∞ Essential Java Interview Skills--Made Easy!   ∞

I mentioned approx 2000+ Java Technical Questions and 200+ Non- Technical Questions for before the technical round. This book is world’s Biggest Java Interview book you ever read. That's why this book is Best-selling book of 2014 in Job Hunting & Campus Interview of Top MNC's. Must See sample of this book or at the end of description please see "Inside Contents" press down key and see how beautiful interview book it is.

The main objective of this interview book is not to give you just magical interview question & tricks, I have followed a pattern of improving the question solution with deep Questions-Answers explanations with different interview complexities for each interview problem, you will find multiple solutions for complex interview questions.

What Special –

In this book I covered and explained several topics of latest Java 8 Features in detail for Developers  & Freshers, Topics Like– Lambdas. Java 8 Functional interface, Stream and Time API.

As a job seeker if you read the complete book with good understanding & seriously, i am 101% sure you will challenge any Interview & Interviewers (Specially Java) in  this world. and this is the objective of this book. This book contains more than Two Thousands Technical Java Questions and 200 Non-Technical Questions like before

This book is very much useful for I.T professionals and  the students of Engineering Degree and Masters during their Campus Interview and academic preparations. If you read as a student preparing for Interview for Computer Science or Information Technology, the content of this book  covers all the required topics in full details. While writing the book, an intense care has been taken to help students who are preparing for these kinds of technical interview rounds.

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According to the Last year and this year Data that we have collected from different sources, More than 5,67,000 students and IT professionals gone through this book and Successfully Cracked their jobs in IT industry and Other industries as well. Don’t Forget to write a customer review or comment about this book. For Data structure and Algorithms & C-C++ Interview questions, Read Harry’s Upcoming Book- “Cracking the C & C++ Interview” and Cracking the “Algorithms Interview” Tell your friends about this ultimate Java Book.

∞  Inside Topics at a Glance  ∞ 

01.Preface, Hold On ! First Read It ! It will Help You !

02.Interview Myths.

03.Convincing them you’re right for the job.

04.Can you do the job?

05.Your potential to tackle New Tasks.

06.Employers Love Motivated Employees.

07.The ‘Big Five’ Questions.

08.Building Rapport and Trust.

09.Ten Effective Answers To Common Questions.

10.The Apple Interview.

11.The Google Interview.

12.The Microsoft Interview.

13.The Yahoo Interview.

14.The Facebook Interview.

15.Interview FAQ’S - I

16.How to Prepare for Technical Questions.

17.Handling Technical Questions in easy way.

18.Top Ten Mistakes Candidates Make.

19.The 16 Most Revealing Interview Questions & Answers.

20.Java Interview Questions & Answers.   350+  Q/A (PART-1)

21.Java Interview Questions & Answers.   350+  Q/A (PART-2)

22.Java Interview Questions & Answers.   250+ Q/A (PART- 3)

23.Top 10+ Advance Java Que-Ans for Experienced Programmers.

24.Java Random All-In-One Que-Answers    50+ Q/A (PART- 4)

25.Java Random All-In-One Que-Answers  250+ Q/A (PART- 5)

26.Java Concurrency Interview Que-Answers 

27.Java Collection Interview Que-Answers  40+

28.Java Exception Interview Que-Answers     15+

29.Java  Interview Brain Wash Que & Ans.   201+ Q/A (PART- 6)

30.Java 8 Features for Developers – Lambdas.(PART- 7)

31.Java 8 Functional interface,Stream & Time API. (PART- 8)

32.Java Random Brain Drills Que-Answers 50+

33.Java Random String Que-Answers 20+

34.Finally Kick on Java and Say Bye Bye..

35.Java Coding Standards (Advance)

36.Java Code Clarity/Maintainability/

37.Java DataBase Issues/Analysis.

38.Dress/Body Appropriately Guidelines By Pictures & Graphics.

01. F.Scott Fitzgerald - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 02. O.Henry - The Gift of the Magi 03. Mark Twain - On The Decay of the Art of Lying 04. Sun Tzu - The Art of War 05. E.A. Poe - The Raven 06. Kahlil Gibran - The Madman 07. W.W. Jacobs - The Monkey's Paw 08. Anonymous - Aladdin 09. The Founding Fathers - The Declaration of Independence 10. Plato - The Apology of Socrates 11. Lord Alfred Tennyson - Charge of the Light Brigade 12. T.S. Eliot - The Waste Land 13. William Dean Howells - Wild Flowers of the Asphalt 14. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels - The Communist Manifesto 15. E.A. Poe - The Pit and the Pendulum 16. F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Offshore Pirate 17. Leo Tolstoy - A Letter to a Hindu 18. Washington Irving - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 19. Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Kubla Khan 20. F. Scott Fitzgerald - Camel's Back 21. Bram Stoker - The Judge's House 22. Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching 23. Plato - The Allegory of the Cave 24. Oscar Wilde - The Happy Prince 25. Oscar Wilde - The Nightingale and the Rose 26. William Blake - Songs of Innocence 27. Patrick Henry - Give Me Liberty 28. H.G. Wells - The Magic Shop 29. Saki - The Music on the Hill 30. Herman Melville - Bartleby the scrivener 31. Mark Twain - The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County 32. Clement Clarke Moore - Twas the Night Before Christmas 33. Bret Harte - The Luck of Roaring Camp 34. O.Henry - The Caballero's Way 35. T.S. Eliot - The Love Song of J. Alfred Profrock 36. Immanuel Kant - Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment? 37. Jack London - To Build a Fire 38. Edgar Allan Poe - The Fall of the House of Usher 39. Henry Ford - The Terror of the Machine 40. G.K. Chesterton - The Blue Cross 41. Charles Perrault - Cinderella 42. Anton Chekhov - Difficult People 43. D.H. Lawrence - The Prussian Officer 44. Fyodor Dostoevsky - The Dream of A Ridiculous Man 45. Franz Kafka - The Judgement 46. James Joyce - The Dead 47. Saki - The Unrest Cure 48. John Muir - Steep Trails 49. Anton Chekhov - Lady with a Dog 50. Anton Chekhov - The Wife

A current pro player takes fans on a pseudonymous trip through one of the most infamous years of football—the very long, sometimes funny, often controversial 2013-2014 season—sharing raucous, behind-the-scenes, on-the-field, and in-the-locker-room truth about life in the National Football League.

“Well, to hell with being safe. I’m going to be honest.”

Johnny Anonymous' life goal was to be nothing greater or less than the Best NFL Back-Up of All Time™. For two years, he was content earning hundreds of thousands of dollars to stand on the sidelines doing absolutely nothing. But early in his third year, a starting lineman is injured, and he suddenly finds himself on the field.

For most players, this moment is a dream come true. But not so for our author, one of the incredibly rare birds in football who reach the highest echelons, but who actually hate America’s favorite game. That’s right. Johnny Anonymous hates football. He hates what it does to his body, his brain, his life. Luckily, he can see the humor in his own situation, but also in the machinations of the NFL.

Part truth-telling narrative, part whip-smart commentary that only a true insider could bring, part hilarious, NFL Confidential gives football fans a look at a world most would give anything to see, and gives non-fans a wild ride through the strange, and sometimes disturbing customs and realities of football today. Here is a truly unaffiliated look at the nation’s biggest, most lucrative pastime over the course of one of its most transformative seasons.

From hard-to-stomach diets, showdowns in the weight room, shenanigans in the locker room, the looming dread of being cut from the team, the racial issues that still exist in modern-day football, the rock-star lifestyle that players find themselves able to afford and sometimes enjoy a little too much, the notion of being lauded in a league plagued by controversy and the sharp contrast between the love/hate of the game and the reality of the job, Johnny reveals a never-before-seen side of the NFL.

King Arthur loved Christmas and New Year - it was an excellent excuse for feasting, exchanging gifts and a time for general good fellowship among the knights at Camelot. And he wouldn't stop feasting until some marvellous adventure had befallen either him or one of his companions. One year, there was an adventure to top the lot.

An enormous knight rides into the hall dressed in green. Everything is green. His hair and beard are green. Even his horse is green.

"Great outfit", says King Arthur, "What is your name, Sir Knight?".

"I am known as 'The Green Knight'", replies the stranger to no-one's surprise, and proposes that someone in the court strikes him once with his axe, on condition that the Green Knight can return the blow one year and one day later. Gawain volunteers, picks up an axe, and lops off the Green Knight's head, thinking this will mark the end of a rather stupid game. But no. Cool as you like, the Green Knight picks up his head, reminds Gawain of his promise, and rides off, leaving the entire Round Table gawping in amazement and Gawain rather apprehensive about what will happen in 366 days' time . . .

This wonderful, good-natured adventure was written sometime in the late 14th century by an excellent poet based, we think, somewhere in Cheshire. Not only has the tale come down to us intact (unlike much Arthurian literature), it has captured readers' (and listeners') imaginations for over 600 years. Tolkien was a fan and produced a translation from the Middle English, and Sean Connery starred as the Green Knight in a 1984 movie.

What you'll hear on this audio is a faithful translation of the original by Jessie L. Weston, a scholar and poetess of whom TS Eliot was much enamoured.
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