different cities and towns: Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, India, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Britain, Canada and the United States, now part of the North American region. There is always the danger of offering and giving their lives in the name of Christ, like the first apostles who followed the Lamb of God wherever he could take them; filled with the Holy Spirit and power emanating from the third heaven.
Thousands if not millions, thanks to them, hear the Gospel of the Good News and surrender their lives to the Giver and Creator of existence itself. Persecution, struggles and obstacles in their way, miracles, dangers of all kinds, sufferings, betrayals, hate, love and hopes, new brothers in the faith, and a whole whirlwind of events under the establishment of the New International Order led by the world's leading Nimrodis; now publicly proclaimed messiah, and known by Christians as the Antichrist.
In this futuristic novel that in occasions appears as immediate and present, the Word of God is manifested with an extraordinary power which often is a reminiscent of those times during the apostles of Christ. Here prisoners are released, the sick healed miraculously, and leaders like Putinov stunned against the man of God Enoch. Rebels like Aanchal and her stalwart boyfriend Laghuvi Chain surrender their weapons to the Creator of love, Priscilla rises from the dead, and thousands are freed from slavery to the fear of an uncertain future; also, among other amazing works, Apollos resurrects and the Holy Spirit restores the speech to child Severiano.
Time is short and urges; thus, at the end of their trip Apollos and Priscilla, united in their destiny, witness the beginning of a nuclear holocaust and the satisfaction of accomplishment, remembering the words of their teacher when in the land of Galilee he declared: "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" (John 11:25).
The End of Ages and Times is upon all and the door has been closed for many! God's missionaries have set in motion and the world will have to listen.
-Prologue.-Chapter I: Apollos.-Chapter II: Priscilla.-Chapter III:Apollos, Jonah, Enoch, Matthew and Mercedes begin their Missionary Journey through Mexico and Venezuela.-Chapter IV: Apollos and the Missionaries Matthew, Mercedes, and Enoch arrive in Egypt.-Chapter V: The Missionaries Apollos and Enoch arrive in India where they are betrayed.-Chapter VI: Arrival to the Russian Federation; encounter with Putinov and Departure of the Missionary Enoch.-Chapter VII: Rome: Apollos and Priscilla.-Chapter VIII: Apollos and Priscilla, together in life and love, both depart heading into Germany, and face The New Rosicrucians.-Chapter IX: The March of Apollos and Priscilla through the chaotic France.-Chapter X: Apollos and Priscilla get into Spain; and the Prince of Missionaries confronts the Antichrist Nimrodis.-Chapter XI: The Race of Apollos, Priscilla, and young Eustacio by Britain and Canada in their return to the North American region.-Chapter XII: The Testament of Apollos.-Citations included in the book.-About the Author.

In Exception_al we
know and enjoy the Chronicles of Papefu; he makes us laugh, sometimes with a
silent horselaugh, but most importantly, it is the fact that he helps us into
learning on how to think (sometimes with impatient truths), to know about
honor, humility, and humanity which we often scarce, although we swank
with memorable self bragging about being its bearers;
and this is presented while facing the sunlight with the fiber of his language,
between prose, narrative, songs, and some occasional verses.


energetic plenipotentiary ambassador Papefu does not rest on his journey
through time. From the very beginning he meets Adam and Eve and watches them
crestfallen and dismayed when they were expelled from the famous garden; he
befriends with the seafarer Noah and navigates in his Ark; confronts the
dictator Nimrod at the top of the Tower of Babel; lectures the emperor
Nebuchadnezzar who filled Babylon with splendor and rebukes his grandson
Belshazzar. He witnesses the death and burial of Cyrus the Persian, and
together with Aristotle he contributes to the education of Alexander the Great,
the young Macedonian who dreamed of conquering the known world at the speed of
his sword, and whom he accompanies in several of his trips. Napoleon I
Bonaparte treats him like an old friend; and the end of his career, he steps
into modern history and has to deal with the Soviet Bolsheviks Lenin and
Stalin; besides of surprisingly close his way around the land in the very
extraordinary United Socialist States of America (USSA), living as an ordinary
citizen, stripped from his privileges as an ambassador, and ending in poverty.





-Preamble to The
Already Said.

-Chapter I:

Plenipotentiary Ambassador.

-Chapter II:

Cain: The
Exceptional Brother.

-Chapter III:

The Cataclysm of
the Exceptional Ones.

-Chapter IV:

Cam and Nimrod:
Two Who Long Thought of Themselves.

-Chapter V:

Babylon Opens its Doors to Papefu.

-Chapter VI:

The Instruments
of Persia and Greece.

-Chapter VII:

The Ambassador
Papefu Visits the Rome of Emperor Honorius.

-Chapter VIII:

Papefu and Napoleon

-Chapter IX:

Papefu Faces the
Dictators Lenin and Stalin.

-Chapter X:

At the End of His
Journey, Papefu Arrives to the Exceptional United Socialist States of America.

-About the Author.

TAGS: Papefu, Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Abel and Cain, Ark of Noah, The seafarer Noah, Tower of Babel, Nimrod, Jacob, New World Order, Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon, Fall of Rome, Emperor Honorius, World Empires, Cyrus the Persian, Euphrates River, Mesopotamia, The Invention of Escafendre Nafeo, France, Napoleon Bonaparte, Gardenio and Amandine, The Alps, The Monkey Buttocks-Eater, Alexander the Great, The Rat Diana, Lenin, Stalin, Union of Socialists Soviets Republics, Cheka, United Socialists States of America, STBGA (School that Teaches you how to Be a Good American), CIA, General KK, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Yugoslavia, Exceptionalism, Chronicles of Papefu, and Adventures.

En la presente obra te ofrecemos las profecías bíblicas ubicadas en los capítulos que comprenden los primeros cinco libros que conforman la biblia llamados Pentateuco, teniendo en cuenta que desde el mismo comienzo de la Creación Dios anuncia lo que ocurriría en el transcurso de los siglos hasta el mismísimo final de nuestra era; sin embargo, ocurre que el Antiguo Testamento es ignorado, atrayendo entonces un sin número de incógnitas que nunca se llegan a descifrar debido al desconocimiento generalizado. Aquí explicamos al detalle diferentes sistemas que matemáticamente certifican y señalan hacia nuestra Era como la esperada y anunciada por todos los profetas. Ellos son: 'Sistema del 3', Sistema del 5', 'Sistema del 7', y 'Sistema del 14', entre otros análisis importantes.Como libro de estudio es más que nada lo que el Espíritu Santo de Dios ha revelado, y fruto del estudio esforzado de todas las profecías bíblicas--durante veinte años--que señalan indudablemente hacia nuestra era apocalíptica y el comienzo de las promesas eternas establecidas en las Sagradas Escrituras y próximas a revelarse. Es por tanto un libro dirigido a aquellos interesados en escudriñar-como se nos dice en San Juan 5:39-las profecías bíblicas, incluidas dentro del Plan de Dios, dedicándole tiempo, paciencia y mucha oración.Deseamos de todo corazón que las Escrituras proféticas te acerquen más al Creador hallando la Salvación y puerta de entrada a la eternidad a través de nuestro Redentor. Esperamos que te sea de ayuda para seguir velando y estar preparados para los ciertos y duros acontecimientos que se le avecinan a la humanidad en nuestros días.


-Notas del autor.

-Profecías en el Pentateuco.

-Libro del Génesis.

-Libro del Éxodo.

-Libro de Levítico.

-Libro de Números.

-Libro de Deuteronomio.

-Reflexión Intertestamentaria.

-Acerca del autor.


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