Feel the burn
On the abandoned outpost of Acarsaid Dorch Doctor Daniel Jackson makes a startling discovery — a discovery that leads SG-1 to a world on the brink of destruction.

The Elect rule Ierna, ensuring their people live in peace and plenty, protected from the planet’s merciless sun by a biosphere that surrounds their city. But all is not as it seems and when Daniel is taken captive by the renegade Seachráni, Colonel Jack O’Neill and his team discover another side to Ierna — a people driven to desperation by rising seas, burning beneath a blistering sun. 

Inhabiting the building tops of a long-drowned cityscape, the Seachráni and their reluctant leader, Faelan Garrett, reveal the truth about the planet’s catastrophic past — and about how Daniel’s discovery on Acarsaid Dorch could save them all…


“Colonel O’Neill,” Teal’c said, half turned back the way they’d come. “Men are approaching. If we wish to meet with Rhionna Channon we must evade them. I do not believe Pastor Channon would permit us to talk with his daughter.”

“He’s right,” Sam said. “I got the distinct impression that she’s persona non grata among the Elect — especially with that guy, Camus.”

“Which is probably a good sign,” Daniel chimed in, hands still deep in his pockets. “Maybe she really does have some useful information.”

“I think it’s worth a shot,” Sam agreed. She glanced over at O’Neill. “Sir?”

He was studying the map, memorizing it, then scrunched up the paper in his fist. “Okay, we meet with her and see what she has to say. But that’s all. We are not — repeat, not — gonna get dragged into another mercy mission.”

“The Hollywood-cum-Santa Fe artists, both screwy and sensible, in
the desert are all neatly caught in the lively style given to Mrs. Pat to
narrate. Grade: A”—The Saturday Review

“Plenty of excitement.”—Kirkus

From the jacket: “Time was,” said the sheriff of Santa Maria, “when
murder was murder in this country. ... But now we got artists and writers and
therefore psychology. It's enough to ruin the country.”

It was lucky for Sheriff Trask that Pat Abbott and his lively wife,
Jeanie, were vacationing in the little New Mexican artists’ colony the day a psychotic
war veteran and a gangster's widow arrived on the Plaza. By an unlikely
coincidence they were the former spouses of friends of the Abbotts who had just
announced their engagement. Gilbert Mason, a Hollywood writer with a penchant
for seeing the worst, pointed out to Jeanie that it looked as if there would be
no marriage, for the widow packed a gun.

The first day of tension exploded into murder and kidnapping, both
crimes committed almost simultaneously, as if they had been masterminded to
confuse pursuit. Immediately everyone began to act out of character. Competent
Vanessa Wells, a writer who had lived alone and liked it for years, turned
nervous and absent-minded. Gilbert Mason, a confirmed gossip, acted as if he
knew more than he told. The gangster's widow and her apelike retainer became
good Samaritans. And the handsome war veteran, who'd always looked after
himself, began to plot his own downfall.

Through the exciting adventure Mrs. Crane conveys the many aspects
of the New Mexican landscape, using the charm of Spanish-Indian culture, the
backbiting of bohemia, and the terrifying, cruel loneliness of the desert to
enhance the suspense.

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