Sam's fear of rats takes him to the verge of terror. When super-sized vermin turn up in his apartment, his phobia pushes him over the edge.

But it isn’t one or two rats. A hybrid colony – genetically superior, strong, and super intelligent – has moved into the basement... and living flesh is on the menu.

Pets and tenants disappear, leaving behind a wake of carnage Sam is powerless to stop. Now, with his estranged son Bradley dumped on his doorstep, Sam must switch into protection mode – if he can.

Faced with impossible odds, Sam hires Bertha O’Connor from Detest-A-Pest Exterminators Inc. She runs the only outfit brave enough – or crazy enough – to take the job. O’Connor and her crew need backup and drag Sam and Bradley along for the battle. But this horde of super-rats may be smarter than anyone had bargained for...

Vermin 2.0 is a fast-paced creature feature horror novel, book one of the popular Detest-A-Pest series. It can be read as a standalone novel.

For fans of Gerry Griffiths, Michael Cole, Hunter Shea, Matt James, Steve Alten, William Meikle, Greig Beck, or James S. Murray.

Praise for Vermin 2.0:

"There is nothing I didn't like about this book and it got me reading the rest of the series. It was an absolute blast!!!"

"Vermin 2.0 is a gruesome horror. What would happen if rats were able to think and plan? That is what appears to happen in this old apartment building where the main character, Sam Shaw, is the superintendent. The characters are well developed. They are all colorful and entertaining in their own way. The author makes this into a great story as the characters are introduced to the reader and interact with each other and the rats. Don't get too attached to any of them. The focus of the book is very bad rats. This is also Sam Shaw's worst nightmare. This is his story. A real page turner."

"If you're looking for something a little apocalyptic for your next read, but without fantasy monsters, check out Vermin 2.0. From the first chapter on, you'll quickly agree that rats deliver more horror than zombies and killer clowns ever could. Rats are the ancient enemies of mankind, no matter how cute the white ones look in pet stores. Lee Gabel has given us a new star in the rodent-related horror universe! Is there going to be a sequel?"

"Let me start by saying, as a child, I loved Willard, Food of the Gods, Rats, Night of Terror and the really cheesy Graveyard Shift, so I may be somewhat biased when I say I love this freaking book. Lee Gabel has taken some of the most cherished horror films from my childhood and written a novel in the same vein. Hero, who's afraid of rats, check.....Rats that have some real teeth, um, bite, check. Do yourself a favor. If you liked any of those movies, or just plain like good old fashioned nature run amok stories BUY THIS BOOK. You will love it."

"For starters this book was well written and flowed easy. The characters were well defined and the surroundings were well described. Now with those details out of the way, this book kept me on pins and needles. There were times my skin crawled and creeped me out but I could not put the book down. This book is one of the best books that I have read in a long time that actually kept my attention and freaked me out all at the same time. This is a 5 star book.."

"Was expecting a rip off from James Herbert's the rats trilogy but got a unexpected delightful little book. Estranged father and son spend the summer holidays together and things don't go well at first. But thankfully an invasion of rats naturally brings them together along with a rat expert and 2 eccentric exterminators. Can they stop the rats? Read and see. Nice gore and rat attacks."

"This book was an awesome read. I couldn't put it down, even when it creeped me out a few times. These rats are scary. I hope [Lee] writes another 'rat tale.' I will definitely want to read it."

"I really liked this book. I don't know why I was fascinated by rats but I was. The story was great, the writing was great and anyone who reads this story will enjoy it."

"I really enjoy Gabel's attention to facts and details in his writing. I feel like I haven't just read a piece of fiction, but have also learned something. Gabel's characters are distinct and well-rounded and help draw you into the action. This one will certainly make you think twice about the critters in your neighbourhood!"

"OMG! *** Warning very descriptive*** With that said I have nothing but praise for Mr. Gabel and am anxious to read more of his awesome work."

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, the rats are viciously nasty killing machines you would not want to meet."

Spiders. Over 35,000 species. Every person on Earth eaten in one year. Now there’s one more... a ravenous eight-legged hybrid thousands of years in the making and bigger than a dozen burritos.

After a summer of exterminator training in New York, Bradley returns home ready to face his senior year with renewed confidence. But fate gets in the way of his grand teenage plans – especially when eight legs attack instead of four.

And these aren’t your typical, everyday spiders. Their newly acquired taste for raw meat has them casting a wide net over Bradley’s sleepy San Fernando suburb. It doesn’t take them long to scramble up the food chain.

Add a vengeful ex-girlfriend casting a web of lies into the mix, and things get downright sticky.

But Detest-A-Pest can’t resist a challenge. Sam and O'Connor rejoin Bradley and his inventive friends as they wage war on an infestation of spiders poised to swallow not only the high school, but the neighborhood and everyone within...

Arachnid 2.0 is a fast-paced creature feature horror novel, book two of the popular Detest-A-Pest series. It can be read as a standalone novel.

For fans of Gerry Griffiths, Michael Cole, Hunter Shea, Matt James, Steve Alten, William Meikle, Greig Beck, or James S. Murray.

Praise for Arachnid 2.0

"I am no longer young and usually cannot identify with younger points of view in books. I instantly was catapulted into this world and I loved it. This book had the right amount of realism, gruesomeness and horror. it is a winner. I did not read the first book and I now regret that. I will buy the third though."

"Another great one! First there were rats and now spiders. I am so glad the story continues! Not only are the spiders trying to kill everyone, but they have to watch out for one vengeful ex girlfriend. I love all the characters in this series and I love the way new characters have been introduced. If you love creature horror books, definitely read this. The spiders are not your ordinary spiders and they have one objective...kill. With lots of action and some humor thrown in, it will keep you reading on way past your bedtime. The good news...another book is coming in 2020."

"Got the Ebook yesterday, read it in two days, loved it. The next Stephen King, Can't wait for the next one."

"I like the subject matter of this series. The creep factor is great! I’m having a great time getting to know this cast of characters, O’Connor is my fav! Everyone should have a pal like her, she cracks me up :) I’m a fan of series books, so I’m looking forward to the next story. folks who are fans of movies like Willard, arachnophobia would dig this series. Although, Books are so much cooler than movies..... I live in the redwoods, and after reading this book, I am paying way more attention to what’s in the shadows!"

"This second book in the series takes another step forward from good to great. The characters and the story is something Stephen King would be proud of, don't miss this one!!!"

"Fast-paced horror. Colorful and memorable characters and a great story. Warmly recommended. I loved it!"

A playground for the rich. A genetic mutation a thousand years old. A relentless hunger for human flesh. What could go wrong?

Harry Harcourt has a problem. People are dying at exclusive golf resort Mar-A-Verde. As head greenskeeper, it’s up to him to “fix” the problem and keep the course open... or face termination. But it’s not one problem, it’s a vast network of vicious problems, all under the turf.

As bodies pile up, resident doctor Daniela Trejo joins Harry in the fight. Together, they capture a creature unlike anything on Earth – acid skin and razor-sharp fangs with agility that matches its appetite. But the creature escapes.

Outmatched and outnumbered, Harry seeks outside help. No one wants to touch the job – no one except Detest-A-Pest. O’Connor, Sam, and Hope hit the road for what looks like an easy payday in a tropical paradise. What awaits them is a journey through hell that has gruesome death hiding in every shadow...

Molerat 2.0 is a fast-paced creature feature horror novel, book three of the popular Detest-A-Pest series. It can be read as a standalone novel.

For fans of Gerry Griffiths, Michael Cole, Hunter Shea, Matt James, Steve Alten, William Meikle, Greig Beck, or James S. Murray.

Praise for Molerat 2.0:

"I love, love, love this series. This book just reaffirmed how great Mr. Lee Gabel writes. The characters are so easy to love and they pop off the pages to become real in my mind. The creatures he writes about are created with scariness in mind and I love that. Combining scary situations with gory scenes is what keeps me reading into the night. Add in the humor from the gang and each book has gotten better and better. Please, please, keep them coming."

"This book is literally a book that cannot be put down. These critters are really scary. Think of alien on a smaller scale. Great story. Characters are appealing and interact well with each other. Highly recommended."

Two sisters. One wants in. One has a plan. But gang loyalty cuts family ties and even the best plan can derail.

Jess works, spends time with friends, and earns good grades in school. But she's also sole provider for her drug-addicted mother... And she hates it.

Her sister Nova holds a high-profile position in the Dynamite Queens. Within her turf Nova enjoys fame, fortune, freedom, and respect – at a cost of family life.

But Jess wants what Nova has and is willing to do anything to get it. After one explosive argument, Jess joins a rival gang, a decision that leads her down a path of brutal consequences.

South Central L. A. erupts with violence as two gangs – two sisters – wage war on each other. For the winner, victory could be unforgiving...

Tied is a fast-paced look at family, friendship, betrayal, and revenge through the lens of tough Los Angeles girl gangs.

For fans of Allison van Diepen, Sister Souljah, Walter Dean Myers, S.E. Hinton, or Jason Reynolds.

Note: This novel contains strong language and gang violence.

Praise for Tied: A Street Gang Novel

"...Fast moving, intriguing, humorless and upsetting with an ending that left me breathless, thoughtful and sad. I can thoroughly recommend it to all who enjoy a gritty crime novel and who have a strong constitution."

"This violent world in which teenage girl gangs are menacing and dangerous is gripping. I really wanted to find out who would survive."

"This story is very well thought out with believable characters and situations. Gabel does a great job drawing us into the life that many of us know nothing about."

"Gabel's detail-rich world of gang culture was a fascinating read. The story will draw you in and the characters will keep you to the surprising end."

“Get snipped,” they said. “It will solve all your problems,” they said. Unfortunately, Ted listened...

Five years ago, it was love at first sight. Now, it’s life on autopilot as tumbleweeds roll through Ted and Iris’s bedroom. Their lackluster love life is driving Ted nuts. Iris’s solution to their bedroom blues: get snipped.

Kunal and Ray, Ted’s best friends and sworn enemies of Iris, agree with her for once. All roads seem to lead to a surgical solution, but Ted’s not going there... until an explosive argument changes everything. A vasectomy seems like Ted’s only play to win Iris back.

The antics of his precocious next-door neighbor complicates matters. Ted's ill-conceived decisions jeopardize everything important in his life, including his nuts.

But life was about to throw Ted a romantic curve-ball aimed straight at his heart...

Snipped is a fast-paced laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that will leave you in stitches.

For fans of Nick Hornby, David Nicholls, Nick Spalding, or Matt Dunn.

Praise for Snipped - A Cutting Comedy:

"This is a deliciously funny read. It has really likable characters and a funny as hell storyline. A must read!"

"This is a wonderful, laugh-out-loud book. Poor Ted and his 'clown' friends just made me crack up while laughing and shaking my head in wonder. I didn't know one person could get into so many strange situations. I LOVED IT!!!!! The characters (and I mean characters) are well developed and Ray, maybe a little toooo much developed, but they seem to meld well. Throw in a teenager from down the hall, and ex-girlfriend, and a potential NEW girlfriend, and the fun really starts. Especially when Ted goes to the doctor to get fixed. What a hoot and the doctor just adds to the hilarity of it all. The only sane one seems to be Buster, the dog. Read this and you will chuckle all day long."

"I laughed until I cried! Who would have thought such a sensitive subject could be sooooo hilarious? Lee Gabel, that's who. The reader needs to be cautioned that they may have fits of out-loud laughter, so read in the appropriate place. But OMG, did I enjoy the characters and the situations they got in, and even more so when presumed plots quickly turned into unexpected twists."

"I haven't laughed so hard reading a book in a long time. The comedy of errors that Ted goes through kept me laughing to the end."

"I really wanted to give this book a 3 1/2 stars but Amazon does not provide 1/2 stars. This book reminded me of a SNL (Saturday Night Live) movie starring Adam Sandler or Jimmy Fallon. It was funny with laugh out loud moments that you will remember."

"If you want a book that makes you laugh so hard your sides hurt, this is it. A new author to me and I think he has potential and look forward to his next."

"This was a funny story about a man and a dog going through a similar medical procedure. There were lots of laughs and the pacing was good. If you are craving the literary equivalent of American Pie or White Castle you won't go away from this novel unsatisfied."

"This is a light and funny beach read kind of book. My favorite part was the love story between Ted and Casey."

"I quite enjoyed this book. It was funny and you can't really help but have a soft spot for the Three Musketeers."

A family in crisis. An impossible choice. A race against time.

An unplanned pregnancy turns the lives of Deanna, her husband Max, and her teenage son upside down. But there’s something else wrong...

After baby David receives a cancer diagnosis, Deanna drops everything to focus on finding a cure. Max has other ideas.

Based on his own troubled past, Max challenges Deanna to consider quality of life versus quantity. Their opposing opinions throw their marriage into chaos and Deanna seeks treatment options alone.

Caught in the middle, Alex must navigate this family crisis on his own. An unexpected friendship with a cancer survivor may offer the perspective he needs.

With the clock ticking, Deanna stops at nothing to save baby David’s life... but will her relationship with her family survive the process?

David’s Summer is an emotionally rich and compelling family drama about love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and a frantic race for a cure.

For fans of Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Sarah Dessen, Diane Chamberlain, Emily Giffin, Kristin Hannah, or Lurlene McDaniel.

Praise for David's Summer:

"This book...It had me from the very beginning til the very end. I loved it! I felt like I was a part of this family. I have to warn you...It is a tear-jerker but I think you'll love it, too."

"This book left me in tears. I could not put it down. The question of how far would you go to save your child is epic. A story of cancer and support when your world is turned upside down."

"This story is an emotional one. How could a story not be when a baby is diagnosed with cancer? I was actually most taken with Alex and I wish there would have been more regarding his feelings about his brother."

"I would definitely read more from this author."

"As I read this book, I cried through the honesty of the family and what they were going through. The value of a human being is priceless, especially a child. This book is an emotionally charged read and will stay with you for a long time. Excellent!"

"This is a riveting story of crisis within a family and the toll taken when one is extremely ill and the family is floundering in the midst of pain and suffering. It is an important story and one felt by countless families every day. I was deeply affected by the teenage son's experience, as he lost his support team."

"Totally heartbreaking. Deanna and Max and their two boys, Alex and David, and how lives can change suddenly. Nobody knows when changes occur and the effect it has on everyone. A captivating story which will keep you reading to the end."

"This was a good story. It wasn't as sad as I thought it was going to be. There was a lot of growth and communication happening for this family throughout this tragedy they experienced."

"What an excellent and well written story. Gabel took a very difficult subject and was able to intertwine a story around it in such a way that I just had to keep reading. Can't wait to see what he writes next!"

"David's Summer was very well set from the beginning. Some parts made me smile, while others made me cry. I rate a book by my heart. This book pulled at my heart strings. This book was full of raw emotions. Anyone who has dealt with cancer knows its fury. A MUST read."

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