A dark secret. A hidden purpose… Can love defeat destiny?

Stella, a teenager about to graduate, experiences the magic of love for the first time by meeting the boy of her dreams, Erick, an attractive exchange student. A mysterious, cold and out of reach guy that hides a big secret.

Both, he and his twin brother Luke, have a secret mission to achieve, where there is no room for feelings. That’s why, falling in love with Stella, his next victim, is not in his plans.

But she has something, something that confuses them, something that stirs a strange fire that consumes them inside and they had never experienced before. They will both take their rivalry to the limit to win Stella’s love, risking her live not to reveal their dark secret.

Double Moon is a tribute to first love. It talks about those feelings that give you goose bumps for the very first time, about that strength that pushes you to fight for what you want against everything and everyone. About the fear of losing and the disappointment that lying can cause. A story where nothing is what it seems, where looks can be deceiving. A romance fiction, but real as life itself. Francine's romance books for teens and young adults are written in spanish but soon available in english. Double Moon is her first book available in english.


I looked at his eyes and what I saw paralyzed me. They weren’t blue as I remember them. pearl, as steel tone, which gave them a dazzling coldness. I gasped covering my mouth with both hands.

The panic I felt for what could happen didn´t stop me from being fascinated with what I was seeing at the time. It was an overwhelming sight, surreal even for someone like me.

For someone so human...

His body began to shake, like a ship in a strong tide; while his face was decomposed by pain. Drops of sweat slip on his forehead. I had no idea what caused that reaction in him.

I turned to look towards his opponent, someone big and with a scary look, dark as death. I noticed a hint of a smile on his face. He felt he was the winner of such a strange battle.

I looked back at my angel. I could not bear to see him in that way, suffering, torn by pain. I wanted to help him, but what could I do if I didn’t even know what was happening?

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