CK-12 Foundation's Chemistry - Second Edition FlexBook covers the following chapters:Introduction to Chemistry - scientific method, history.Measurement in Chemistry - measurements, formulas.Matter and Energy - matter, energy.The Atomic Theory - atom models, atomic structure, sub-atomic particles.The Bohr Model of the Atom electromagnetic radiation, atomic spectra. The Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom energy/standing waves, Heisenberg, Schrodinger.The Electron Configuration of Atoms Aufbau principle, electron configurations.Electron Configuration and the Periodic Table- electron configuration, position on periodic table.Chemical Periodicity atomic size, ionization energy, electron affinity.Ionic Bonds and Formulas ionization, ionic bonding, ionic compounds.Covalent Bonds and Formulas nomenclature, electronic/molecular geometries, octet rule, polar molecules.The Mole Concept formula stoichiometry.Chemical Reactions balancing equations, reaction types.Stoichiometry limiting reactant equations, yields, heat of reaction.The Behavior of Gases molecular structure/properties, combined gas law/universal gas law.Condensed Phases: Solids and Liquids intermolecular forces of attraction, phase change, phase diagrams.Solutions and Their Behavior concentration, solubility, colligate properties, dissociation, ions in solution.Chemical Kinetics reaction rates, factors that affect rates.Chemical Equilibrium forward/reverse reaction rates, equilibrium constant, Le Chatelier's principle, solubility product constant.Acids-Bases strong/weak acids and bases, hydrolysis of salts, pHNeutralization dissociation of water, acid-base indicators, acid-base titration, buffers.Thermochemistry bond breaking/formation, heat of reaction/formation, Hess' law, entropy, Gibb's free energy. Electrochemistry oxidation-reduction, electrochemical cells.Nuclear Chemistry radioactivity, nuclear equations, nuclear energy.Organic Chemistry straight chain/aromatic hydrocarbons, functional groups.Chemistry Glossary
CK-12 Foundation's Biology FlexBook covers the following chapters: What is Biology investigations, methods, observations. The Chemistry of Life biochemical, chemical properties. Cellular Structure & Function DNA, RNA, protein, transport, homeostasis. Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration energy, glucose, ATP, light, Calvin cycle, glycolysis, Kreps cycle. The Cell Cycle, Mitosis & Meiosis cell division, sexual, asexual reproduction. Gregor Mendel & Genetics inheritance, probability, dominant, recessive, sex-linked traits. Molecular Genetics: From DNA to Proteins mutation, gene expression. Human Genetics & Biotechnology human genome, genetic disorders, sex-linked inheritance, cloning. Life: From the First Organism Onward evolution, extinctions, speciation, classification. The Theory of Evolution Darwin, ancestry, selection, comparative anatomy, biogeography. The Principles of Ecology energy, ecosystems, water, carbon, nitrogen cycles. Communities & Populations biotic ecosystems, biodiversity, resources, climate. Microorganisms: Prokaryotes & Viruses prokaryotes, viruses, bacteria. Eukaryotes: Protists & Fungi animal-, plant-, fungus-like protists, fungi. Plant Evolution & Classification plant kingdom, nonvascular, vascular, seed, flowering plants. Plant Biology tissues, roots, stems, leaves, growth. Introduction to Animals invertebrates, classification, evolution. From Sponges to Invertebrate Chordates sponges, cnidarians, flatworms, roundworms. From Fish to Birds characteristics, classification, evolution. Mammals & Animal Behavior traits, reproduction, evolution, classification, behavior. Introduction to the Human Body: Bones, Muscles & Skin skeletal, muscular, integumentary systems. The Nervous & Endocrine Systems structures, functions. The Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive & Excretory Systems structures, functions, Food Pyramid. The Immune System & Disease responses, defenses. Reproduction & Human Development male, female, lifecycle. Biology Glossary.
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