A Mom's Choice Awards® Silver Medalist honoring excellence and a Five Stars Readers’ Favorite®!

A children's picture book and fun story about a teacher making school exciting and fascinating.

"The relatable theme is approached in an easy-to-understand manner, which children of different ages could relate to. It also offers a good understanding of the benefits of school attendance. Helps encourage empathy and helping others."

--WRITER'S DIGEST Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"A cute, clever, picture of a school in which learning, fun, and creativity are combined. The illustrations are colorful and appealing. The setting is idyllic and the story gentle and funny, and young children may be left wishing their school was more like Max's."

-Indie Reader

“I enjoyed this book as much as I did Books 1 and 2 of the Horse Valley Adventure series. Liana-Melissa Allen provides children with not only a book of beautiful illustrations and a great story, but each child will leave with a variety of life lessons and solutions to some of the challenges that they face every day.” – A Five Stars Readers’ Favorite®

"Max's Day at School has a 'sweet and salty' energy to it." --CS Editor

"I really loved this book. It is relevant to any age group in my opinion. I think that all teachers can learn something from Ms. Sugar. An ideal book for those who value imagination and the positive learning process." -- R. Wylie, Amazon Customer

"Great Story, Great Illustrations! This book was a breath of fresh air for us as parents, and our 5 1/2-year-old son absolutely loved it. This is a great, down-to-earth story with even better illustrations. I would highly recommend this book to any parent who is tired of reading the run-of-the-mill books to their kids!" --- J. I. Amazon Customer


"Knowledge is food for your imagination, and imagination is something we definitely want to feed well and nurture."

"If you believe in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to, even if it seems too hard at first."


It's time to go back to school in the magical land of Horse Valley!

Summer vacation has ended, and Jack, Max, Lax, and Donkey are going to Horse Valley Elementary. Jack is excited, but Max, Lax, and Donkey are wishing it were still summer. Max is especially disgruntled, just wanting to sleep in and watch TV. Then they meet their new teacher, Ms. Sugar, who actually makes learning fun!

In this third book of "A Horse Valley Adventure" series, Max learns that with the right teacher, a school can be exciting and fascinating. He, his brothers, and Donkey discover that everything they learn feeds the imagination and opens doors to limitless intriguing wonders.

A FUN MAGICAL TALE ABOUT SELF-CONFIDENCE from the multiple award-winning author/illustrator of the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards® and Five Star Readers' Favorite awards. An entertaining tale based on the classic “Little Red Riding Hood” with fantasy, magic, werewolves, sorcery, the supernatural, AND THAT MAGICAL POWER THAT COMES FROM BELIEVING IN ONESELF!

The Indie Reader review says: “The Werewolf Apocalypse is a cute and entertaining take on Little Red Riding Hood and enjoyable by young readers.”

A nice job giving a familiar classic a new twist. The bits of humor scattered throughout add to the story’s appeal. The important message about believing in oneself is subtle but clear, and one that a young audience is sure to appreciate. –CS Editor

“New Yorkers are transforming into weird creatures, and my grandma is a killer werewolf!”

In this modern fantasy adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, Red Ryding is a thirteen-year-old girl who is haunted by demons and werewolves. Powerful magic is in her blood, but she doesn’t want anything to do with it. Red lost her parents because of magic, so now she has to live in New York with her grandmother, who is a descendant of an ancient sorceress who lived in the time of Camelot. Her grandmother is trying to encourage Red to accept her magical powers to fight evil creatures, but Red is afraid to use magic, believing it will draw attention and risk the lives of those she cares about. Unfortunately, Red Ryding soon finds herself in the midst of a werewolf apocalypse. She realizes that she has to accept who she is, abolish her fear, and embrace her powers, or else the world will fall into darkness and chaos and become the Era of the Werewolf.

A delightful children's picture book with the theme of bullying, perseverance, teamwork, helping others, and friendship filled with colorful storytelling illustrations by the author! A perfect read-aloud book!!


*****Awesome children's book with great lessons taught!! What a great series Liana-Melissa Allen has started!!! I loved both "The Three Little Horses and the Big Bully Donkey" as well as "Donkey's Kite". My 7-year-old daughter enjoyed the story but she absolutely loved all the awesome illustrations. I love a picture book with great teaching points and Mrs. Allen has hit the nail on the head with very relevant subject matter in her series. ---Michelle McCormick Amazon Book Review

*****A kite helps bring strangers and friends together in a relatable tale for children in “Donkey’s Kite". The storyline includes humorous moments, which add light to the story’s theme. It offers some teachable moments and character lessons around bullying and helping others succeed. The well-rounded story is relatable for children and provides examples they can glean from their lives or those of other children they know. The character Gusty provides an example of how children can help each other, even when they’re different, and especially when they struggle to achieve a goal. Eventually, the loss of the kite helps Donkey’s friends realize their selfishness. The book does a good job of sharing the central conflict and resolutions. Children of different age groups could enjoy and learn from "Donkey's Kite."

--WRITER'S DIGEST Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

*****"An excellent fable...laced with humor, charm, and a bit of the Golden Rule. The second volume in a fresh horse fantasy series, tells the entertaining story of three horse brothers and their friend Donkey who are excitedly creating homemade kites for kite flying day at Horse Meadow Park. Cheery, expressive horse and donkey figures in color who learn more about being good friends together and looking out for each other." *****MBR: Children's Bookwatch

*****"This is another fun adventure in Horse Valley. Children will learn the true value of friendship and not giving up. There were more wonderful illustrations that kept me lingering, looking for all the hidden gems secreted on each page. With such fun, colorful characters and lessons to be learned, children will delight in this new adventure and be begging for more." *****laurathomas61, Amazon Book Reviewer

*****"This book has bright, colorful illustrations that children are sure to enjoy. The dialogue is lively and fast-moving; it would be a fun read-aloud for preschool children." *****Birdhouse Books, Amazon Book Reviewer


In the enchanted land of Horse Valley, it's a perfect day to go kite flying! Horse brothers Jack, Max, Lax, and their friend Donkey decide to get creative by putting together their own homemade kites. However, Donkey's kite doesn't turn out very well. No matter how hard he tries to get it to fly, it just keeps tumbling to the ground. How will poor Donkey get his kite to fly? Well, a friendly goose named Gusty is delighted to help him out. In this Horse Valley Adventure, Donkey learns not to give up when all seems hopeless. They all learn a lesson about helping others and true friendship.

Recipient of the prestigious SILVER MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS® and the FIVE STARS READERS' FAVORITE® Award

Exciting Children’s picture book about friendship, wolves, and magic against a mean icy queen and her giant spider.

A fun children's picture book and read-aloud for kids of any age…with friendly wolves, magic, an evil queen that freezes anything that moves, accompanied by a big bad spider body-guard that does her dirty work! A delightful story illustrating values of sacrifice, friendship, and cooperation, plus a great message for kids---hero triumphs by reading!

"The story is filled with chills, thrills, adventure, mystery, and excitement and will keep children glued to the pages. What I like about the book is the messages of friendship, unity, and cooperation it conveys to young readers, encouraging them to develop their good points while growing up. The illustrations are fascinating and they capture the starkness and chill of the Ice Queen beautifully. The pictures also bring the story alive to readers. It is a good book for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries because of the messages, and the story is exciting for bedtime story-telling. The Ice Queen, wolves, spider webs, Infurious, the man-eating spider, and the illustrations make it a wonderful book for children."


"Wonderful book! Just finished reading THE ICE QUEEN and loved every gripping, touching, frightening, loving, powerful moment experienced from reading the written words and enjoying the fantastic drawings."-- PJ-Amazon customer

"Heroes triumph by reading--what a great message for children! Additionally, John and Yukon uniquely demonstrate the value of sacrifice, friendship, and cooperation." -- CS Editor


The forest near quaint little Pickit Town is stirring with an evil power! The Ice Queen has taken over the forest and is attempting to take over the world. One cold look or touch by this terrible Queen would instantly turn one into solid ice, and as the forest turns frozen and dark, all hope seems to be lost. Until Yukon, a wise gray wolf and his friend John Willing try to put a stop to this dreadful Queen with courage and an old book to help them. On their bone-chilling adventure, Yukon and John learn the importance of standing up against evil, and that an answer can always be found by flipping through the yellowed pages of a book.

A GOLD Mom's Choice Awards® Winner and a Five Stars Readers' Favorite®!! This emotional story is about relying on each other to survive human cruelty, wild animals, and uncaring nature.

"This gripping tale will appeal to a wide array of young readers, including horse lovers: the strong friendship the book portrays and the memorable adventures it details invite any reader to identify with the hero horse and his heroine girl."--CS Editor

"Their adventures and their strong sense of responsibility for the other make them a powerful team, one that can survive the odds of thirst and starvation and wild predators. With charming pencil drawings to help carry the story along, this is a great story for young readers, especially those with a passion for horses. Wonderful descriptive passages pull the reader right into the story."

--Five Stars Readers' Favorite®

In a time of economic turmoil, a young girl fights for her stallion's freedom from his new cruel owner. In her desperate attempt to save her horse, they suddenly find themselves lost in the silent and undisturbed Sonoran Desert of Arizona that is merely a home for its creatures, both dead and alive. The girl and her beloved dark bay stallion, faced with horrific challenges as they try to find their way home, must fend for themselves in this merciless desert. With death waiting to capture them in its clutches, the girl and her horse wander aimlessly through this uncaring land with only love and undeniable loyalty to each other keeping them alive.

"A book for everyone. Had me hooked from the beginning to the end. Definitely had my emotions going throughout the entire story. I think it's something that everyone can relate to as it touches on parts of all of us. It's also a story about not giving up when you love someone (horses not excluded)."---R A Wylie, Amazon Customer

(Read English translation following)

   !Ganador del premio de la MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS® Plata honrando la excelencia y tambien ganador de la FIVE STARS READERS FAVORITE®!

   (Obtenga tanto las versiones en inglés como en español para el aprendizaje de idiomas al leer juntos.) 

"Los tres caballitos Y el burro bravo" es un cuento (en base a "los Tres Cerditos"), sobre tres hermanos pequeños caballos que de repente pierden su casa es destruida por un incendio. Los caballos jóvenes son totalmente solo y encerrado en la realidad de tener que depender de sí mismos y unos a otros en contra de un burro bravo, que vaga por el bosque destruyendo hogares y la intimidación a los otros animales. Con humor escrito e ilustrado en colores vivos por Liana-Melissa Allen, la historia es un ganador probado para la lectura en voz alta a los niños. 

   Este relato afectuoso promueve valores sólidos y tiene una premisa muy divertido. Los mensajes de esta historia son muchos, desde la elección cuidadosamente qué valor, para protegernos a nosotros mismos con una planificación inteligente, y para convertir a los enemigos en amigos. El estilo de escritura es fresco y divertido.

   Ganador de la Premio de la MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS® Plata!


   (English translation)


   FIVE STARS READERS' FAVORITE® and the MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS® Silver Medalist Winner honoring excellence! 

   (Get both English and Spanish versions, 'Los Tres Caballitos Y el Burro Bravo', for ESL learning when reading together.)

  A children's picture book based on the classic fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs", with the themes of bullying, friendship, sibling rivalry, and self-reliance.

   "This book is full of beautiful illustrations and is part of the Horse Valley Adventure series. Liana-Melissa Allen has taken a children's fable and turned it into this wonderful tale that children will enjoy as they learn about bullying, independence, and sharing." --A Five Stars Readers' Favorite® partial review


   The tale features three young horse brothers who lose their house to a fire and are left alone and thrust into the reality of having to depend on themselves and each other against a bully donkey who wanders the forest wrecking homes and bullying the other animals. This warmhearted tale promotes strong values and has a fun premise. Children and young readers will be entranced as the characters come to life through Liana Allen's vibrant illustrations. A great read-aloud story!

   Spanish Version: "Los Tres Caballitos y el Burro Bravo".  


   A MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS® Silver Medalist Winner honoring excellence!

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