Aspiring novelist and self-proclaimed curvy girl Harper Finch has been given the opportunity of a life-time thanks to her recently deceased Great-Aunt Millie - a cabin in the woods, rent paid in full for a year and a job working three days a week as a waitress at Greasy Manna. She has time to write and time to heal her recently broken heart.

The cabin sits on the property of Red Guile, incredibly hot neighbor, builder and Alpha werewolf of a pack closed to outsiders until Red changed the rules. Now he has curvaceous BBW Harper living next door and their attraction is undeniable. But it was no coincidence Millie sent Harper to Hot Springs. The town holds a history for the Finch family and a dark secret.

This is the complete series of Hot Springs Werewolf collected in one box set. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between a curvy bbw girl and a sexy werewolf alpha. Intended only for mature audiences 18+!


Those were the rules, right? The cook doesn't wash. I was just washing the dishes as a quick thank you and then ... and then I'd get the hell out of here before I blushed to death.

Red hadn't spoken at my sudden rush for the sink. Staring down at the plates and the running water, I could feel him standing behind me. I hadn't heard him move but I knew he was there.

I looked up from the sink into the reflection. Red was standing behind me, his eyes glinting golden in the light.

Our eyes met and all thoughts of keeping it platonic evaporated out of my head. My body must have been one step ahead of me. I felt my hips tilt, just a few inches, but it was enough for my butt to stick out a little. I moved my foot and arched my back. Just small movements.

Completely innocent.

I saw Red's eyes flash golden before he reached out his hand to touch my shoulder. His fingertips were rough, hardened by farm work and I shivered as they grazed across my shoulder.

Stone-Black is on the brink of destruction and Delilah's heart threatens to tear her and Jackson Stone apart. They face a clever foe and their own demons.
Will he finally take off his mask and give his heart to her? Or is it truly over between them?
This is the eighth and final part of the "Billionaire Boss" series by Emily Cantore and is 7750 words long.
They say the only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting what you want.
Well, I had wanted Stone-Black destroyed. I'd studied the owners and seen pictures of Mr. Stone and swore that I would do my best to take him and his company down. 
Then I'd met him.
Then I'd fallen for him.
And I'd found that he wasn't the culprit.
But still, Stone-Black was going to be destroyed.
And there I was, wrapped in a towel still dripping water on to an expensive carpet, a length of rope in my hands that had very recently been used to bind me, and my boss, Mr. Jackson Stone, in front of me, his eyes mirrors, doubt creeping like a poison through his body.
"I would never..." I begun.
Normally, Mr. Stone was in control of his emotions. He had his standard Mr. Stone face - flat and unreadable - and this was the one he showed the world. It was his mask and he had worn it so long it had become him. But now, there was no mask. He was furious. He let go of the phone and took two steps across the room to stand in front of me. Was this it? I was about to be fired and thrown out while wearing a towel? By a gorgeous man wearing a towel?
Mr. Stone slipped the coiled rope from my hands and placed it on the carpet beside him. Then he stroked his fingers up my arm until they came to rest on my collar.
"Even after all we've been through ... you still don't trust me," he stated.
"I do trust you. It's just ... how this looks. The files gone and I asked you to come here."
"You don't trust my feelings about you. That I'm fickle or that I'll suspect you're lying to me and it's all over, even without any proof." 
Allie tried to give as good as she got and Ettore turned the tables on her. 

Now he wants her to fly with him to Las Vegas for the week to buy Cellar, the hottest sex club in America. Strictly business. He promises...

This is the second part of the "Mr. Money" series by Emily Cantore and is 15700 words long.

Bought: Part 1, Cellar: Part 2, April: Part 3, Desire: Part 4, Entice: Part 5 (the final book) are now available in the Kindle store!


At some point, Ettore looked up and saw me but I was too content and relaxed to care. He wiped sweat off his forehead and split a final chunk of wood before throwing the pieces in the pile he'd chopped. He slipped the axe into a green wheelbarrow and then loaded it up.

"Wood for the winter," he said once he arrived at the house.

"Does it get cold in Las Vegas? Lots of snow in the desert?"

"It gets cold enough. The house has heating but a wood fire is ... sexier."

"I agree." I was looking at the black lines up his arm that swept around his shoulder and on to his back. I wanted him to turn around so I could see the rest of his tattoo.

He looked like he was going to say something else but then just smiled to himself. "There are some gloves there - help me out?"

I slipped the work gloves on and together we carried the wood through into the house and stacked it up next to the fireplace.

I was here with this gorgeous man and I was holding back because ... I was shy? Because of loyalty to a man who couldn't even be bothered to answer his phone and was almost certainly cheating on me? I felt like I'd woken up from a deep sleep and there was no way I was going to return to that drowse where the months slipped by like days.

Ettore wanted me.

I wanted him.

As he said: Why did it have to be so complicated?

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