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Round & Ravishing

When all her round parts are exposed, he makes her feel ravishing. 

Tara thought her life was perfect. Right up until everything fell apart. With no job, no boyfriend, and no future, she returned home to Winterville to help her mom run her floral shop. She felt like she was back in high school, working for her mom and living at home.

When nude pictures of Tara show up online, her life is scrutinized even more than it ever was in Hollywood. She can’t leave the house without someone asking her questions or thinking she’ll be willing to model for them. As if.

When Tara meets Noah she thinks he’s playing her. He doesn’t seem to know anything about the pictures. As they get closer, doubts creep in, but Noah holds strong as her rock.

Until he learns the truth.

Curvaceous & Captivating

He only has to resist one Curvaceous woman. Too bad she’s the only one he finds Captivating. 

Single mom, Olivia Humphrey is always overwhelmed. The laundry reaches the ceiling some days, dishes fill the sink, and the trash always makes her gag. But she doesn’t have time to worry about any of that. She has a job to do, two of them, and as the mayor’s assistant and a mother, she has to suck it up and get the job done.

Even if it means dealing with Winterville’s newest irritating man.

Ethan Norwood has bad news written all over him. From the dangerous glint in his eyes to the tattoos that cover his body to the power he holds as the biggest sponsor for Winterville’s Easter Egg Hunt. Olivia knows she absolutely has to stay away from him, not only because he warned her to but because she doesn’t need a man like him in her life. Too bad she doesn’t seem to be able to say no to him.

When Ethan and Olivia are forced to work together, it’s a battle of strength to find out who can resist longer. Or if either of them will.

Stocky & Sumptuous

Stocky and sumptuous don’t mix… except in his eyes.

Vicki Prescott knows exactly what she doesn’t want. A man. Especially one who works too many hours. She’s had one too many relationships end because she wasn’t more important than a job. She was done.

Of course, being her friend’s maid of honor means she’s constantly faced with everything she doesn’t have.

No, doesn’t want.

If it weren’t for that pesky desire to be a mom, she was certain she wouldn’t need men at all.

Hunter Campbell does not take no for an answer. He is in full hustle mode and doesn’t have time for a no. He’s so close to his dreams he can practically taste it. All the late nights, screwed up relationships, and begging for friends to take him in was finally going to be worth it. As long as he kept his eye on the prize.

And not on the sexy red head with an hourglass figure and green eyes that see right through him.

Vicki doesn’t want Hunter. Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he has workaholic written all over his three piece suit and perfect features. He’s good for some private fun, solo, but he’ll never be given access to all of her.

No matter how much her fantasies wish he’d show up and mess up more than just her desk.

Ample & Alluring

His determination is as ample as the snow. Her beauty is as alluring as Christmas.

Peyton Prescott has always turned to her work. It’s her happy place, where she’s most comfortable and knows exactly what to do. She helps couples get pregnant, and she’s damn good at it.

But it’s not everything.

Mayor Wyatt Ramsey is a friend. A friend of a friend really. But when he finds out Peyton has always hated Christmas, he decides it’s his job to make her see the beauty of the season that only brings loneliness for Peyton.

As the two of them get to know each other, neither can deny their attraction. What starts as an innocent friendship quickly becomes something Peyton doesn’t want to walk away from. But what happens if she becomes exactly what she never wanted to be? 

Jenny Owens feels like she’s looking for something. She wants more from her life, but she’s not greedy. She just wants her boyfriend to like in the same zip code, or even the same area code, her job to match her skills and desires, and her home to be something of her own instead of her parents’.

It’s not much, is it?

Jenny is floundering. She is a happy person by nature, but she feels like her four years of college were a waste every time she goes into work as a waitress, the same job she held before going off to college. Add to that her boyfriend is always so busy with school, and his friends, that she rarely sees him.

And she’s not even sure she cares anymore.

When Jenny gets a flat tire at 3 am one night, her entire world changes.

Logan Campbell liked his life. He had a thriving business that made him happy, friends he could count on, and the occasional woman to keep his bed warm if he was in the mood.

But when he stops to help the car stranded, he realizes his life isn’t all he thought is was.

Logan and Jenny share an incredible night filled with passion, compatibility, and the best sex of their lives. Logan walks away from the experience knowing he can’t let her go. Until she admits she has a boyfriend.

Logan broods and snaps at everyone in sight while Jenny tries desperately to forget about him. But Jenny can’t stop thinking about Logan, and the way he seemed to know her body better than anyone else ever had.

When they keep getting thrown together, either by their own inability to avoid each other or outside forces, they have to decide if what they have is worth the fight. Or if they should cut their losses and go. 

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