God wants you to have amazing sex

There is nothing more powerful on earth than the forces of love, sex, and romance. In fact, relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance.

So how you can train today for the relationship you want tomorrow? In Swipe Right, Levi Lusko shares with raw honesty from his own life experiences and God’s Word how to

regret-proof your marriage bed and your deathbedresist settling for instant pleasure by discovering what your heart really longs forlearn how to avoid and treat sexual scars by careful living todayturn the clumsy “sex talk” with your child into dialogue that leads to wise choicestransform a stagnant marriage by trading predictable nearness for mind-blowing intimacy

God’s dreams for your life are not intended to kill your joy but to enhance it. Whether you’re fed up with dating and hooking up as usual, tired of being single, numb because of porn and casual sex, or curious about how to improve your marriage, this book is for you.

Praise for Swipe Right

“It’s my hope that whoever reads this will have their thoughts of the heart as seriously provoked as mine have been.”

—Ryan Good

Producer, writer, and entrepreneur

“It’s a perspective I believe we need now more than ever.”

—Steven Furtick

Pastor, Elevation Church, and New York Times bestselling author

“One day, someday, there will be a day where you will need the down-to-earth wisdom in this book like you will oxygen.”

—Joel Houston

Songwriter, Hillsong United, and pastor, Hillsong NYC

“Swipe Right isn’t just another book of how-not-tos but an honest, gritty, and real-time approach to navigating dating, sex, and romance with our souls and sanity intact.”

—Judah Smith

Lead pastor, The City Church, and New York Times bestselling author of Jesus Is _____.

“Swipe Right is a timely, wonderful, prophetic, and needed message for our generation.”

—Christine Caine

Founder of the A21 Campaign and bestselling author of Unashamed

“If you are wondering what God’s plans are for your love life, or leading those in search of his plan for theirs, you need this book.”

—Louie Giglio

Pastor of Passion City Church, founder of Passion Conferences, and author of The Comeback

“This is a good book. Study it, ponder it, and, if you know a fifteen-year-old, tell them to read it.”

—Max Lucado

New York Times bestselling author

“We need the Swipe Right message now more than ever before.”

—Lysa TerKeurst

New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“This is more than just a book; it’s a life jacket!”

—Chris Tomlin

Grammy Award–winning musician and author of Good Good Father

“Levi shows that God will light our way, if we allow him to.”

—Carl Lentz

Pastor, Hillsong NYC

“Funny and engaging, while simultaneously practical and hard-hitting.”

—Craig Groeschel

Pastor of Life.Church and author of From This Day Forward

El pastor Levi Lusko revela su lucha personal con la ansiedad, los pensamientos negativos y la duda de sí mismo, y ofrece ayuda bíblica a los lectores que libran sus propias batallas internas.

En los deportes y en la guerra, los atletas y los soldados deben esforzarse por tener una ventaja mental para lidiar con éxito con todo lo que encuentra. En tanto que el éxito para ambos se define típicamente como vencer a sus respectivos oponentes, la realidad es que su victoria nunca puede producirse a menos que primero ganen sus batallas internas.

Yo declaro la guerra es una guía práctica en español, para librar nuestra guerra interna, el conflicto contra el pecado que nos quebranta y llena nuestra vida de dolor y sufrimiento, y nos hace sentir a su vez débiles e ineptos. Con relatos personales de sus propias luchas con los terrores nocturnos, la ansiedad, el narcisismo y la duda respecto a sí mismo, el pastor Levi dirige a los lectores a la esperanza y el poder que ofrece Dios en su palabra.

Desde corredores de acciones, a mamás de futbolistas, a patinadores y hermanas de fraternidades, Yo declaro la guerra es para todo el que lucha contra la depresión, el temor, la ansiedad, el suicidio, los pensamientos negativos, la adicción, la lujuria, el orgullo, los celos, el resentimiento, el abuso, la ira, la duda respecto a sí mismo, los desórdenes alimenticios, y/o las relaciones codependientes. El pastor Levi no ofrece una cura rápida ni una vida perfecta si se siguen los pasos prescritos, sino que más bien ayuda a guiar a los lectores a cómo pensar correctamente a fin de que puedan vivir correctamente.

A maioria de nós tenta se esquivar, mas a verdade é que há uma guerra interna sendo travada a todo instante. Ansiedade, atitudes egoístas, tendências a autossabotagem, narcisismo, depressão e aquela falta de habilidade para realizarmos as coisas geniais que ansiamos fazer porque gastamos muitas horas navegando, sem objetivo, na internet, são apenas alguns dos nossos inimigos. Concorda? Mas, calma. Nem tudo está perdido. Há pelos menos duas boas notícias nesse jogo. A primeira é a que você não está sozinho. E, a segunda, é que é possível vencer essa guerra. Basta tomar posse das chaves certas! Em Eu Declaro Guerra, Levi Lusko compartilha de maneira honesta como fez para vencer suas guerras pessoais contra sua inconstância no humor, seus pensamentos suicidas, seus terrores noturnos e tantos outros obstáculos que o impediam de viver uma vida plena, emocional e espiritualmente equilibrada. Autor best-seller dos livros The Eyes of a Lion e Swipe Right (ainda não traduzidos no Brasil), Lusko, ele, que também é pastor, aliou sua experiência a seus estudos bíblicos e identificou quatro pontos fundamentais que precisam ser encarados por aqueles que desejam mudança em suas vidas. E é esse manual que ele compartilha nas páginas desse seu mais novo livro, lançado pela Editora Hagnos. Eu declaro guerra não é livro para ser lido de qualquer jeito. É desafiador, um convite para todos aqueles que querem se tornar a pessoa, o cônjuge, o pai, a mãe e o líder que Deus verdadeiramente planejou.

Get out of your own way.

Whether you recognize it or not, you're at war with yourself. There's anxiety. Selfishness. Self-sabotaging tendencies. Narcissism. The black dog of depression. The inability to do the great things you long to do because you spend so many hours mindlessly drifting through the internet.

It is war, but all is not lost. You can win—if you choose to engage.

In I Declare War, Levi Lusko candidly shares about his struggles with moodiness, bullying, suicidal thoughts, night terrors, and difficulty managing himself. He identifies four weapons you have at your disposal—thoughts, words, behaviors, and power—and illustrates how to use them to achieve ongoing victory. These practical tools from God’s Word will help you learn to

retaliate against your anxiety by filling your heart with truth and making it inhospitable to terrorstop being victimized by your bad behaviors and become the victor you were born to be overcome self-imposed isolation by learning to think right so you can live rightspare your family unnecessary heartache by confronting your dysfunction so they don’t have to

It’s time to stop being your own worst enemy. Declare war and become the person, the spouse, the parent, and the leader God intended you to be.

Praise for I Declare War

“We are all created in the image of God. We don’t have be chained by our feelings. We don’t have to do the things we don’t want to do. We don’t have to be defined by our failures, mistakes, or sin. This is powerful! Yet how often do we not live based on this truth? One of the reasons I admire and respect Levi is his transparency and search for truth. He doesn’t shy away from the hard or ugly stuff. Through his own story, he strives to help others get out of their own way and into the truth of who they are in God. This book will help you do just that!”

—Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy winner; New York Times bestselling author

“Levi personally understands that the hardest battle is the one we’re fighting against ourselves. That’s why I’m so thankful he’s poured out the biblical wisdom he’s gained along the way into the pages of this book. The practical tools, scriptural teaching, and trusted guidance found in I Declare War are invaluable to anyone who wants to embrace victory in their own life!”

—Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author; president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

A unique and compelling understanding of the power and the pleasure attached to God’s plans for relationships.

For better or for worse, interactions with screens are now irreversibly entangled into the fabric of our lives. We swipe right to answer calls, unlock our iPhones, respond to snaps, browse through photos, and respond to emails. With our fingertips dancing across devices, we navigate our way through life. It is now estimated that the average American pull their phone out to check it 150 times each day. That’s once every six minutes.

For the now more than 100 Million Americans on dating apps like Tinder, swiping right is increasingly the first step towards initiating no-strings-attached sexual encounters. Sex is being stripped of any emotional or spiritual significance by successive generations and it simply viewed as a physical source of pleasure and enjoyment. All of this is a reality, the real question is at what cost?

In Swipe Right, Pastor Levi Lusko offers compelling reasons to make wise choices in matters of the heart—relationships, sex, dating, and marriage. He encourages readers to live each day knowing their present choices will immediately become part of their pasts, and that their pasts will inevitably come back to visit them in the future.

With equal parts prevention and cure, the book is not just a list of rules to live by but something to live for: God’s powerful plan for our lives. To get there we must learn how to swipe right—to live up in a left, right world—because what we do with sex and romance is truly an issue of life and death importance.

For twelve years Levi, his wife Jennie, and their team, have put on an evangelistic purity conference called the O2 Experience. Traveling across the United States, he has appeared in three to five cities each year, bringing a fresh perspective on sex and romance, challenging thousands of teens and unmarried young adults to rise up in strength and honor. Swipe Right will broaden the discussions to include married people, those dating, and those who have racked up consequences but need to know it’s never too late to do the right thing and experience God’s best.

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