The entire first year of the best-selling Werewolf High series is now available in one collection!
Join Lucy and the pack in the first three books, as they face down all the dangers that come along with werewolves, witches and high school!

Book 1: The Truth Spell

Lucy O’Connor is more IT girl than “it girl” but even though she’ll never fit in, the scholarship to elite Amaris High is an opportunity she can’t refuse. 

The day Lucy arrives at Amaris, she sees her best friend, Sam Spencer. But Sam had died three years ago, on the night that had changed Lucy’s life forever. The more Lucy looks for answers, the worse things get for her, as she makes an enemy of the richest, most popular boy in school, Tennyson Wilde.

When the entire school is hit by a truth spell, it seems like the perfect chance to find out what Sam and Tennyson are hiding, but the closer Lucy gets, the more she realizes that the truth is stranger than she ever imagined.

Book 2: The Tiny Curse

Life isn’t going so well for Lucy at elite boarding school, Amaris High. Classes are a struggle. She has no leads on the evil magic user. Sam’s avoiding her, and the entire student population hates her.

But someone hates her more than the rest. Rumors start spreading that lead to Lucy being bullied worse than ever before. Just when she thinks she couldn’t feel smaller, she’s hit with a spell that shrinks her down to only two inches tall.

Forced to rely on Sam, Tennyson and the other Golden to survive, Lucy is determined to get to the bottom of things once and for all. But the more she learns, she finds that being tiny might not be her biggest problem.

Book 3: The Body Swap

Lucy's world is turned upside down when she learns that her enemy is the one person she never suspected. 

Although she has Sam and the Golden on her side, she no longer knows who to trust. Then, when she's hit with one final spell, she has no choice but to put her faith in the person the she despises the most.

Stuck in Tennyson Wilde's body, Lucy and Tennyson must work together to break the curse or risk becoming each other for real. But in order to fix things, Lucy will face the greatest betrayal of all.
The entire sophomore year of the best-selling Werewolf High series is now available in one collection!

Things get more serious for Lucy and the pack in these three books, as they have to cope with dangers both new and old!

The Soul Bond

Sophomore year isn't shaping up to be the cake walk that Lucy had hoped. Everyone still hates her. She can't forgive Sam for his secrets. Her father is back and she can't forgive him either. There's been no sign of Hannah, and Lucy can't help but resent her new roommate because of it.

And Tennyson Wilde is everywhere. In the dining room. In her dorm. In class. Even inside her head. She thinks it's just a residual effect of being in his body, the fact that she can hear his thoughts, feel his feelings. But the more it happens, the worse it becomes and it seems to be awakening something inside her.

Lucy never wanted powers. She never wanted to be anything but a normal girl, but the longer she stays at Amaris, the more impossible that seems.

The Love Potion

Being a werewolf is hard work. Lucy just wants to frolic in the forest chasing butterflies, but real life won't give her a break. Classes are a drag, classmates even worse. Her dad is trying to kill Tennyson again and being part of a pack has its own problems.

Sam is complicated, Tennyson is a jerk, and her new alpha has no time for her. When a threat on Tennyson's life goes wildly wrong, Lucy ends up the victim of a love potion, and that's when things get really messy.

The Time Loop

Lucy is having a bad day. Things are awkward with Sam. She's failing history. One of her roommates is missing and the other is crazy. Her evil dad is at it again, and this time, he's not playing around.

Lucy has a choice: leave the pack or stay trapped in this day forever. What do you do when the only way to save the people you love is to abandon them? Will Lucy fight to stay in the pack or fight to save them?

The entire junior year of the best-selling Werewolf High series is now available in one collection!

Things change for ever for Lucy and the pack in their third year of high school!

warning: this description contains spoilers for later books

The Fake Boyfriend

Lucy's junior year starts off on totally the wrong foot when Tennyson's cousin Henry arrives at school to spy on them. Lucy and Sam thought it would be easy to fake being a couple, but Lucy's feelings for Tennyson aren't so easy to ignore, and Sam is acting weird. They need to be convincing or she's out of the pack but Lucy isn't sure of anything anymore.

To top it all off, her dad has escaped police custody, Hannah is back, and Lucy has a bunch of new powers to deal with.

The Rival Pack

It’s not easy being the newest wolf in the pack. Lucy’s just no good with pack hierarchy and werewolf politics. The alpha hates her, Tennyson’s giving her the cold shoulder and she still hasn’t mastered her powers. 

Things get even worse when evil Cousin Henry allies with another pack and two of their members show up at school. Lucy’s sure they’re up to no good, especially when one catches Tennyson’s attention. Harper York is funny, beautiful, stylish and 100% werewolf… all the things that Lucy isn’t.

Even though she’s officially joined the pack, Lucy feels more like an outsider than ever. The rival pack has to go, but the threat might be bigger than even Lucy suspects.

The Alpha Wolf

Lucy’s world is thrown into chaos now that all the packs have merged under one Supreme Alpha. The alpha is annoying, but he’s just a puppet. Lucy knows the real problem is her father. He wants to take over the world, and so far he’s doing a pretty good job of it. 

And that’s not her only problem. Everyone’s fighting. Sam’s in a coma. Harper York is kidnapped, and finals are just around the corner. The only thing that’s going well is her relationship with Tennyson, but they can’t be together until the alpha is gone. 

Lucy has the power to defeat the alpha, but to use it, she might have to become the thing she fears the most. 

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