Quinn had heard the rumors, but he’d never believed them. Witches were old and ugly, with warts on their noses. Weren’t they? Amelia was young, beautiful, and the sexiest woman he’d ever known. He’d do anything at all to become her lover…even when he learned that the rumors didn’t even come close to the shocking, arousing truth!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

“You want me so much.” Wonder infused Amelia’s lyrical voice as she moved a little closer. “I never would have thought it possible.”

“Why not?” Quinn managed to croak the breathless question, then groaned with helpless excitement when her slender arms rose to circle around his neck. “You’re so beautiful!”

“Am I?” That seemed to surprise her, and she blinked a few times. “I’ve lived so many different lives, and closed myself off for so long, that I’d stopped worrying about my appearance.”

He never had a chance to question her enigmatic murmur; every rational thought fled his brain when she leaned enticingly against him. “Is this what you want, Quinn? To become my lover?”

He could only manage a desperate moan that combined lusty hunger with frantic hope.

“I haven’t taken a lover in so long.” He heard her voice echo from a million miles away, as if he was hearing her very thoughts. “I’d nearly forgotten the excitement of it. But you feel so good, so big and hard, so full of energy! Will you share that energy with me, Quinn? Will you fill me with light and heat, and make me feel alive again?”

He’d pull the moon from its orbit if it pleased her!

Her soft chuckle vibrated right down to his bones, and he felt his wild excitement kindle a notch higher. “I’ll do anything you want!” His fervent vow emerged as a breathless gasp…and then he gasped again when she curled her clever fingers around him. “Oh God, Amelia, I’m so close!”
Luke was furious when he found a pretty girl stowed away in his truck! But Grace was a fascinating enigma…and the more he learned about the creepy religious commune where she’d lived, until she’d managed to escape, the more he ached to be her first lover! (erotica, hardcore, runaway, virgin, older man, preacher, trucker, masturbation, religious commune)

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Luke sounded a little annoyed, then apologetically shook his head. “Look, I’m sorry if I scared you back there. I didn’t mean to. But you caught me off-guard when you pulled your clothes off like that.”

Another baffling contradiction. “But you told me to!” Grace protested, then cringed as if she expected to get slapped for her impertinence.

“Well, yeah, but…”

Sudden awareness prickled down Luke’s spine. “You had to obey Preacher no matter what he ordered? If he told you to strip down right in front of everyone, you’d do it?”

“Of course.” Strict obedience had been drilled into her from birth. “Preacher is always obeyed.”

His soft expletive echoed through the cabin for several long moments. “So when he told you it was your breeding time…”

Grace shivered a little. “I tried to obey him. I did!” Her small hands twisted together in renewed distress. “But it felt so wrong when he touched me that I panicked!”

He could see it all too clearly—the crazed old man, the frightened young girl. The manic expression on his face, the stark terror on hers. His eager panting gasps, her tearful whimpers.

The hot lust that slammed into Luke, and hardened him to flashpoint intensity, was shameful—and uncontrollable. Fierce shudders racked his lean body as he sucked in one raspy breath, then another.

“Grace…oh, God!” he groaned, clutching the big steering wheel with frenzied strength. Sweat began to bead his tanned forehead as he fought the primal urge to erupt in a hot orgasmic gush. “I swear I won’t touch you. But if I don’t beat off fast, I could wreck the truck, and kill us both! I have to…I have to!”

Grace gaped at him with wide, frightened eyes as he urgently wrestled with his belt and zipper, then yanked his rigid eight-inch shaft free. The relief, as cool air wafted over it, was enormous! His eyes nearly crossed with giddy pleasure.

It was just like before, when she’d listened to him vigorously masturbating…only this time he was doing it right in front of her! She stared in fascination as his hand whipped up and down, and the heady scent of his rising excitement enveloped her.

Preacher had done this dozens of times every day, as he’d watched the girls praying or doing their chores. Why had he repulsed her, when every swift move of Luke’s big hand was driving her crazy with a fiery lust that matched his stroke for stroke? 
Pretty Marci got a whole lot more than she’d expected when she traveled to the family resort in search of a man she could seduce. First her longtime best friend stunned her by taking her virginity, then he invited a sexy voyeur who kept watching them have sex to join in the fun…and then she discovered the joys of hard-driving interracial sex with their gorgeous upstairs neighbor!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

I took shelter inside when the sun glided directly overhead; some of the tourists out there looked like par-broiled lobsters, and I didn’t want to imitate them. After a while, Toddy wandered over, and we lazily discussed how I should go about finding and seducing a likely candidate.

The topic seemed to arouse him; even in the dim half-light, I could see the huge bulge in his swimsuit as he shifted restlessly on the low couch. But he made no move to strip down, so I pretended not to notice his discomfort.

“Sun’s setting,” I finally remarked. “Come outside and watch it with me?”

I rose and preceded him through the sliding patio door, then turned back to wait for him. He rose slowly, and seemed a little flustered when my gaze dropped unerringly to his rigid erection.

“You’d better do something about that before we go down to meet Sister Rachel for dinner,” I advised with an impish grin. “Otherwise you won’t be able to eat a bite!”
He sucked in a shuddering breath, then let it out again very carefully. “I will,” he promised…but didn’t head back to his own suite. Instead, he took an unsteady step toward me. “I know it’s wrong…but I want you to watch me. Will you, Marci?”

He couldn’t have stunned me more if he’d hit me with a club. “You aren’t supposed to want me!”

But after all, where was the harm in it? Sex isn’t hidden in the commune, as if it’s something dirty or taboo. A few times I’d even seen…by accident, of course, and I’d courteously backed away, then eventually chosen a different path to the stables. But I’d enjoyed hiding in the bushes and watching.

So I only hesitated an instant before obeying, and spreading the colorful beach towel Sister Rachel had given me over the ornate marble stonework.

When I turned back around, Todd’s too-tight swimsuit was bunched around his feet, and he was gripping his pulsing shaft like a lifeline… 

In one panicked second, their long-awaited mountain hiking trip turned to disaster.  But for Jace, dragging Kathy from the icy river was the easy part.  He’d adored Kat all his life, and would risk anything to protect her and keep her safe.  Could he protect her from himself when they were forced to share a single sleeping bag on the cold snow-covered mountain?  (erotica, hardcore, older woman, younger man, outdoor sex, the promise papers) 

~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~

“Kat.” Jace’s voice seemed to echo from a tremendous distance as he bent over her. “Can you hear me? I’m getting you out of these wet clothes, okay? Don’t fight me.”

His long fingers flew over her icy zipper and frost-coated buttons. Layer by layer, he peeled away river-soaked fabric. It took a while. She’d dressed sensibly, bundling coat over sweater over flannel shirt over long-johns over…

Spirits above, who’d have guessed that she wore such incredibly sexy lingerie under all those bulky clothes? Jace gasped for air like a drowning man, and fought to keep his hands from shaking as he spread one of his own shirts across her pearly naked breasts, then fumbled clumsily with her sodden jeans.

Oh, God. Not only the sexiest lace bra he’d ever seen, but her panties were so sheer that he could see every dark curl beneath them. Heat slammed into his groin so hard and fast that he groaned in agony.

His teeth sank into his bottom lip as he hooked trembling fingers into the cobweb-fine elastic threads riding high over her slender hips. He yanked them down in one swift move, then threw the sleeping bag across her naked body before his hands could return, of their own volition, to stroke and caress and explore.

Covering her didn’t help. His vivid mind’s eye could still see every mysterious shadow and crevice, and his blood began to boil even hotter as her musky scent rose to wrap seductive tendrils around his reeling brain…


Carly had seen Will whacking off before the barn before, but this time she’d been fascinated enough to try it herself…and wow! It had really felt good! So she figured that maybe they should try it together sometime, and see if sharing sex was even more fun than doing it alone… (Book 5 of “The Hazard Chronicles”)

~~~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~~~

He was horny.

Hell, he was always horny. Why should today be any different?

Will heaved a reluctant sigh, and wrapped his big hand around his rigid shaft. He’d been masturbating ever since his live-in girlfriend of nearly twelve years had gotten sick of living on a farm, and headed for the big city.

She thought she could be an actress, and Carly and he would only slow her down. So she’d packed up and left one day, without a single word of warning or apology, while Carly was at school and he was out working in the fields.

That had been almost six years ago. And he hadn’t heard a single word from her since then. Maybe she’d made it big—he hoped so, for her sake, because acting had been her passion ever since they’d been kids. She probably would have headed for Hollywood right out of school, if she hadn’t accidentally gotten pregnant by some guy back in high school. Looking back on it, he was actually surprised that she’d stayed as long as she had.

Didn’t change the fact, though, that he hadn’t gotten laid even once since she’d left. And he was sick and tired of having to beat off every single time he got horny…which was most of the time.

Just for once, what he wouldn’t give to feel a woman’s hot, wet mouth…

Harmony had known from birth that her destiny was to serve Preacher in every possible way—but she had never realized that submitting to his intense sexual needs would be so exquisitely delightful!  ~~ Book 1 of “Preacher’s Harem” ~~

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

A snapping twig sent Harmony’s heart into panicked overdrive, and she whirled. Bears usually avoided the complex, but they did sometimes intrude…and not all of them were docile.

Quickly she snatched up the long-haired pelt, and hoped it would cover enough of her body to fool the dim-sighted carnivore…

Then her breath huffed out in a relieved sigh when Preacher stepped from the woods and braced both feet wide in the plush moss. “Preacher! I didn’t expect to see you out here!” she gasped.

He didn’t say a word; he simply stared at her in thoughtful consideration.

Suddenly she felt a baffling wave of shy confusion, and warm color rose to her fair cheeks. “How may I serve you, Preacher?” she whispered, instinctively dropping to her knees and offering him the traditional greeting.

A slow smile curved his lips, and her pulse began hammering even faster. He’d never looked at her this way before, and it made her feel so…peculiar inside!

“Rise, Harmony.”

She wasn’t quite sure if she’d heard his normal voice, or if the quiet thought had echoed inside her mind…but Preacher was always obeyed. Nimbly she stood again, and waited for his next command.

The shy confusion gave way to rising excitement that made her breath quicken, and her nerves began to dance. Was he about to take her? Was that why he had tracked her from the complex? Was that why brilliant energy was sparkling all over his muscular body?


Preacher kept his rising need under tight rein, controlling it with centuries’ worth of experience. Already he knew Harmony was not the one he sought—the Chosen One who would match his boundless passions stroke for stroke—but perhaps the child she conceived would be The One. He’d been waiting for millennia; he could wait another nine short months for Her birth. And if this child was not The One, the next one might be.

In the meantime, little Harmony was desperately panting his name as her slender hips rose and fell in a timeless rhythm older than the stars. So he would take his momentary pleasure with her, and give her the child she craved. And if she pleased him, he would take her again and again throughout the summer and fall, until her belly was too swollen to bear his passions. And next spring when his need surged hard and full, he would take her again. And again. And again.

His long years had taught him infinite patience. He used it with his women until their sexual energy rose in shimmering waves to slake his bone-deep thirst. Then he fed, and channeled his exultant ecstasy back into their sensitive bodies. They craved his skilled touch as desperately as he craved their primal energy. The trade was a fair one.

Harmony was well-trained, responding instantly to his slightest wish. The thrill of possessing her innocent virginal body began to erode his tireless endurance, and his breathless commands became more urgent…

Cara loved pulling pranks on Kean…and this April Fool’s Day prank was going to be the best one yet! But her wicked plot backfired when she crept into his room to tease him awake, and discovered that he was already horny and desperate for sex.

Suddenly the tables were turned, and she found herself helplessly enthralled by the stunning pleasure in his clever hands and muscular body. Could she stop him from going too far and taking her innocence? Did she even want to?

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

She’d taken care with her plans, griping incessantly about her bedroom door’s faint squeaking until Kean’s father had finally gone through the entire house with a can of WD-40. That faint creak had always protected her from Kean’s mischievous retaliation…but this would be worth losing her early-warning system.

His door didn’t squeak anymore, either.

And since it was a weekday, his folks would be gone for hours. It just couldn’t get any better!

He was probably dreaming about Wendy right now, and she wondered, a little jealously, how far they’d gone. Had the sultry blonde spread her legs yet and let Kean have sex with her? Or was she still just teasing him…the way Cara was about to do?

Excitement began to tingle through her limber body when she tiptoed into the hall, and carefully twisted his bedroom knob. His door glided open without a sound.

Kean was sprawled across the mattress, bare-naked except for the thin sheet tangled around his lean waist. Cara eyed him with devilish delight. He’d grown strong and muscular over the years, and had matured into a really handsome young man!

Then her jaw dropped when she realized that the sheet was jutting straight up, and rising and falling in an incredibly erotic rhythm.

He must be having a really amazing dream if he was that horny!

Well, better and better! Instead of having to do all kinds of kinky things to arouse him, then shimmy away again with a wicked laugh, it would only take a few seconds to drive him half-crazy!

Cautiously she padded over to his wide bed, and rested a bare knee on the mattress. He didn’t stir. Gaining courage, she eased over his long body and straddled him, then settled down just a little.

She’d positioned herself better than she realized…


Sunny and her husband wanted lots of children—but there was one little problem. Clay couldn’t have kids. So every time Sunny was ready to get pregnant again, she had to go searching for a lusty man who would be an excellent father for her babies. 

Sexy Murphy Rawlings, who taught history classes at the local college, had no idea what she had planned when she invited him over to appraise her great-great-grandfather’s antique farm equipment…

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

She studied him for a moment, then lithely jumped to her feet. “You know what I think, Murphy? I think you need to relax more often.” Cheerfully she bounced into the tool-filled stall and caught his big hand in hers. “Come on. Mama Sunny’s going to make sure you take a little R&R. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it!”

He followed her like a mindless robot...until she settled cross-legged on the blanket again, and tugged at his hand to pull him down beside her. Then his foggy brain snapped back alive in a panicked rush.

“No, I shouldn’t do that. You, ah, you asked me here to study your antiques.”

Sunny smiled up at him, and tugged a little harder. “We have all day. Didn’t you tell me that no one’s expecting you back at the school until tomorrow?”

“Well, yeah, but...”

“Then where’s the harm in playing a little hooky, professor?”

Her teasing grin destroyed him. Or maybe it was the way she called him ‘professor,’ as if she was a naughty student trying to entice him into something wicked.

His knees folded, and he sank down onto the blanket beside her. Later he’d swear that he hadn’t reached for her—but suddenly his hands were...

Once a year, Leitha reveals her true self to the world to find a lover with enough energy and stamina to send her spirit soaring. Last year was such a disappointment…will this year’s spell be potent enough to enthrall a really special man who can match her boundless passion? Untold delights await the mortal strong enough, brave enough to enter her lair when the October moon is full and bright…

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

He knew these hills like the back of his hand. He'd hiked over every square meter as a child, a teenager, a young man. The mountain slopes drew together in an odd hollow where a bubbling creek burst from the craggy cliff face…but the hollow was empty. It had always been empty. Sometimes the stream ran strong and fierce, as though propelled by powerful underground forces, and sometimes it was a mere trickle. But nothing else had ever been in the hollow.

Until now.

A quaint little cottage had materialized from nowhere. It looked like something out of a child's fairytale. Thatched roof, sparkling windows, flowers spreading in lush blankets across the rocky ground. Heavenly scents were wafting on the cool breeze…an enticing blend of fragrant night-blooming flowers and rich, earthy undergrowth.

Cautiously he inched closer to the half-open front door. Whimsical symbols were carved deep in the polished wood. They seemed to be glowing with unearthly fire as moonlight shimmered down in a silvery cascade.

He knew he should turn and run, but his feet seemed in control of his body. They moved closer, closer, closer, until he could just catch glimpses of tiny colored lights flashing on the walls inside.

Intrigued, he touched the doorframe, and felt it vibrate warm beneath his fingertips. Come in, come in! it seemed to say. Be welcome here!

His heart began to pound. Hadn't his grandmother told him fanciful stories about fairies who lived deep beneath the rugged hills? They were stunningly beautiful, but dangerous…an unwary soul could lose its way, and remain trapped in their lair for a thousand years…

Then he saw her, and his mind stumbled and fell in wondering awe.

Long white-blonde hair as pale and fine as gossamer fell down her back in rippling waves. Her creamy complexion glowed with a mystical inner light. Her wide blue-grey eyes seemed to peer right through him, reading his every dazzled thought. Those dainty elven features, he realized with a wondering jolt, had haunted his dreams for longer than he could remember.

And her body…

Sudden heat arrowed through him as he devoured her lush body with eyes that were glazed with mind-numbing passion. Lush breasts, a sexy hourglass waist, tiny pale curls that were just barely visible beneath her sheer cobweb-fine robe. It was an erotic combination guaranteed to tease any red-blooded man past endurance.

Of its own volition, his big hand rose and cupped the growing bulge in his tight jeans. Hot pleasure coursed through him, and he groaned with lusty delight.

"I've been waiting for you." Her sweet voice echoed through his reeling mind like seductive harp music. "Do you want me, Jake?"

He barely even wondered how she knew his name. Anything seemed possible in this dreamy half-world where time itself had stopped, and every sensual fantasy seemed possible. "I'll do anything you want!" he panted. "Anything at all!"

Her smile widened, and he caught the barest glimpse of smug satisfaction behind the raw sensual beauty of her face. "Then come with me," she purred, and reached for his other hand. "Be my lover tonight." 
Steve wanted to get into Bess’s tight shorts and make her scream with delight so badly that he was going absolutely crazy…until he learned that she’d been brutally raped several months ago. Suddenly he found himself wanting her even more! But now a quick lusty afternoon affair wasn’t going to be enough. He ached to seduce her, teach her that making love really was an incredible experience, and bring her terrified body and soul back to life. Was it only pity that made him want her even more now…or was it true love?

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

Dampness began to stain his shorts as her seductive scent wrapped all around him and made his blood pound.

She’s not a kid anymore. She’s a woman. And she’s obviously not still a virgin. So what could it hurt, between two consenting adults...?

What the hell, the worst she could do was turn him down...and then he’d head back behind the shed again, and whack off some more, until the ground was thoroughly soaked. “There’s only one good solution to a problem like this,” he countered with a sly grin.

The trace of hostility chilled to outright contempt. “Turning into your father, Steve?”

Her cool insult made his shaft shrivel. “Never. When I take a lover, I don’t stray until we both decide to call it quits!”

The quiet fury in his low voice sounded sincere. Bess eyed him for a moment longer, then inclined her head in reluctant apology. “You’ll have to forgive me,” she murmured. “I’ve only had one partner—and it wasn’t of my choosing.”

Someone had forced her? Icy dread pooled in Steve’s stomach. “Jesus, Bess, I didn’t know...”

“Of course not.” She tossed her long black hair over one shoulder, and laid back on the blanket again. “I don’t go around advertising it. God only knows why I told you. I don’t even like you.”

“Maybe that’s why you did.” To warn him away. And, in some strange way, maybe because not liking him made him a safe shoulder to cry on.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


Well, that was blunt enough. “Okay.”

“And I don’t want you hovering over me, either.”

That annoyed him. “Hey, I’m just following orders. You don’t like it, take it up with my mother.”

Like that would do any good. Aunt Cammie knew what had happened to her—and she was one of the few who knew who’d done it. Had guilt prompted her to invite Bess to spend this summer on the family farm?

“How well did you know your father?”

Bess’s sudden question surprised him. Steve thought a moment before answering. “Too well in some ways...and in other ways, not at all,” he finally decided. “Enough to know that I’m never going to be like him.”

“Good for you.”

There was no sarcastic malice in her voice this time, he noted.

“You hated him, didn’t you?”

“More than you could possibly believe.”

There was another long silence, broken only by a soft breeze whistling through the tall grass in the next pasture. A lark flitted by, trilling like an opera singer. Somewhere far away, one cow mooed, and another answered.

“He raped me, you know.”

It was so unexpected that Steve could only gape at her in stunned confusion. “Who?”

“Your father! And I hope the vicious bastard rots in hell!”

Bran and Lily don’t remember having been kidnapped as children; their only real memories are of growing up half-wild in the murky Louisiana bayou. But now their captors are both gone, leaving them to fend for themselves. Will fiery passion flare between them as they struggle to survive in the treacherous southern swamps?

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

Bran thought back to the times he and Lily had spied on Caleb and Roz having sex. They hadn’t made any efforts to hide their activities; in fact, he’d gotten the distinct feeling that Caleb, especially, had enjoyed flaunting himself in front of them. He’d made a real show of bouncing up and down on Roz when he’d known they were awake and watching from their end of the trailer, and his husky grunts had been a lot louder and lustier, too.

Bran cast an appraising glance at Lily. She was taller than Roz had been, and her breasts were larger. They rose and fell in an intriguing rhythm as she panted for breath.

He’d watched Roz and Caleb kissing often enough, but he’d never tried it himself. What if Lily didn’t like it?

Cautiously he leaned closer, then pressed his mouth against hers. It felt...nice. Not crazy-wild, but definitely nice. And when she moved a little, and her lips glided softly against his, it felt even better. Eager passion began to harden him again.

“Let me take your shirt off.” He whispered it against her mouth, and moved his hands a little faster. Her soft whimper of delight aroused him even more, and the bone-deep ache in his belly kicked up another notch. “You have such pretty bumps, Lily. Lots prettier than Roz’s. Let me touch them!”

Swiftly, before she could protest, he curled both hands around the tattered hem of her t-shirt, and pulled it over her head. Her full breasts bounced free, and swayed enticingly in the cool moonlight...
Willy is a voyeur. And the girl he loves to watch is Persephone, the sexy prostitute who lives in the next building. Will he ever find the courage to meet her in person...or will he only watch?


Tonight she’s got this cowboy in her room. He wears genuine leather boots, and his Stetson hat is tossed on her kitchen table. He likes to drink a beer before he starts stripping off her clothes. She lets him. Of course she does, that’s why he pays her.

But I think she likes it when he takes off her blouse, then her bra, then her ultra-tight shorts and fire-engine red panties. She smiles up at him, and rubs her hands on his chest. He has a lot of hair on his chest. A manly man. That turns her on, because she’s already wet. I can see it through my telescope.

He’s saying something, and making her laugh. I’ve heard her laugh. She has a lovely way of chuckling, not high and shrill like some girls giggle, but deep and throaty, real sexy. Someday I’ll find a way to string a microphone in her apartment, where she can’t see it, so I can hear what the men say to her. But in the meantime, I’m getting pretty good at reading lips. He’s telling her that he’s hornier than a bull at mating time. Real romantic, that one.

He isn’t kidding, though. She’s unbuckling his wide belt, and his shaft is jumping straight out. It’s big, just like him. I think it has to hurt when he shoves it in her, but she always smiles and asks for more. This one can keep banging her for at least an hour before he shoots all over her. And he’s a gentleman, he always cleans her up afterwards. Not all her men are that polite… 
Manuel was an Eternal, fated to wander endlessly from town to city to country, spreading his potent seed far and wide. He’d searched a thousand years for the one woman who could intrigue him, enchant him, and match his fierce sexual passions.

Tania’s black hair was long and curling; her hips were slender; her sweet breasts were full and lush. She had the face of an angel. And he ached for her with a hot lust that had nearly driven him mad ever since they’d first met…

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

Her name was Gabriella—and of all the women he’d seduced in the countless years since then, her face and body were still crystal-clear in his memory. She was lovely by anyone’s standards, with creamy skin and shiny ebony curls that tumbled down nearly to her waist. Her breasts were full and lush, with large rosy nipples, and her rounded hips swayed in an enticing dance when she led him, all baffled naivety, out into a shoulder-high field of golden wheat.

Her dark eyes sparkled with secret knowledge when she stopped beside a blanket she’d laid out earlier that morning, then began to strip her clothes off, one layer at a time. “It’s so hot today, isn’t it?” she teased, lightly tweaking the collar of his rough peasant shirt. “Do take your clothes off, Manuel. And I’ll do the same. Then you can see how women are different from men…and if you’re curious, I’ll show you something that will make you feel really, really good!”

He felt a fierce burning in his belly, and a stirring unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. She saw the way his loose hand-me-down workpants began to jut out, and her smile widened. “I think you’re very curious,” she purred. “Do you think I’m pretty, Manuel?”

She had the face of an angel—and just the way she said his name, as if he was a titled nobleman instead of a gangly teenage orphan, made him harden even more. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. “I think you’re beautiful.”

“Do you?” Her eyes warmed with pleasure. “I think you are, too. That’s why I brought you out here.”

“Men aren’t beautiful.” He made the correction instinctively.

“You are.” She repeated it firmly, then lifted her blouse over her head and let it fall to the ground. “Take your clothes off,” she urged again, as her nimble fingers tweaked the laces of her long dusty skirt, and it slid easily down her bare thighs.

Hot sunlight shimmered over her dusky skin, highlighting every mysterious curve and shadow. Manuel felt his breath catch, and the savage pounding in his groin made him reel in dizzy wonder. He was so dazzled that his heart nearly stopped…
Paris, the high school vice-principal, was in for a double surprise when she caught Troy whacking off in the high school attic. Not only was he magnificently built, but the girls he’d been lusting for were the cute cheerleaders down on the football field! She hadn’t had sex in weeks, and just the sight of his gorgeous body kicked her hormones into high gear. Could she turn his interest in a safer direction…and enjoy a sizzling romp in the process?

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~ 

The poor kid was embarrassed as hell…and who could blame him? She’d caught him red-handed, with his pants gaping wide open and a blissful expression on his flushed face.

Now he was deathly pale, and he’d gone limp as a wet noodle…which really was a shame, Paris decided, since he obviously had plenty to be proud of.

For one brief instant she was tempted to let him go. She was damned sure that he wouldn’t ever dare try to cut class again. And what the hell, graduation was only a few short days away. Troy had aced all his classes with effortless ease; she’d hate to put a black mark on his scholastic record now.

Then she glanced out the window behind him, and her eyebrows rose. No surprise that he’d been lusting over the cute freshmen cheerleaders down on the football field. A six-month-dead corpse would get a rise out of those girls. Even she, who’d never played on the all-girls team, felt the quick tingle of hot sexual arousal whenever she watched them bounce and prance through their energetic practice routines. They were agile, athletic, and unbearably alluring.

Well, rank had its privileges, and she’d long-ago learned never to turn down an opportunity to eat, sleep, or indulge in red-hot sex. Besides, she had a special affinity for muscular high school seniors with long, thick curving poles. And since her own voluptuous body was well-toned, her legs were long and slender, and her tits were high and firm, none of them ever turned her down.

Yeah, it was good to be the vice-principal of this sleepy little small-town high school.

She hadn’t gotten laid in weeks; hadn’t she just been sighing over that a few hours ago, as she’d watched Troy and his classmates jog energetically around the football field? And the odds that another student, or any of the teachers, would sneak up into the attic were slim-to-none.

It looked like her luck was about to change!

What's a girl to do when her boyfriend's out of town? Fantasize! If you enjoy a good steamy fantasy, join me for four of my favorites:

1) Sexy explorer meets and seduces innocent Incan princess!

2) Young innocent exchange student is enticed into banging the entire football team to earn her sorority letter.

3) Join me for a hot sexy fantasy in darkest Africa, where I meet a sexy, horny jungle man!

4) Tonight I'm the innocent jungle savage who meets--and is seduced by--her first man.

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

I like sex. No, I mean I really like sex! Marc calls me his little nympho because I’m always ready, any time of day or night. Any position. Any playtoy. Any excuse.

So what’s a horny girl to do when her lover is out of town?

One night, when he was down in Columbia, I happened to find a dirty magazine in the bottom of the closet. It had fallen out of a whole box filled with them, that he kept tucked away behind his business suits. He told me later that he’d collected them before I moved in, and still enjoyed reading them occasionally.

That magazine, and the racy stories inside it, opened up a whole new world to me.

Oh sure, most of them were probably written by men, even though they were supposed to be womens’ true confessions. And most of them weren’t even that good. But they were exciting! Virgin adventures, groupsex parties, cheating wives, college initiations. They caught my imagination in a way that I’d never expected.

Suddenly I wasn’t living in a sensible high-rise apartment anymore. And the dildo in my hand wasn’t just a cold lump of plastic. I was tramping through jungles, meeting mysterious strangers, even traveling through time to live in different places and ages.

No more boring little secretary anymore, either. I was blonde, brunette, redhead, black, oriental, even from another planet if I wanted. And in every reincarnation, I was tall, stacked, with a body to die for.

Burly Viking warriors, hot college studs, the garage mechanic with a huge boner in his grease-stained pants. Every one was sexy, and built like a Greek god, and panting over that luscious imaginary body of mine…

Becca Sinh has been writing high-quality erotica for nearly 20 years, and is one of the hottest erotic authors on the market! Now you can get ten of her personal favorite...and hottest-selling...erotic stories all in one volume! There's something for everyone in this outstanding collection!

1) The Little Girl Next Door - Nick had dreaded coming home from college for the summer--until he caught a glimpse of Tori Phillips, his next door neighbor. When had the bratty little tomboy he remembered transformed into such a sexy vixen? He couldn't wait to get his hands on her, and hear her scream with delight!

2) Anal Surprise - Kristi didn't like anal sex AT ALL...until the magical night when Luke proved her wrong!

3) The Highest Bidder - Molly was so down-and-out that she was willing to try anything to pay the bills! So when Teena, a Latino hooker, invited her to a special Christmas party where she'd make lots of money just by attending, she jumped at the chance. But Teena didn't warn her about the secret auction after the party ended...or that all the handsome millionaires would be bidding for her!

4) Preacher’s Pet - Preacher had been searching for his perfect "Chosen One" for years. One by one, he had rejected all the other girls in his secret commune, until only Eve was left. Would she be his special consort, the only one who was fully capable of serving all his intense sexual needs?

5) Summer Suds - Luke wasn't very happy about having to wash cars for the high school fundraiser—until sexy Alicia lured him away for a mind-blowing afternoon treat!

6) I Spy - Willy is a voyeur. And the girl he loves to watch is Persephone, the sexy prostitute who lives in the next building. Will he ever find the courage to meet her in person...or will he only watch?

7) Danger Lurks in Dark Corners - Part I - Aime knew the dangers of wandering around campus at night...but she didn't realize how incredibly arousing it could be!

8) Danger Lurks in Dark Corners - Part II - Vic needed to get laid! Normally he and his partner, Harry, worked together. But tonight he was on his own. And who'd have figured that the one girl he chose to bang was a genuine, bona-fide virgin!

9) Magnificent Summer - Mindy had never even considered seducing her son’s best friend…but when he caught her sunbathing, and she saw how horny he was, she just couldn’t resist!

10) The Repairman - Chrissy was pretty annoyed when her dishwasher stopped working...until Steve, the repairman, arrived to fix it. He was seriously well-built, and good with his hands. Would he be just as good between the sheets? Or maybe...even better?

Tia was shocked and horrified when she caught Bethany and Caleb having sex out in the near pasture…and worse yet, Reese was standing there on the porch, avidly watching them! Why couldn’t he realize how wrong that was?

Then he showed her just what she’d been missing…and suddenly found the tables were turned when sweet, innocent little Tia rocked his world hotter than any atom bomb!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

How could they?

She knew what she’d seen…there couldn’t possibly be any mistake. Bethany and Caleb had been bare-skin naked out in the field. And they hadn’t been skinny-dipping or sunbathing…they’d been having sex.

And Reese had been spying on them.

She wasn’t sure which part was worse!

Moaning, she curled up into a tight little ball, and rocked back and forth.

How could they be doing such a wicked thing? Having sex with each other in broad daylight was so wrong!

And yet…

A soft whimper echoed in her throat as hot excitement began to flood her trembling body. When she’d studied human reproduction in school, it had all seemed so...clinical. Boring, really. That book had never said a single word about how beautiful the human body could be, or how thrilling it could be to watch a couple making love. She’d never realized...never had any idea!

Now that she knew...

How could she ever erase that provocative image from her reeling mind?

She hugged her knees a little tighter as liquid heat tingled through her veins, and pooled enticingly in her stomach. She was just as evil, she must be! Why else would she be longing to creep back out and spy on them just like Reese had been doing?

Hazard, Montana, looks like such a wholesome little town! But there are wicked secrets hiding in the shadows. Forbidden temptations, wicked lusts, and evil desires are tempting one family after another. Join the carnal fun in Hazard...if you dare!

1) Runaway - Hawke had been living alone for so many years that he'd almost forgotten how incredible sex could be. Now he wasn't alone anymore--not since he'd found a ragged little runaway hiding in his barn, and realized that she was an outrageously sexy teenage girl! Having sex really was like riding a bike. No matter how long it had been, your body remembered. And his was coming alive again with a vengeance! How long could he manage to keep his hands off her, before hot lust tore him apart?

2) A Long Time Coming - Brad hadn't gotten laid in weeks, and now he was so horny that he was about to burst! In his wildest dreams, he'd never imagined that Deanna thought he was totally hot, and had always wanted to bang him! But he was about to find out!

3) Homecoming - Byron and Carly were blissfully happy, until she got word that her grandfather had suffered a heart attack. She insisted on going to care for him. But before she left, she invited Samantha over to keep him company! Samantha could hardly wait to climb back into Byron’s big, comfortable bed, and bang the daylights out of him!

4) Emergency - Carly hated to fly, especially now that she was pregnant. But Will thought that pregnant women were sexy...and he knew just how to distract her!

5) Something In The Water - Cameron had always known that Maya was sexy...but he'd never realized that she thought he was, too! And when she caught him masturbating in the shower...well, what was a horny girl to do? Having forbidden sex with Cam was a temptation she just couldn't resist!

6) Spring Retreat - Pastor Quetzel had been looking forward to the annual spring retreat, until he learned that the ultra-sexy campground manager, Marita, was out of town. Now he was so horny that he could barely stand it! But he was surrounded by pretty teen girls who might welcome the attention of an experienced man...and he could hardly wait to pick one to share his bed!

7) Three Men And A Babe - Chelsea had been looking forward to spending the entire week banging Pastor Quetzel--but when she arrived at the so-called religious retreat, she found him banging one of the pretty teens!  Now she was horny, frustrated, and drunk. That was a bad combination...unless she could entice three of the other horny, frustrated, and drunk counselors to bang the living daylights out of her!

8) Ranger’s Lookout - The annual spring retreat was in full swing. Brad's and Matt's real goals were to find some sexy girls and get laid, but so far they hadn't been having any luck. But their luck changed when the sexy local ranger took them up to her cozy lookout...then offered to bang both of them!

9) Double Your Pleasure - When Peter and Joyce had snuck away from camp to find a private place to bang each other, they'd stumbled across three horny counselors gangbanging sexy Chelsea Keegan. Now they were even hornier than before! And they never expected to interrupt Jerry and Jenny down by the lake! They'd wanted to trade partners with Jerry and Jenny for a long time...and now they had the perfect chance! But would the other teens want to trade partners, too?

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