High school jock Logan is in big trouble.

The blond bully had no choice but to go after Kevin. The little fairy humiliated him in front of the whole school. And the only way to stop everyone from laughing was to beat the crap out of him.

So Logan set up the perfect trap. How could any queer resist a come-on from one of the hot studs on the football team? All Brody had to do was lure Kevin back to his house, so that Logan and his buddies could beat the faggot’s face in. But instead of walking into an ambush, Kevin somehow recorded them discussing the team’s illegal steroid use.

Now Kevin’s got them by the balls. If Logan and his buddies want to keep playing football, they’re going to have to start playing Kevin’s game. They’re going to have to do things they swore they never would. And they’re going to have to do them soon. Because the longer each of them waits, the worse his punishment will be.

Logan’s desperate. Without football, he’s nothing. But he’ll be damned if he’ll give up his manhood by becoming some queer’s little bitch. 

He needs to figure something out fast. Because one by one, his buddies are turning on him. Lining up to take their punishment and keep their place on the team. If Logan waits too long, he’ll wind up being the last guy in line. The one who has to take it up the ass from all the others.

Logan’s trapped. Out of options. Out of choices. He’s only got one person left to turn to. One person who might be able to get him out of this jam. 

His coach.

But Logan’s about to find out that the Coach’s help comes at a price. And his troubles are just getting started.

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Things can’t get much worse. Kevin’s in the hospital. Wade’s on the run. And Coach Davis is pissed.

It was bad enough when the Coach thought that his rival was Mr. Pendergrass, the English teacher. But Kevin? Scrawny, geeky, Kevin? Wade was holding out for him? 

Coach Davis is going to destroy Kevin. And then he’s gonna bring Wade’s ass back in line. Even if the golden boy jock can’t play football anymore, there are other ways that he can earn his keep. And Coach Davis still has all those videos… 

But the Coach had better be careful. Because clever little Kevin has finally got something worth fighting for. And this time, he’s not fighting alone.

Wade, Danny, Brody, Logan. They’re all gonna have to pick sides. Decide what they’re willing to sacrifice. And what kind of men they’re gonna be.

Hell, even Katrina and Brittany are discovering that they have something in common. And if fat girls and cheerleaders can team up, then anything is possible.

It’s, the final fight— for all of them. And the loser is going down.


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Coach Davis has a special way with his boys. A firm hand. Intense training. And for the really stubborn ones… blackmail. 

That’s what happened to Wade, the team’s cocky star quarterback. Wade thought that he could break a deal he made with the Coach. Well, now the Coach is breaking Wade. Pushing him past all his limits. Forcing him to become the perfect athlete. And the perfect sex slave. 

Now the popular high school jock is being used in ways that he never imagined. And worse, he’s starting to accept it. Wade is alone, with no one to turn to. Who would help him, if they knew the truth? His dad? His football buddies? They’d all turn on him in an instant if they saw those videos that the Coach has. 

Wade thinks that he’s reached rock bottom. But that’s only because he doesn’t know that the Coach has planned for him next. There are guys who will pay big money to spend the night with a winning high school quarterback. And Wade’s gonna start earning his keep. 

But Coach Davis has a problem. One that he doesn’t even know about yet. 

Because Wade isn’t alone. As hard as the Coach has worked to isolate him, there’s still one person who cares about him. One person who might come to his rescue. 

But that person is going to have to rescue himself, first. Because Wade’s only hope isn’t a jock or a teacher or even a cop. It’s Kevin, the most bullied kid in school. The Coach would probably laugh if he knew. 

But the Coach is about to learn something, along with all the other bullies. 

Never underestimate a pissed off geek. 

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