A family faces a moral crisis

Nadine's first husband Johnnie had been killed in the Middle East
before ever knowing he was about to become a father. Johnnie's best friend
Phillip stood on the front step alongside the Chaplin to break the terrible
news that day, nearly twenty years ago. Phillip helped Nadine make it through
those tough early times. Without him, she and her unborn daughter might have
become lost to her depression and grief. 

Phillip and Nadine never intended to fall in love. He was at the
hospital the night Kelly was born and held her in his arms, as if she was his
own child. Soon after Kelly’s birth, Phillip suggested that she needed a father
and Nadine agreed. A loving family was born.

Nathan was not pleased that his daughter had found solace in the
arms of an African American.
 His racial
hatreds and bigotry drove him to extract a bitter promise. Unless Phillip and Nadine
swore to never bring a missed-race child into the world, Nadine would be dead
to him.

The story begins nearly two decades later when Kelly awakes to celebrate
her eighteenth birthday.
  It was a
milestone day for Nadine as well.
Memories of her first husband had faded although she could still picture
him through the eyes of her daughter. Her dream was to see Phillip in the eyes
of a child; a child that was part of Phillip and part of her.

When Kelly’s Grandfather finally succumbed to sixty-years of smoking,
Nadine approached Phillip about her desire and although he wanted a child as
much as she, he felt bound by his oath to Nathan.
  He insisted that precautions needed to
continue. Although, if God willed it…

Phillip was not a church-goer although his faith was strong.
Seeing the sadness in his wife’s eyes over his decision, he sought out old Reverend
Johnson at his Mama’s church to seek his advice and guidance.
 In his eyes, Phillip and Nadine had honored
their promise to Nathan but added, “He’s dead.”

The morning of Kelly’s birthday, Nadine awoke hoping the wish
she'd cherished for so many years might have been realized by God’s will,
despite their precautions. Later that day, she'd discover her desire wasn't
meant to be. Instead, she was facing a profound crisis in her life, one faced
at some point by all women.

In the Eye of… is the story of this family as events lead them to
embark on a path that may potentially tie this family together in a way that in
the eyes of some, might be unthinkable.

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers. This
story is a departure from I. M. Telling's typical and often tongue-in-cheek tales
of erotica although minor explicit elements are portrayed.

 This book is for you if you have ever wondered about BDSM practices and sexual servitude.  The Slave Factory was ranked in the Amazon Hot 100 List of New Releases for erotica - See why! 
The Slave Factory is Volume One of The Slave Factory Trilogy. Volume Two: The Slave Factory: Exposed! is on sale now, Volume Three: The Slave Factory: Total Power Exchange will be released by mid-September 2013.
"I think I know what you are referring to," said James, after Tonya had asked him if he had ever heard of The Slave Factory. "If you mentioned Per il piacere del Maestro to a hundred thousand different people around the world, you would be hard pressed to find one person who would know what you're talking about," declared James.
This is how The Slave Factory begins. It is the story of Tonya's journey of self-discovery as she and an eclectic group of fellow students undergo six-months of focused and brutal reshaping, guided by the Masters and Mistresses of the arts of sex, bondage, discipline, and submission and the love to serve within the walls of a place known only as The Academy. 

Each student spent years under the watchful eye of the secret company that traced its origins to ancient history and beyond. Only the best were selected from the final review of candidates, only the best of those were selected to be trained and sold as slaves to the wealthy and the powerful.  The Slave Factory trains the students in all aspects of BDSM, Sex, and Social Acceptability.

Question: Would you sell yourself into a year of sexual and submissive servitude for a few million dollars?  What limits would you impose (if any) on what your Master demands from you?

The Slave Factory is over 300 pages of sex, bondage, and maybe a little romance tossed in here and there.  One reader stated "It was a good read. Well told and fast paced. Once I got started on it I was a 100 pages into it before I realized it."

Caution: This story contains scenes involving explicit sexual contact and numerous depictions of BDSM activities. Recommended for Adults eighteen or over.
Brenda Bailey Cunningham's Ankle Bracelet

It was Brenda's birthday and her husband Riley had presented her with a gift. It was an ankle bracelet with the letters BBC hanging off it. BBC was Brenda's initials and she loved the fact that her husband had purchased such a personalized gift for her.

Unknown to either Brenda or Riley, the bracelet's initials has a secret meaning for black men. It is an advertisement of a white woman's preference and willingness to whore for any big black man. White women wearing BBC, which stood for Big Black Cock, were considered white slaves to a black man's cock to be used and humiliated by all black men as they share what is offered.

One night, a man named Marcus, an interracial swinger, who knows well the significance of the bracelet, approaches Brenda. However, upon learning that she was unaware of the meaning of the bracelet, he sets off to turn her into a whore for black men to use as they see fit.

Initially seduced by Marcus's charms, Brenda gives herself to Marcus completely, willing to do whatever he asks of her.  However, once she sees Marcus for what he is, it is too late; she has become the whore Marcus wanted her to be.  She succumbs to desires and needs that he has created in her.

Brenda Bailey Cunningham's Ankle Bracelet tells her story in graphic detail as she enters the world of interracial swingers and learns to accept her addiction and become a stronger person for her experiences.

Content warning:  This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various interracial encounters including multiple partners and violence. It is intended for mature readers 18 years and older who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts.

Approximately 180 pages
Trisha and her husband Mike are heading out to a new and exciting party again in this follow-up story to BEING SERVICED.  

A mysterious email arrives one day with sketchy details for a weekend in Las Vegas as guests of an exclusive group of famous black athletes.  The white husbands come and offer their white wives to be serviced by famous black athletic stars. At this annual event, every part is done following a strict ritual.
The group of high profile black athletes is staging a best of breed party. Only the best-married white wives are offered an invitation; the husband has to be willing to come with his white wife and graciously present his her to the bothers. Before being asked, all of the couples are investigated and then have an interview with one of the black athletic stars. 

Trish is on pins and needles she wants to go so badly. Trisha and Mike must first qualify to be invited and even if selected, participation is not guaranteed. 
This is a hard-core story about interracial sex with a few twist and turns thrown in just to keep things interesting. Husband Mike has a few issues this time around as well. However, do not be concerned, the party continues without him. The weekend ends with an orgy covered in graphic detail from Mike's unique point of view.
If you liked Being Serviced, you will love Being Serviced by the Best.  Note: This story is self-contained; you do not need to read the prequel first but they are better together.

Check out Being Serviced by All of Them to see what happens to Mike and Trisha next.  You won't believe what you read!
Content Warning: It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
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