After a nightmare marriage and a bitter divorce, Jasmine is ready to celebrate big time. Jaz meets Ted and Gabe, two deliciously attractive, available men. 

Having spent a celibate year waiting for her divorce, waking up in the arms of a gorgeous hunk after a hot, romantic night was at the top of Jaz's list. Either of these dreamboats would be wonderful, but which one? 



5 ANGELS: "Sensual Awakenings,
Book One: Jasmine's Urban Cowboys is a dynamite read. Jaz's character is a
blast. She has spark, is fun, down to earth, and the type to go after what she
wants. The story sizzles with Jaz, Gabe and Ted. The secondary characters are
robust and add just the right amount of seasoning to keep the story moving at a
good pace. I enjoy Brenda and the friendship she and Jaz share. There are some
pleasant twists and turns along the way that the reader doesn't know what Jaz
has up her sleeve next. With some surprises and anticipations, Dee Dawning awakens the senses and breathes life into the pages. She makes Jaz real by
placing her in a situation where the players must make decisions, while
following their heart. I definitely want to read the second and the third in
this astounding series." -- Linda L., Fallen Angel Reviews

"This book by Dee Dawning was forceful. The sexual scenes were
both explicit and frequent. The powerful men were vibrant and forceful.
However, they always seemed to toe-the-line when it came to Jazs demands...I
was impressed with the depth of the characters, both the main and supporting
ones. The storyline was well developed and I found myself immersed in this
book...The sexual tension was vigorous and frequent. This book is definitely
not for the faint of heart. The sensuality was explicit but, while a big part
of the book, did not come across as nothing but sex. The ménage was
uninhibited. The ending was totally unexpected. I highly recommend this book
for anyone who enjoys M/F/M. The fact that there was such a strong storyline
assured me that the book would be remembered. Its a great read which will not
disappoint any readers." -- Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

4.5 STARS:

"Ms. Dawning will win over many readers with her upcoming new series,
Sensual Awakenings...Jasmine's Urban Cowboys is off to an amazing start. I have
to say that Jasmine's Urban Cowboys is one hell of a sexy ménage ride involving
Ted, Jaz and Gabe. Ms. Dawning's lead characters have lots of sexy fun in the
beginning then slowly manages to seduce not only the heroine, Jaz, but readers
too will fall in love with this novel. All that is left to say about Jasmine's
Urban Cowboys is that you won't forget it any time soon. My vote? Say yes to Ms. Dawning's Jasmine's Urban Cowboys." -- Estefanie, Night Time Romance

4.5 STARS: "Jasmine's Urban Cowboys
is a wild read. Not sure what to expect? It will catch and keep you involved
from start to finish. Beautifully written and artfully done, Laura Ashton has
drawn you into her world in a glorious way. Well worth the time to read,
Jasmine's Urban Cowboys will have you hoping for a couple of cowboys of your
own." -- Dianna, Manic Readers


Felicity Jones thinks the hunky black and white duo of Devon and Adam
are fascinating, while the often caustic blond beauty beguiles them. It
could be a match made in heaven, yet all semester long, they fought like
cats and dogs.

Today is the last day of the Fall Semester. A two week vacation looms
and the possibility Adam and Devon, maybe Felicity’s two biggest fans,
may never have a chance with the hottest girl on the campus again.

Desperate as they are, when opportunity presents itself, they go for it,
and for once, Felicity doesn’t stop them. This leads to an afternoon,
they and maybe you, will never forget.


They were in the dark. He couldn’t see much of her—only a vague silhouette lit from second hand light reflected from the movie, but…he could smell her. More than ever, he could smell her. Her flower scented cologne, her bath wash and her se-x-x. God, all his senses now channeled through his nose and he could actually smell her sex—from three feet away, her beautiful, he just knew, smooth sex. God, it smelled good. The fragrance reminded him of slightly burnt roasted almonds. He knew, given the opportunity, he could lie in front of her sweet sex dining on it all day.

Too excited for words, he suddenly felt a constriction in his throat and could barely breathe. He forced himself to breathe hard and the burnt roasted almond bouquet that wafted into his lungs relaxed his throat.

He admired her beautiful silhouette as she watched the movie. Had anyone in the history of man since time immemorial, ever wanted a woman more? Could Romeo have wanted Juliet more? Could Marc Anthony have wanted Cleopatra more? Napoleon and Josephine? Solomon and Sheba? No! No eefing way!

He took a deep breath and savored her sex. Then another and another. Soon he was mad with lust.

“Adam, please be quiet. You’re making too much noise. What are you grunting and groaning for?”

If you only knew, my ‘USDA Choice’ piece of flesh. What’s the warm, smooth, silky object his hand is resting on? He glanced down and realized his hand rested on her pale thigh—only inches from her sex. Then he noticed since almost everyone had moved closer to the screen to watch the movie, the three of them had the last five rows of seats to themselves. He grew even more excited. Sitting in the back row in the dark, they were virtually invisible to the professor or anyone else in the unlikely event they glanced up.

Opportunity presents itself in, of all places--Las Vegas. Randy and his girls are flown to Sin City on a corporate jet and after being wined and dined and...ah...other things, are offered the opportunity to host that Summer's Adult Pool Parties at the Galaxy & Eden Hotels


We arrived to the Scottsdale Airport terminal at one-forty, with twenty minutes to spare. The Prince's right hand man, Fahd Barakah, met us and escorted us to Las Vegas. Fahd apologized for the prince not being there. It seems to pass the time he got involved in a game of Chemin de fer and lost 6.7 million dollars, so he sent Fahd instead, because he was trying to recoup his loses.
We flew to Vegas in Prince Salam's tricked-out Gulfstream 650, which according to Fahd cost 89 million dollars. I was shocked. I had no idea private planes cost that much.
The fight was uneventful and we arrived at McCarran Executive Air Terminal at 1:45 pm—earlier than we left due to the time difference.
From there a stretch limousine zipped us the two miles to the Galaxy Hotel where Romano greeted us effusively, especially me. After embracing me and kissing my cheek, he said, "Ah, April. I'm so glad you came. I have been so looking forward to seeing you again." He winked. "I remember our time together at the Phoenician most fondly."
I remembered too. I remembered how handsome he was/is and how much he turned me on. "It's good to see you again, too. I'm looking forward to working in Vegas again."
Romano's eyebrows rose. "Again? I wasn't aware you had worked here before."
A flush surged through me. "Oh, it was for only two weeks when I was in college."
"I see. Well I'm sorry I missed you then." He chuckled. "You might never have gone back to Phoenix." His eyes wandered to Lita, who stood between me and Randy. "And who is this lovely creature?"
"Oh! This is Lita. Lita this is…I'm sorry but I don't know your first name."
"It's Julio. I seldom use it, everyone calls me Romano, but you can use either name."
"Lita, this is Julio Romano and Julio, this is Lita Brooks."
Lita did a half curtsy. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Romano."
"Please, please. Julio or Romano. We are going to be famiglia around here." He took Lita's hand, raised it chest high then leaned down and kissed the top. "Lovely name for a lovely creature. I hope we can get to know each other real good.
As Lita blushed, Romano lowered her hand and held out his hand to Randy. "And you are?"
"Randy Evers." Randy took the offered hand and shook it.
"Romano…or Julio, if you prefer. You are the impresario, no?"
Randy laughed. "I've been called many things but never that."
Romano laughed too. "Well my friend, you have a nose for beautiful women. Counting Lita, I have beheld three. How many more gorgeous courtesans do you have for us?"
"Only one of the quality you want."
Romano's eyes narrowed. "Oh, you must keep your talented nose, ears and eyes out for more. We can always put beautiful women to work."
Addressing everyone Romano then asked, "Have you eaten?"
Randy Lita and I shook our heads. "Only an early breakfast."
Romano stuck his arms out and lolled his head back. "Then you must be starved. "Let's go in the hotel, get you a room and we'll meet for dinner after you freshen up. Perhaps the Prince will be done with his foolishness by then."
While Randy went with Romano to check on the Prince, we took an elevator to the thirty-second floor where our suite—suite 3206 was located. Romano insisted we take a suite that was saved for high rolling VIPs. Lita and I decided to share one bedroom though we'd probably all end up in the same extra-king sized bed. If Randy wanted to be by himself or if he picked up a show girl, He could have the bedroom that adjoined the suite, but also had it's own entrance.
The three of us were supposed to meet Romano and Prince Salam at five-thirty in the Alpha Centauri gourmet room for what Romano described as a 'gastronomic orgy'.
Randy suggested we pull out all stops and look our very best for the occasion. Lita and I agreed. This was the big leagues and the stakes were high. If we pulled it off our lives would change like we never imagined.


After a series of jobs that fall through, top model, Kelsey Deveroux, is about to be evicted. Out of desperation, she considers making a lesbian film even though she's straight. Sexually experimenting with fellow another top model Cheryl Chablis, Kelsey is flummoxed to find out that maybe she's not as straight as she thought.


"Hi Cheryl, my name is Kelsy Deveroux. You don't know me but—"

Her pretty, cheerful, soprano voice warmed me. "Hi Kelsey, I know who
you are, all right. You are one of Missy's most glamorous models. I've
long wanted to meet you. What can I do for you?"

"I was thinking of signing a short term contract with Gurls Luv Gurls and Missy told me you have done some work for them."

"Need money huh?"

I smiled. "How did you—"

"Simple. That's why I did it. Why else would a classy girl like you venture into the dark side of entertainment?

I frowned. "Is that what it is? The dark side?"

She snickered. "To some it is. Not to me. To me it's the bright side.
The fun side, but I'm an outgoing extrovert. You seem to be shy. An
introvert. Am I wrong?"

"I guess not, I'm fairly reserved."

"You must be desperate to think of doing adult films."

I sighed. "Yes, I'm desperate. If I don't come up with a load of money I'll soon be homeless."

"Okay, sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. Am I wrong or are you straight."

A flash of heat coursed through me. Did I just blush? "Yes, I'm straight."

"Thought so. Since you're straight why wouldn't you go to one of the
hundred or so straight adult film studios in the LA area who would give a
gorgeous woman like you a fabulous deal?"

BLURB The mysteries of Fortunes Cookie Magic play out twenty years later, in the long awaited series, Fortune Cookie Magic – The Offspring. The adventure continues as four of the original Fortune Cookie gang lead their sons and daughters into the mysterious mythical, magical land of Hyperborea, where unicorn and goblins dwell and sex and love are the same

EXCERPT Sandy had trouble keeping up with her strange behaving friend. "What's your hurry?" 

"We must have purple cookies. It's dangerous. I'm trying to find Choi Lin's."
Jill walked as if she was in a stupor. Through an arch, up some stairs, across a bridge, down stairs, past shop after shop, Jill looked everywhere and Sandy followed patiently. Jill walked and Sandy tailed her along a narrow hallway, across a courtyard, across a driveway, through a gateway, into a portico and…"There it is." 
Jill entered the little shop, with Sandy trailing behind. 
A small, elderly Asian woman glanced at her husband, then asked Jill, "May we help you?" 
Sandy gazed around. There were powders in apothecary jars, amulets, trinkets, crystals, books on mysticism and dozens of other such items.
Jill answered the woman, "Yes, I hope so. I'm looking for some special fortune cookies."
The man addressed her. "Why do you need these cookies?"
"We are on a quest," Jill answered almost robotically.
The woman asked. "In what way are they special?"
"They make you invisible."
An antique oriental vase fell to the floor and shattered. 
All eyes turned to Sandy who was red as a beet. Contritely, she hunched her shoulders up. "Looks like I bought an antique vase."
The man laughed and said, "Not to worry. It cheap replica. Twenty dolla."
Then the woman spoke up once more, "We waiting for you. Purple cookies are expensive. How many?" 
"We need twelve."
"That twelve hundred dolla."
Jill turned and with a vacant look in her eyes and asked, "Sandy do you have twelve hundred dollars, I could borrow?"
Sandy walked over to stand by Jill. She had no idea what they would need invisibility for, but twelve cookies for ten people didn't sound like enough. "Oh, let me buy them, sweetie." To the lady she handed five thousand dollars and said, "My friend made a mistake. We need fifty purple cookies."
"I get. Be back!"
"Oh, wait, just a minute please. Do you have any black cookies?"
"No sell black cookies. Only 'The One' has."
"Of course. I meant green cookies."
"How many?"
"Five hundred dolla."
"Here's five hundred and an extra hundred for the vase."
"I make change."
"No, don't bother. We're in kind of a hurry. If you would just get the cookies we'll be on our way."
As the woman left, Sandy bent down and whispered. "Did you say invisible?"
Jill looked at Sandy and recognition and alertness came to her eyes. "Sandy! Where are we? How did we get here?"
"You led us here?"
Jill scrunched her nose. "I did? Invisible what?"
The man came over to Sandy and handed her a package. 
"What's this?" she demanded.
"You no want change, you take four urns. I'm Choi. wife Lin. Good luck on journey. Smart to take purple cookies. Remember, cookie last one day – twenty-four hours."
BLURB The mysteries of Fortunes Cookie Magic play out twenty years later, in the long awaited series, Fortune Cookie Magic – The Offspring. The adventure continues as four of the original Fortune Cookie gang lead their sons and daughters into the mysterious mythical, magical land of Hyperborea, where unicorn and goblins dwell and sex and love are the same

EXCERPT The members of the Fellowship Standing at the entrance of the cave Jill stared out in awe. From the look on the other Fellowship member's faces, they were equally impressed. The cave entrance seemed to be high above the valley, if there was a valley. A pathway traced along the side of a mountain of indeterminable size. It was certainly larger than Cathedral Rock from whence they entered the cave or tunnel or whatever it was. The top of the mountain wasn't visible, nor was the bottom. Across the huge valley other mountains came into view. A heavy layer of fog or cloud cover obstructed their view of the bottom. The pathway, a series of switchbacks, disappeared into the mist. 

"So much for the golf carts," remarked the bodiless voice of Sandy.

"Yeah. It looks like we hike it," added Chad.

While the others continued to stare, Jill hiked up a gradual ridge to get a better look. 

"Chad!" About a hundred feet to the group's right, she waved her arm in a circular motion, beckoning him over. When he approached, she said, "On the other side of the ridge."

They walked to the top of the ridge and glanced down. Chad's eyes widened and he seemed speechless. "Awwwwak!" Squawked one of the creatures. 

Before their unbelieving eyes were five large catlike creatures with the head of an eagle, and seven unicorns. All were saddled and apparently waiting.

"It looks like somebody is expecting us," Jill remarked.

"Yes. Are we supposed to ride those creatures?"

Chad couldn't see her, but he knew Gail's voice when he heard it, "They have saddles on, don't they?"

"Smart alec." 

Jill reached up and pulled what resembled a large carryall bag from around the saddle horn of one of the unicorns. She set it on the ground and breathed a sigh of relief when she opened it. "Everybody can relax now. I found clothes for us."

Rachel and Susan cheered, but the three boys moaned. They had obviously been enjoying the pretty, feminine scenery.

The clothes, which were all the same, resembled plain white ancient Greek tunics. Footwear was supplied as well in the form of leather sandals. Rachel and Susan were the first to don the garments. As Jack picked a large tunic out, he pleased the girls when he said, "At least I can still see your gorgeous legs."

Susan, who had eyes for Jack, nevertheless, teased him. "Too bad we can see yours."

Jack made a feint toward her, and she playfully skedaddled away chirping as if he was after her. 

That's enough kids, the rest of us have to get dressed, so we can get going." Jill admonished. 

Chad stated, "I'm a cowboy. I'm not going to ride one of those ugly beasts," declining to ride one of the eagle headed creatures, instead tried to mount one of the unicorns. The unicorn must have thought Chad was an ugly beast himself, for she threw him in seconds. Determined to tame the wayward horseflesh, Chad, showing off his cowboy wares, mounted the same filly and grinned for three or four seconds, before she started bucking violently. Even with a horn to hold onto he was on the ground in seconds. Scratching his head, he confided to her, "I've been on brahmas that were easier."   

Then Rita went over to the filly, petted her nose, her neck, and gave her a hug. "You are beautiful." and slowly mounted her. 

"Be careful yelled Chad, she's a wild one." But nothing happened. "Well, I'll be," Chad said, just before being shoved forward. Turning around quickly, he stared in the face of an eagle. "Awwwwk." It squawked and turned sideways, as if beckoning him to mount.

"It's obvious, the beautiful graceful unicorns are for the girls and the ugly beasts are for the ugly beasts." Laughed Rita.



Movie starlet and top fashion model Mallory Robbins has a budding romance snatched away when she and her new beau, Drew, are kidnapped right out of her bedroom and whisked off to a fancy Las Vegas Hotel, where she finds out her kidnapper is a Saudi Prince.

{WARNING} This book contains extreme sexual content.

PLEASE NOTE: This book was formerly released as LEGS


Drew awoke from a splash of cool water across his
face. "What the f—" The lights came on, temporarily blinding him. He
tried to sit up, but he couldn't. Realizing his left arm had been fastened to
the headboard, fear crept into his psyche. He desperately tried to remember
where he was. He grabbed the sheet to wipe the wetness from his eyes and face
with his free hand and strained to remember. Where am I?

 Slowly his
eyes became accustomed to the bright light and he perceived a vision of beauty.
He relaxed. It was Mallory. Then he stiffened. She was holding his Walther P99
on him. "Mallory, what are you doing?"

Her nostrils flared. "Nothing. We are going to
have a little chat. A question and answer session. You just burst into my life,
claim you know all about me, seduced me and I realized I know nothing of you."

Sweat mingled with the water Mallory had thrown on
him. "Of course, but why handcuff me? And why hold my gun on me?"

"Because you have it, that's why. You come
into my house and make wonderful love to me, but you bring a gun and handcuffs.
It makes me wonder."

"Mallory, Mallory. I would never hurt you. You
are bright, caring, articulate and funny, certainly, the most beautiful woman I've
ever seen, let alone slept with. I adore you!" The fingers of his free
hand combed through his damp hair. "I'm here to protect you."

Disbelief flashed in her baby blues. "Is that
right? Go on, I'm listening."

"I will. I'll explain everything, but first
put down the gun and release me."

"No, I'm afraid I'm not ready to do that just
yet. You have to be more convincing than that."

Staring past her, his eyes grew large and round. "Look
out! Behind you!"

"Humph! I'm not going to fall for that old li—"

~* *~

Abruptly, an arm wrapped around her waist and
another arm reached for the gun. Barefooted, she stomped on her attacker's foot
and he let go. "Oww! Fuck, you bitch!"

Drew yelled. "Behind you baby!" She tried
to turn around, but another pair of hands grabbed her roughly and held her
tight as the original attacker held a chemically treated rag over her nose and
mouth, while the gun was stripped from her hand. Through a foggy haze, Mallory saw
the gun raise and train on the struggling Drew. The gun fired as she slipped
from consciousness.

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