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"For thousands of years, human consciousness has been mired in the muck of fear, confusion, and suffering. However, the patterns of the past no longer apply. At last, Mother Earth and all who reside upon her have set out on an unprecedented trajectory toward awakening. Each one of us can now choose to live in a new paradigm - the fourth dimension.
We define the fourth dimension as a higher-vibrational state of being that is characterized by trust, empowerment, abundance, peace, balance, and harmony. It is based on the realization that we are beings of Light who carry formidable power as co-creators of our universe. Living in the fourth dimension requires a conscious shift from relying on the fear-based ego mind to trusting the heart-centered guidance of our Higher Selves.
The Ascended Masters discuss how to let go of our history, how to heal anger, fear and pain, and how to develop a personal knowing of our Light. You, too, can take the next step toward creating 'Heaven on Earth.' This book tells you how."
In addition to a channeled discourse from the Ascended Masters St. Germain and El Morya Khan this book contains reprints of the first ten issues of the Ascended Masters Newsletter published by the authors.
About the Authors
The Past No Longer Applies
Fear is the Obstacle
You Are in the Center of Your Universe
Discussing the Mindset for Change
How You Co-Create Your Universe
The Earth is Awakening with You
Believe, Trust and Expect What is Possible
Understand That the Light Empowers You to Change Your Universe
Sit and Be Still as Frequently as Possible, and Surrender to Your Light
Allow the Light to Heal your Fear and Anger
Allow the Light to Guide You in Every Moment and in Everything You Do
Let Go of Judgment of Self and Others in All Things
Let Go of Trying to Change the World Around You
Open to a New Way of Being - and Thus Change the Universe in Which You Reside
The One-Percent Solution
Ascended Masters Newsletters
Books by the Authors
"Beyond Psychotherapy: Introduction to Pychoenergetic Healing" shows you how to work effectively with healing energies to heal... > Body, mind, and spirit > Past or present life trauma > Anxiety, anger, addictions, depression > Pain and other physical complaints > Relationship issues > Past and present experiences > Spiritual crises You will learn about the theoretical foundations of energy healing, specific techniques and applications, and the risks and benefits of becoming a healer. Clearly and concisely written, Beyond Psychotherapy offers profound and practical information for anyone interested in energy-based healing methods. This book also is the textbook for students of Psychoenergetic Healing. CONTENTS Introduction About the Authors Psychoenergetic Healing: A Brief Introduction PART I: Metaphysical Foundations of Psychoenergetic Healing Chapter 1: Fundamental Premises Chapter 2: The Multidimensional Nature of Human Beings Chapter 3: The Grand Scheme, Reincarnation, and Karma Chapter 4: Co-creation and Manifestation Chapter 5: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing PART II: The Practice of Psychoenergetic Healing Chapter 6: The Nature of Inner Space Chapter 7: The Structure of Psychoenergetic Healing Sessions Chapter 8: A Sample Session Chapter 9: Accessing Inner Space Chapter 10: Navigating Inner Space Chapter 11: Typical Perceptions in Inner Space Chapter 12: Simple and Crystallized Energy Blocks Chapter 13: How to Deal with Energy Blocks Chapter 14: Specific Techniques to Facilitate Healing Chapter 15: Closure and Integration Chapter 16: Homework and Aftercare Chapter 17: Specific Applications of Psychoenergetic Healing Chapter 18: Absentee Healing of Others and of Extended Situations Chapter 19: Healing of Relationships Chapter 20: The Issue of Psychic Hygiene Chapter 21: Miscellaneous Topics Chapter 22: Complementary Healing Techniques PART III: Becoming a Psychoenergetic Healer Chapter 23: Training in Psychoenergetic Healing Chapter 24: Risks and Benefits of Becoming an Energetic Healer Chapter 25: The Process of Transformation and Change APPENDIX Appendix A: Energy Psychology A Synopsis Appendix B: Reading Suggestions Appendix C: Other Books by the Authors
This book contains channeled messages from beyond. Paul Newman and Karampal Singh discuss complex matters in a "down-to-Earth" manner. While each contributor speaks with a unique and distinct voice they jointly describe their experiences and insights since moving on to the higher planes. They comment on their lives and experiences during their last embodiment, current events on Earth, the process of transformation our planet is undergoing, and the awakening process that is possible for us while we are still embodied on Mother Earth. In addition, they give us a preview on what we can choose to experience once we transition to the higher planes.
Readers have called this book comforting, inspiring, surprising, and compelling.
Chapter 1: Paul Newman on the End of Suffering
Chapter 2: It is Time to Re-Create Your Dream
Chapter 3: Karampal on Collaborating with Paul
Chapter 4: Paul: Remember the "Force"
Chapter 5: Paul on Sick Children, True Teachers, and the One Important Lesson
Chapter 6: Trust the Light, Let Go of Your Fears!
Chapter 7: Meditation and an Attitude of Gratitude
Chapter 8: Awakening the Kundalini Energy
Chapter 9: Paul on Activism of a Different Kind
Chapter 10: Kundalini and the Paths to Awakening
Chapter 11: The Power of Thoughts - Here and There
Chapter 12: Allow Your Identity to Fall Away
Chapter 13: There is Only One Rule: Let the Light Love You Unconditionally
Chapter 14: Keep Your Heart Open and Ask for Help
Chapter 15: Don't Have Any Expectations
Chapter 16: Laugh at Yourself to Weaken the Ego's Grip
Chapter 17: Lifting the Veil of Forgetfulness
Epilogue: Unmasking the Ego's Tricks
Appendix A: Introduction to Psychoenergetic Healing
Appendix B: Publications from Expansion Publishing
Paul Newman and Karampal Singh speak to us from the higher planes about karma, a fundamental concept that is frequently misunderstood. They share profound insights into the laws that govern microcosms and macrocosm alike, the stars above as well as our lives on earth.
In authentic and unmistakable voices, Paul Newman and Karampal Singh illustrate their teachings with fascinating references to their own past lives as well as current events. We learn about the root causes of karma, biblical events and Atlantis, and how we can now transcend our histories.
Far from being a treatise about "punishment" or "good and evil," the authors share a message of growth, freedom, and transformation, a message that is not only inspiring, profound, and accessible but fun to read.
Background Information
Chapter 1: The Concept of Karma
Chapter 2: The Breath of the Cosmos: Beginnings and Endings
Chapter 3: Understanding and Misunderstanding the Concept of Karma
Chapter 4: Four Basic Points
Chapter 5: The Multi-Dimensional Perspective
Chapter 6: Activating the New Frequencies on Earth
Chapter 7: The Movement is Swift and Rapid Now
Chapter 8: A Time of Glorious Transformation
Chapter 9: Arcturean Karma
Chapter 10: Our Appetites Create Karma on Earth
Chapter 11: Karma and Morality - Jacob, Leah, Laban, and Joseph
Chapter 12: St. Germain: Infinity and Beyond
Chapter 13: Atlantean Karma
Chapter 14: The Buddha's Truth
Chapter 15: Exodus and Exit
Appendix A: Introduction to Psychoenergetic Healing
Appendix B: Publications from Expansion Publishing
This captivating narrative tells the story of the life and adventures of a "western" woman with "eastern" experiences. Told with candor and humility, it describes the agony and ecstasy of an exceptional growth process that includes fascinating encounters with many Masters on this and the higher planes. The reader will come away inspired and encouraged to seek the personal relationship to the Light that weaves like a common thread through the author's ongoing journey toward awakening. More than an interesting autobiography, Agreements is thus a "teaching tale" with a universal message.
Setting the Stage
"Different" from the Beginning
Little Women
A Mess and a Message
Two Fathers, no Mother
"All You Need is Love"
More Change
Elusive Comfort
One Marriage, Two Births, and Two Deaths
Orphaned, Divorced, Afraid - and Free
A Woman's Search for Meaning
Becoming a Director
An Epiphany
Making a Fool of Myself - Repeatedly
Forays into Metaphysics
Forays into Channeling
Ascended Masters
Growing into Becoming a Channel
Indian Adventures
Another Epiphany
The River of Life
Twin Flame
Reunited - Torn Apart
A Mystic in Training
Meeting More Masters
More of a Mess
Return to India
Return to Ruins
Knight in Shining Armor
Fusing Two Lives and a Spine
The Third Try is the Charm
Forging a New Path
On a Quest for Healing
More Lessons
Our First Book
Another Loss
Reunion in India
The Spirit of Assisi
Child in Ukraine - Family in India
A Message from K.P.
Meeting Our Children
Becoming Instant Parents of Two
Forging a Family
Thoughts to Take Home
Introduction to Psychoenergetic Healing
Publications from Expansion Publishing
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