THE SHAMAN WARRIOR is a classic book of magic and psychic exploration, much like the series of books by Carlos Castaneda and by Lynn Andrews. The author, a sociologist/anthropologist, first met Michael Fairwell, the shaman teacher she studied with, at a magical encampment, and much of Shaman Warrior consists of her descriptions of expeditions into the wilderness to work with Michael and other members of the group in contacting and communicating with the forces of nature. But she also highlights Michael's teachings of the principles of the shaman warrior way, provided in a series of ten lessons by Michael. These cover such topics as "seeing" into other realities, directing and stepping into dreams, projecting one's consciousness into other places and the future, getting in touch with one's inner voice, meeting one's ally, and working with trance, channeling, and ritual. Author Gini Graham Scott additionally sparks up the book with some of the interpersonal dynamics going on in the group of students she studied with. "Finally, a book which brings Shamanism to ALL people, women as well as men. Long overdue. A great work."-Susan B. White, Cyber-Shaman "Dr. Scott's book is an excellent text in teaching us that every man and every woman is a Star and that each of us has a right to practice our own Magick."-Christopher S. Hyatt, PhD, Magical Blend "Shaman Warrior is an intriguing breakthrough book in the field of magic and psychic exploration, much like the series of books by Carlos Castaneda and by Lynn Andrews The book is definitely an exciting read, and one can see Scott taking her place soon besides Castaneda, Andrews, and others who have been reporting on their continuing experience with modern shamans."-Frances Ling, Magical Blend
Many people express shock and horror when they hear of a wealthy or famous person killing another person. As a society, we seem to expect the rich and famous to behave better, to commit fewer crimes, to be immune to the passions that inspire other, less prominent people to kill. After all, the rich and famous have everything--why would they need to murder? But the rich and famous kill for the very same reasons others do: love, power, money, jealousy, greed, revenge, and rage. Here, Scott takes us on a tour of murders committed by the rich and famous during the last century, looking at the motives, the responses of the community and local law enforcement, the media, and the outcomes. She argues that the rich and famous may kill for the same reasons as others, but they receive vastly different treatment and are often able to get away with murder.

Homicide by the rich and famous is not new in this country, nor is fascination with the crimes committed by our most revered citizens. But being among the upper echelon of society does afford such suspects with a greater ability to escape punishment. They have greater access to better respresentation, they have the means to flee the country, they have influential friends in high places willing to put themselves on the line, and they are generally treated better by law enforcement and the criminal justice system. This book profiles the many ways in which homicides committed by the rich and famous are similar to other murders in their motives, but differ from those committed by everyday citizens in their outcomes. Scott provides readers with a showcase of crimes that will infuriate and fascinate readers.

Can a person repress memories of childhood sexual abuse and suddenly "recover" those memories 10, 15, or 20 years later? YOU THE JURY offers a balanced approach in which you will hear arguments on both sides of the question in a representative case argued by opposing attorneys. It's a fast-paced legal drama that takes place both inside and outside the courtroom, when the plaintiff, 27-year old Roberta Claire, decides to file a lawsuit charging sexual abuse by the defendant, her 66-year old stepfather, Lloyd Adams. Although the alleged incidents occurred more that fifteen year ago, Roberta is convinced they actually happened, while Lloyd insists he is innocent and that Roberta's psychologist planted the awful memories in his step-daughter's mind. When the case goes to trial, you'll be invited to participate in the decision-making process as a voting member of the jury. So are the memories of abuse real and do you find for the plaintiff? Or do you reject the theory of recovered memories as "junk science" and find for defendant? You decide.

"This book is unique among the many books about 'recovered memories' because it presents both sides of the issue. Readers will get to 'see' what really happens in a trial-and the reader is a juror. Which witnesses should be believed is up to the reader. It is a realistic challenge."-Robert Koscielney, Member/Board of Directors, False Memory Syndrome Foundation

"You the Jury is a riveting and fascinating book and shows the human element of the destruction and devastation of family members. It shows professional therapists with their conflicting opinions on this controversial issue. Written in fiction-like form, You the Jury is magnetic in holding your attention to an issue and tragedy that is all too endemic in our society."-Claire R. Reeves, President/Founder, Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, MASA

Once upon a time, people wrote fables featuring untrustworthy ravens, wicked wolves, insincere monkeys, and power-hungry lions. Told repeatedly through generations and spread throughout the world, classic stories abound in which noble heroes and heroines matched wits with these typically treacherous beasts. But what's that you say? You feel as though you're surrounded by just these sorts of characters at work? Well, you're not alone. In the Land of Difficult People presents dozens of timeless folk tales from around the world and applies the lessons we can learn from them to present-day work situations, showing how you can best maneuver around the equally challenging personalities found in your own workplace. You'll meet the eight major types of difficult people (animals!)-and learn how to handle scary, insecure bosses, self-interested coworkers, and other figures so perfectly mirrored in these delightful and enlightening tales. The stories collected here show how using classic street smarts and some not-so-common sense, you can win the day against snakelike gossipmongers, kingly tyrants, backstabbing tricksters-and all other workplace “beasts.” Each story in this amusing collection is followed by practical advice-with smart, adaptable options you can use to manage any situation involving even the toughest of characters. Whether you're dealing with a hostile boss, an untrustworthy coworker, or a poorly communicating client, you'll find the solutions you need resonating throughout these timeless tales. Equal parts entertainment and guidance, In the Land of Difficult People is filled with invaluable wisdom that will lead you to a happily-ever-after ending every time.
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