Humanity is in a fast-forward stage of evolution. We saw this first with the Bridge Generation. For the past several decades, children are born into our world with various gifts and knowing – first introduced as Indigo Children and, as generations have passed, referred to as Crystalline Children, Star Children, and more.   In these times, we bear witness to how consciousness and the minds of the future of humanity are changing in spectacular ways. This is a phenomenon that should not be ignored.  Who are these amazing beings and why are they here? What is happening that causes some kids to remember where they came from, who they were in past lives, that they are natural healers, and so sensitive that they can’t keep still.  How is it that they feel everything and can’t distinguish what feelings belong to them and what belongs to others? In this follow up to her bestselling book The Children of Now, Meg Losey revisits these spectacular children and discusses who they are becoming and how their growing influence is changing society for the better. The Children of Now Evolution addresses the following: • What is the magic of these children who embody unconditional love and have the foresight to see a new future for our people and our planet?• How do their minds work and why are they hyper-sensitive in some ways and desensitized in others?• Is our DNA changing and taking us into a new or different physiology?• What does autism, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome have to do with Crystalline Children and Star Kids, if anything?  Why are so many kids being drugged?• Why are so many young adults falling off the edge into darker, more destructive thoughts and actions – from self-abuse with drugs to hurting themselves and worse?• How are vaccines, GMO in our foods contributing to mutating human biology, particularly our DNA?• How are we – society, parents, caregivers and guardians – failing to give these kids what they need?  How can we?  What will it take?• How can we structure our schools to meet the needs of these kids?  Instead of surviving their educations, how can we help them to thrive? Losey offers concrete information for parents, schools, and others to understand what these kids need and how to help them function and flourish. Too often these children are mislabeled as ADD or ADHD or worse.  She also addresses the metaphysical realities that these children (and others) perceive. There may not be monsters in the closet or under the bed, but these highly-evolved children may actually be “seeing” things that their parents or caregivers cannot. Finally, she paints a picture of what our world will look like when the “Children of Now” take over. With new research and reports from the field The Children of Now Evolution is even more important to the families of today and tomorrow.
The Children of Now is a groundbreaking work that shows that a large number of kids come into the world bearing inherent gifts that are beyond strange—they are telepathic, understand subtle energies, and/or have amazing psychic abilities. Many of them remember where they were before they came to Earth and often can describe past lives. Many doctors mislabel them as autistic, ADD, ADHD, or suggest other behavioral difficulties. More than half the time, these doctors are wrong. The Children of Now are not defective—they are differently functional. We are doing ourselves and the world a great disservice by not acknowledging these amazing children and their special gifts. A surprising percentage of these children carry within themselves wisdom far beyond most adults. The phenomenon is very real, and more and more of these highly evolved children enter our world every day.

The Children of Now offers not only genuine stories of many children who have brought amazing talents into our world, but also practical, easy solutions to assist society in supporting and nurturing these gifted—not defective—children and their families, rather than labeling, segregating, and condemning them. Fascinating to anyone with an open mind, and life-illuminating for parents with these incredible kids, Meg offers detailed answers derived from counseling real kids in real families. The Children of Now is a must-read for every parent, teacher, caregiver, and child advocate. In it you'll discover:

Why our children's DNA is different from previous generations'.The traits and needs of the Crystalline Children.The Children of the Stars and why they are here.Real stories of real children as Dr. Meg helps them and their families search for answers.Why these kids are exhibiting telepathy, telekinesis, healing abilities, and more.How to help the Children of Now at home, at school, and socially.
INSIDE AND OUT: Das Innere wird nach außen gebracht, schöpferisch umgesetzt und in die Welt getragen. Eine behutsame Fantasiereise für Kinder, geschaffen von Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, deutsch eingesprochen von der bekannten Schauspielerin und Bestsellerautorin Michaela Merten. In der Meditation werden wundervolle Päckchen mit guten Dingen ausgepackt, wie Glück, Offenheit und Anteilnahme. Eine herrliche Einweihung in die selbstbewusste Schöpferkraft - mit klangenergetischer Musik des New Yorker Grammy-Gewinners Barry Goldstein. Die CD-Version enthält als Bonus noch das leicht verständliche US-Original von Dr. Blackburn Losey, perfekt geeignet für den Englisch-Unterricht oder das Englisch-Lernen zu Hause! Michaela Merten ist eine feste Größe in Film und Fernsehen. Mit "Katrin ist die Beste" lockte sie wöchentlich bis zu sechs Millionen Zuschauer vor den Bildschirm. Sie wurde für diese Sat.1-Serie zur beliebtesten deutschen Schauspielerin gewählt. Außerdem ist sie eine gefragte Referentin für die Themen Wasser, Ernährung, Gesundheit und arbeitet als Coach und Intuitionstrainerin. Ihre Bücher stehen regelmäßig auf den Bestsellerlisten. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, eine begnadete Heilerin und spirituelle Lehrerin, die auf der Webseite von Shirley MacLaine eine regelmäßige Radiosendung unterhält, hat diese Meditation für Kinder ursprünglich in den USA herausgebracht. Sie war Beraterin bei "Good Morning America", der größten TV-Nachrichtensendung der USA, und ihre Bücher über die Neuen Kinder, "Children of Now" Band 1 und 2, die auf Deutsch im Amra Verlag erschienen, wurden zu internationalen Bestsellern. Ihre Webseite wird jeden Monat mehr als 500.000 Mal aufgerufen. Sie hält Seminare und Workshops auf der ganzen Welt.
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