Are you getting sidetracked from your work as a result of distractions, worrying, wondering, and curiosity?Today, we do not just live in the information age, but in the "Distractions Age." There's so much going on around us, but our available time seems to shrink even more. 

I decided to create this productivity report for a few reasons: 

1. Busyness does not always mean productive work. You'll learn how to get "clean focus" and improve your concentration on your tasks in order to get them done, without procrastinating and postponing the important stuff. Moreover, you'll feel less busy and accomplish a lot more as a result. 

2. Most people consider multitasking as a good strategy to get things done. Now, that's very disturbing to me, because I am going to show you how multitasking can HURT your productivity, and what you have to do instead (page 5).

3. Most business owners hesitate about opportunities and not taking proper action to get things done. I am going to show you how to battle this temptation and break free from the paralysis of fear and uncertainly that are causing inaction, doubts and procrastination. 

A good analogy of this is when you go to swim on a public swimming pool. People who are about to jump in ALWAYS bother those who are already in the pool with the boring questions: 

Is the water warm? 
How deep is it?
Can I jump in? 
What if I drown? 

Just get in there and see for yourself! The vary same hesitation is causing people to neglect opportunities for achieving a better lifestyle in their business. You'll learn what you need to do to eliminate this hesitation and jump in the pool with other successful people. You become who you surround yourself with. 

4. A lot of people react on things, based an emotional impulse. I am going to outline the difference between REACTION and RESPONSE (page 7). That's because if you can't distinguish the urgent from the important, you are less likely to achieve the result you want. 

5. Most people confuse activity with productivity. If you understand the difference between both, you'll be able to focus and become dramatically more productive at your work (page 7)

6. Most of us have a lot that's going on in our heads. We can't clearly focus on things, because we have all those distracting thoughts while trying to work. I am going to show you a very powerful technique that's going to solve this problem once and for all (page 8). 

Surprisingly enough, I've learned this from Bruce Lee. I do not know anything about martial arts in order to apply his principles. You'll see what I mean when you get to page 8 of this productivity report. 

7. A lot of people today, with the invention of Facebook, Twitter, and other time wasters on the Internet, find a hard time to organize their time for work. Even if you have a lot of commitments, demands and obligations - you are always short on time to work and do what's important to you. 

That's why in this productivity report, I am going to show you how to work more effectively, spending less time to work, and accomplishing a lot more as a result. (See page 10).

What does "Golden Nuggets" Edition mean? This productivity report is a result of a lot of research and study from various sources on time management and personal productivity. It contains powerful strategies on how to get more focused which took me literally YEARS to learn through trial and error.

*Important: All purchases of this title, "How To Improve Concentration And Stay Focused At Work," will get an additional Productivity Report, "Unleash Your Profit Potential By Killing All Mental Interruptions" for free. Simply visit www.DoubleTimeToday.com/free to claim your free productivity report after purchase!

*About The Author: Chris Diamond is the founder of DoubleTimeToday.com, which is a website that helps business owners and entrepreneurs to meet their time management and personal productivity challenges with confidence!
Imagine being able to not only read, but fully comprehend information at speeds more than 3 times the rate you are used to.Can you imagine the amount of personal growth and professional success that you could accomplish if only you were able to absorb all of the information which until now you simply did not have the time to read?  

This is what speed reading can do for, and by taking the time to read this report.

You will be able to learn everything that you need to know in order to start speed reading today.

In this report, you will learn the reasons behind traditional slow reading and the techniques that have been used by millions of people to effectively increase their reading speed.

You will learn about the five types of reading, and when to use each of these methods. 

You will learn a variety of tips and techniques that you can put into practice everyday to continuously perfect your abilities.

In addition to the written text, you will also be given several different charts, graphs, and exercises that you can use to strengthen your eyes, and increase your reading speed.  

Since this report not only offers you the ability to read about speed reading and how it works, but also the practical experience of putting your new skills to the test, this is truly the only speed reading material that you will ever need.

Since the major motivation behind the desire to learn speed reading is the ability to gain access to information in a short period of time, we have searched high and low for the most comprehensive information available and streamlined it into a short report so that you will be able to absorb this information quickly and start putting it to use right away.

If you do not have the time to read books, you'll always fall behind and underachieve your goals. That's because knowledge is power, and things change dramatically. 

That's why if you do not constantly learn and expand what you do not know, you'll fail miserable in whatever you are trying to accomplish. 

When you read this report, you'll gain an unfair advantage over everyone else, because knowledge is power, especially if you learn twice or three times as fast. You'll access and process knowledge at your advantage to achieve your goals quicker than you can imagine.  

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*** Super Discount - Buy 1, Get 6 ***This is a very important bundle on money, banking and finance. It will help you make more money, invest wisely by managing debt and open your eyes to new possibilities in the world of business. Most people try to get out of debt. In fact, banks and government WANT you to be in debt - even if they say otherwise. I am going to show you how to use DEBT to make money!

This bundle is going to help you understand the money's nature so that you can acquire more of it. You'll gain valuable insights about the monetary system we live today that are going to give you an unfair advantage over the today's economy. Today, financial education is critical, because we live in a new economy. Things that worked before are no longer relevant. In fact, something that worked before can even work against you these days. You are about to learn what they are and what to do about it. 

Furthermore, you'll learn what controls your financial future, because there's a "mechanism" inside of us that makes us poor - causing us to struggle financially. You'll learn how to deal with this mechanism and what to do instead. 

Here's what you'll learn:

- Common lies about money and wealth and what's the truth?
- How today's system is designed, and why should you care in order to master money?
- How to "stand out" in today's economy?
- What's the best way to achieve your financial independence?
- Government secrets revealed!
- How money and power relate to one another?
- What's preventing you from getting the money you want, and what to do about it?
- How to avoid some of the pitfalls that are preventing you from the success you want?
- Common assumed constraints, limitations, and self-convictions that are keeping you poor - and how to eliminate them?
- How to master the "emotions of money?"
- And much more...

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This performance management report is for those who are overwhelmed with too many things to do, especially in their personal lives. Increase in performance often translates to increase of profits and productivity in the business world, that's because you can have more time to do the things that are important to you. 

Stress and anxiety come from the inability to meet certain demands on time.

Achieving a balance between business and personal life is critical to success, especially if you have a lot of responsibilities. You'll learn how to become dramatically more productive in order to reach that balance. 

The goal of this report is to help you feel a greater sense of ease and being less preoccupied by all unfinished tasks. 

Here's what you'll learn:

- How do you need to start your day in order to achieve maximum performance and results?
- What should you do when there are a lot of distractions daily?
- How to eliminate house chores without lifting a finger?
- Why organizing things do not work, and what to do instead?
- How to organize your work effectively without getting sidetracked?
- What's the difference between information and education and how that relates to your productivity in our over communicated society?
- What if you are not a computer guy, can you still manage tasks and get things done on your computer faster? If so, how? 
- Why perfectionism does not work, and what to do instead? 
- What are the three levels of outsourcing? 
- What you need to do in order to have more energy to get things done?
- Why is failure a good thing and how to use it at your advantage? 
- How to balance business/work and personal life?
- What you need to do in order to eliminate unproductive habits?
- When you do need to avoid working and why?
- What's the number one skill you need to learn in order to get the most out of your time and efforts?
- And much more...

Get this performance management report right now, and increase your personal productivity today!

If for some reason you do not like this performance report - your money back is guaranteed!

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